FinELib’s negotiations with international publishers (Elsevier, Wiley, Sage, Taylor & Francis, ACS) on access to scholarly journals are still going on. The current agreements will end 31 December 2016. Finnish higher education and research organisations use tens of millions of euros during the agreement term to provide online access to these scholarly journals. In the negotiations the price level of the coming years will be determined. This is why these negotiations are extremely important.

FinELib’s goal in these negotiations is to agree on affordable prices. The other main goal is to significantly improve the possibilities of Finnish researchers to publish open access in scholarly journals.

Some of the publishers have existing open access models which give us a starting point for the negotiations. Some publishers are however not ready to advance on open access questions. At the moment for example in Elsevier negotiations the publisher’s and FinELib’s views on both pricing and open access issues are far from each other.

Negotiations are ongoing with all publishers.


More information on negotiations:

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