Let's gather proposals and inconveniences or improvements we can do with the current release "new interface changes" here on this page. Later we can form proposals for Worldwide Community and/or create our own CSS and JS for that if needed.


the font is smaller than before

  • Quick fix, zoom with the browser settings.

font is even smaller in some places, for example when browsing system preferences and seeing the left panel sub-menusInkeri

accessibility issues are not perfect (someone used https://wave.webaim.org/ to check content accessibility)

  • Green links are hard to discern. 

Main Koha logo on all pages smaller so harder to point & return to root page

House "logo" on all pages smaller so harder to point & return to root pageInkeri

"Search catalog" is quite far on the right.

  • Use shortcuts:
    Alt-q will jump to Search catalog (Hae tietokannasta)
    Alt-u will jump to the Checkout (Lainaus) NB! sadly this doesn’t work for Mac Users
    Alt-w will jump to Renewal (Uusinta)
    Alt-r will jump to Check-in (Palautus)
  • In Search catalog: Typing sn: biblionumber in the search bar will bring you to that bib record.

Holds of a biblio record:
If you change the browser font bigger, the dates of the holds get hidden into the date box, especially the date the hold was placed:

The size of the box should also change the size as the font size is changed.

InkeriUpdate 10.3.23: This seems to be fixed in some update???

Ideas for changes to be added to common file(?) or community

colour on circulation and returns screen to indicate active function

#circ_circulation_issue {
background: rgb(216, 251, 239);}

#circ_returns_checkin {
background-color: rgba(255, 20, 10, 0.2);}

hide claims tab on circulation page
ul.nav.nav-tabs li a#return-claims-tab { 

button with link from cataloguing detail page to Finna (not for community)

show item list below of the item editing fields on the item editing pageIntranetUserJS:
$( document ).ready(function() {
  $( '#cat_additem #cataloguing_additem_itemlist' ).prepend( $( '#cat_additem #cataloguing_additem_itemlist>.row' ) );

hide link from cataloguing detail page to OPAC (not for community)
#catalogue_detail_biblio .results_summary.opac_view {

add "clear button" to seach bar (below example of Finna's search bar)


Holds to pull: It would be more user-friendly to have filters on top of the row  (instead of having them bottom of the page).

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