Let's gather proposals and inconveniences or improvements we can do with the current release "new interface changes" here on this page. Later we can form proposals for Worldwide Community and/or create our own CSS and JS for that if needed.


the font is smaller than before

  • Quick fix, zoom with the browser settings.

font is even smaller in some places, for example when browsing system preferences and seeing the left panel sub-menusInkeri

accessibility issues are not perfect (someone used https://wave.webaim.org/ to check content accessibility)

  • Green links are hard to discern. 

Main Koha logo on all pages smaller so harder to point & return to root page

House "logo" on all pages smaller so harder to point & return to root pageInkerifixed by Slava 2/2023 IntranetUserCSS 

/* "Koti-ikoni" koko isommaksi  default - 14px  */

#breadcrumbs a[href="/cgi-bin/koha/mainpage.pl"]:before { font-size: 24px }

/* Fonttikoko isommaksi default - 13px */
body {font-size: 14px}

"Search catalog" is quite far on the right.

  • Use shortcuts:
    Alt-q will jump to Search catalog (Hae tietokannasta)
    Alt-u will jump to the Checkout (Lainaus) NB! sadly this doesn’t work for Mac Users
    Alt-w will jump to Renewal (Uusinta)
    Alt-r will jump to Check-in (Palautus)
  • In Search catalog: Typing sn: biblionumber in the search bar will bring you to that bib record.

Holds of a biblio record:
If you change the browser font bigger, the dates of the holds get hidden into the date box, especially the date the hold was placed:

The size of the box should also change the size as the font size is changed.

InkeriUpdate 10.3.23: This seems to be fixed in some update???

If you have a lot of Marc frameworks (in our case holdings frameworks) the list of the frameworks goes eventually too long for the screen in cataloging and there is no way to scroll the list. You can zoom out the browser, but it would be nice if you could somehow scroll the screen. This is a bigger problem if you work with laptop screen which is smaller.

KatariinaAdded 9.6.2023

Ideas for changes to be added to common file(?) or community

colour on circulation and returns screen to indicate active function

#circ_circulation_issue {
background: rgb(216, 251, 239);}

#circ_returns_checkin {
background-color: rgba(255, 20, 10, 0.2);}

hide claims tab on circulation page
ul.nav.nav-tabs li a#return-claims-tab { 

button with link from cataloguing detail page to Finna (not for community)

show item list below of the item editing fields on the item editing pageIntranetUserJS:
$( document ).ready(function() {
  $( '#cat_additem #cataloguing_additem_itemlist' ).prepend( $( '#cat_additem #cataloguing_additem_itemlist>.row' ) );

hide link from cataloguing detail page to OPAC (not for community)
#catalogue_detail_biblio .results_summary.opac_view {

add "clear button" to seach bar (below example of Finna's search bar)


Holds to pull: It would be more user-friendly to have filters on top of the row  (instead of having them bottom of the page).

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