Torstaina 18.8.2022

Etäkokous Zoomilla klo 13-14.

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Edellinen kokous: 2022-06-16 Pääkäyttäjäverkoston kokous 


Kehittäjätuokio / Developers' hour

  • Discussion in Slack about Marc 001 / 003. Maybe Andrii or Inkeri will explain what's new??
    • Slack:  
    • New feature "auto control value" → ONLY if 001 is empty, it will be populated by biblionumber. If there is a 001 field, like records coming from Melinda, it will not be touched. Same when otherwise importing records.
    • More discussions regarding 003 (control number issuer).
    • Records with empty 001s detected in databases. A script for fix will be written. 
    • Possibility of control number conflict and functionality needed will be examined, too.
    • Problems that empty 001s cause: there were a problem with random "component parts" showing, that has been fixed. 
    • Hanken, Human, HAMK are the biggest problems and will not be fixed manually. Other libraries may easily fix manually. 
  • I just noticed a problem with Lost items in Diak: When the replacement price is deleted (not paid), the item is checked in automatically. This is a major problem, so I didn’t look any deeper on the issue, just stopped using the lost status in Diak Koha. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Replacement price is added by Koha when a customer is invoiced.
    • Some libraries have disabled it. In 3AMK, when an item is say 3 months overdue it goes to a collection agency. It is marked as lost in Koha manually, not automatically.
    • Hanna thinks this behaviour has changed during last 12 months or so. 
    • Do we have a ticket on that in JIRA? If not: we need to create and accumulate knowledge/research/conclusions on that.
    • Lost problems handled in August 2021: 2021-08-19 Pääkäyttäjäverkoston kokous
  • More data consistency, configs unification topics, and logs clean-up questions:
    • Please refer to this Wiki page: Unifications and review (visible to superlibrarians).
    • Koha-toimisto will approach libraries separately; you may start to think about your preferences. 

Muut asiat / Other business

Seuraava kokous / Next meeting

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