Veli-Matti Häkkinen (Jyväskylän yliopisto)
Sirpa Janhonen (Varastokirjasto) (have to leave at 13.40 to an other meeting)
Esa-Pekka Keskitalo (Kansalliskirjasto)
Minna Kivinen (HAMK)
Mia Kujala (XAMK)
Johanna Miettunen (Haaga-Helia)
Christian Nelson (Tritonia)
Andrii Vashchuk (Kansalliskirjasto)
Anneli Österman (Koha-Suomi)

1 Koha 22.11 release


Andrii asks for a status report: is everything there that was translated last month or are there things lacking?

  • They seem to be all right. 

Holds queue

  • Was caused by 2 bugs, now fixed. 
  • There are discrepancies how queues are treated. It needs research.
  • UI columns improvement request from Johanna for "holds to pull". 3AMK will investigate it further, possibly a bug identified.

Other issues


Unsent emails

  • Tritonia. The mail queue leaves some messages unsent. When resending manually, they go through. A few cases per week. 
  • Andrii requests more details.

Koha UI improvements

Kiwi page

  • Edit and add proposals there in sorted way, discuss them in thread in slack and then we can decide which changes can be proposed for community backwards to improve the usability, And what changes can be made locally by CSS/JS tricks to make sooner or specific changes.
  • Accessibility issues need some attention. 

Bugs to be prioritized

  1. KOHA-346 - Max number of loans Open
  2. KOHA-205 - Bound biblio parents do not list component parts In Progress - in progress after KOHA-70 ("001")

Singing-off tickets, open questions

  1. ERM: help librarians to form a vision of how to start participating faster in ERM development and take part in features testing and sign-off related things.
  2. Help librarians to understand how to do some system commands if possible (like "run this /usr/share/...program.pl in the shell") so more tickets can be signed-off
  3. Andrii: proposed to make separate regular meetings on Singing-off experience and do some things together with experts librarians


Has anyone had a chance to get to know ERM better in own Koha?

3 Statistics in the future EPK

This is to start people thinking about the issue, no decisions required at this point.

Koha Office has run the statistics Perl script every January and provided the "KITT" statistics to the libraries, and will do so in January 2023.

  • Now, the uniform KITT has been discontinued, so strictly speaking the statistics do not need to follow the KITT format. 
  • Also. the old KITT server that has been used to translate XML into Excel will be shut down at some point in 2023.
  • The question is, what exactly are the annual statistics needs of the libraries and how they best could be fulfilled.
    • Is there any coordination going on among university libraries about statistics? The National Library is out of the loop.
    • Should the script be maintained & improved, or is some other solution better?

All this will not affect running the statistics for Consortium cost sharing purposes, the National Library will do it in the future, too. 

The Statistical Task Force has sent the final report to the libraries and also recommendation on statistics.
It would be good to have common sql queries.

4 Next meeting 

  • Is the meeting day still the third Tuesday of each month? (The steering group has asked days for the "Vuosikello 2023")
  • .2023 klo 13.00
  • Ari and Anneli from Koha-Suomi will be invited, too.


TO BE RE-GROUPED, re-structured, and duplicates removed by Andrii & EPK:

Logs cleanup and old data expiration

 KOHA-196 - Crons configurations unification for all customers To Do. Must ensure that payment data is not removed too early. Andrii will prioritize this

Common parts

Development work has done with common parts both in Koha-Suomi and by us. Shoud ensure that there is no duplication of work or contradiction in the operation of Koha.
Koha-Suomi tiketti 5544 in bugzilla: https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=31326
Andrii will check this and Johanna will discuss with Saija.

Logging patron data views

JIRA issue  KOHA-85 - Create log for who has seen patron data 
Koha-Suomi ticket: https://tiketti.koha-suomi.fi/issues/4633
Andrii will check these and bring it to the next meeting.


  1. Found some Voyager conversion time errors. Affects only Hanken.  Andrii is working on a script to fix. Discussion in Slack.
  2. Field 024 Koha-322: KOHA-322 - We have for many records data ind1=" " for fields where # not allowed for inds (for example 24) To Do
    1. Empty ind1 might be changed into 8, undefined. Let's NOT do that. Libraries will check these manually, not so many items.
    2. Possible reason: some error in replication on 25 February, 2020. Dome fixes to records done on that date. 
  3. HAMK, JYU, XAMK: a few undefined values in budgets instead of zeros(?) : Warning @ % KOHA-323 - NULLs in "Warning at %" for funds for budgets but 0's expected.
    1. Should they be replaced by zeros? Yes. Hamk and Xamk have fixed these, how about Jyu?
  4. KOHA-70 - Save biblionumber in field 001 automatically In Progress  automatically saving in 001 the bibID.
    1. 003: is related but how? It should tell which organisation has given the 001.
    2. this has also been behind the problems with missing or erroneous component part linkings.
    3. How this should work in there future:
    4. What to do about old data:  
      1. Case 1: 001 = MelindaID AND 003=FI-MELINDA
      2. Case 2: 001 = Koha bibID AND 003=ISIL code
      3. Case 3: 001 = no value . They MAY have MelindaID! 
      4. Case 4: 001 = strange value, big random number. Because apparently random, we cannot be sure it doesn't occur twice. 
    5. Andrii will examine further and as from librarians. 
      1. Something to do with theses at HAMK? (Not coming to Koha thru Melinda)
      2. Something to do with Hanken's ebook uploads? (Not coming to Koha thru Melinda)


  • Our own ERM page in Kiwi: ERM
  • The small test team has had two meetings.
  • There will be a demo and discussion about the issue in the pääkäyttäjät workshop day 28.10.2022.
  • ERM will be in the next Koha version 22.11, when will be our upgrade?

3. Development and maintenance

3.1. Development tasks 2022 (from 18.1.2022 meeting)

  • We have a backlog of grade 2b and 3 issues. Those have been gathered to JIRA and need to be confirmed with their priorities there.
  • Melinda integration
  • Customer-driven ILL from Repository Library
  • Acquisitions improvements
  • User data view logs:   KOHA-85 - Create log for who has seen patron data 
  • Holdings issues are important for many libraries.
  • Statistics table update. Must be done during 2021 
  • Cataloging: new RDA rules. Conversion needs might occur?


  • Diacritics in searching: make results identical: KOHA-69 - Make search results identical using terms with and without diacritics To Do ). Work like Melinda. (Should work like this already, are there mappings missing?)
  • Cashier _software_ integration. Ceepos, at least. Works in Koha-Suomi: KOHA-152 - Ceepos payments integration with Koha To Do
  • Automatic switch of activation/deactivation: KOHA-60 - Change automatically activation/deactivation status of 3M machines To Do
  • EditX
  • Delete outdated payments: KOHA-153 - Delete outdated payments To Do

Discussion (unattended issues) 

  • Cataloging has frequent changes, needs to fine-tune working environment - must know something about what is happening in cataloging. 
  • 3AMK: Cancellation of a fulfilled hold. Now they come thru telephone, email, chat and are therefore time-consuming. 
  • VARK: Nuuskija / Sniffer: Automatic updates of MARC fields. Functionality exists in Koha-Suomi's Koha. Also requested by Fikka. → TIKETTI?
  • MFA functionalities. KOHA-150 - MFA in Koha. Henkilökunnalle yhteisöversiossa on itse asiassa aika valmis ratkaisu: https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=28786
  • Customer perspective: multiple library cards, Tuudos, Finnas. When to go where for doing what?

18.10.2022: Discussion of these and other development tasks. It would be good to list/prioritize development tasks so they don't get forgotten.

3.2 Development tasks 2023

Issues to remember

4. Issues

4.1. Transfers

  • "Wrong transfer detected", not yet detected. E.g. https://github.com/Koha-Community/Koha/blob/master/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/circ/returns.tt

    • Seems to appear when checked in the second time (first by machine, then manually) but not every time. 

    • Mia: Tested in Xamk after the meeting: it appears when checked in twice and it is trasfered to another library (first by machine or manually, then manually in Koha).

    • KOHA-255 - Research transfers logic and make some guidelines on it To Do

    • Will be examined by Andrii.

  • KOHA-265 - Some of the books doesn't get In transit-status and goes to the Transfers to send-list

    • We have had some books in a Transfer to send (Lähetettävät kuljetukset) -list (cgi-bin/koha/circ/transfers_to_send.pl). These books are returned normally and when returning, it shows normal transfer messages, but item status is available in Current library, not in transit as it should be. This is weird when most of the books work correctly.

4.2. Other issues

  • Minna: two holds-to-pull, Koha-251. Andrii will look and hot-fix.  KOHA-251 - Holds to pull list does not show available item if already another item on pickup shelf In Progress
  • KOHA-81 - [escorting to community] Circulation rules with ccode and shelving location To Do We'll be back to this later. 
  • If printed library card is removed, new mobile card cannot connected in Tuudo. Unsure if still exist.
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