Sirpa Janhonen (Varastokirjasto)
Esa-Pekka Keskitalo (Kansalliskirjasto)
Minna Kivinen (HAMK)
Mia Kujala (XAMK)
Joonas Kylmälä (Kansalliskirjasto)
Johanna Miettunen (Haaga-Helia)
Christian Nelson (Tritonia)
Anneli Österman (Koha-Suomi)

POISSA: Veli-Matti Häkkinen (Jyväskylän yliopisto)

1. Version updates

1.1. Schedule of major updates from the national fork to the community version

Update schedule is found on KIWI -page Update schedule and progress tracking

Past upgrades

  • KK Deployment on Jan 26th.

1.2. Version update to 20.11.

  • Koha update to 20.11. version. Update done to several libraries already, last libraries will be updated on January 26th.

1.3. Minor update to the newest Koha 20.12.00011 on February 15th

  • All libraries were updated to a new Koha version on February 15th, 2021.
    • Some porblems occured, mostly fixed.
    • Query problem will be fixed tomorrow latest.
    • Replication had trouble. Updates may slow processes so that Melinda time-out aborts replication. At the moment, replication stops totally to a single error, and is restarted only next night.
  • Besides indexing, no major changes for users.
  • At least 20 new fileds in indexing. Libraries should check the functionalities.
  • N.B. Changes only for selected libraries that Joonas has communicated. National Library and Repository Library not included in this. Latest indexing status on Koha3 test server.
  • Is it enough that all 500* fields are indexed without refinements?
  • "Search engine configurations" shows the settings. cgi-bin/koha/admin/searchengine/elasticsearch/mappings.pl
  • 264c not yet added; problems with the script. Probably during February.
  • Next indexing rounds: Repository Libraries, and others, could be updated in due course, as we see that other libraries have no problems. Will be discussed later.

2. Issues

  • Acquisitions price are incorrect (HAMK, XAMK)
    • In acquisition one should be careful to fill up all price fields when receiving items. Koha does not anymore update automatically Unitprice -fields when receiving items.
    • Ticket required → Redmine → Palaute-projekti
    • Reporting to Bugzilla may often result in quick fixes.
    • Nothing new to report on Feb 16th, 2021
  • Voyager fines: there are some fines remaining from Voyager time where fines were still in accruing situation in Voyager. There was incorrect information if the item was returned or not.
    • SQL-query that will list these fines is: 
    • SELECT * FROM accountlines WHERE debit_type_code="overdue" and itemnumber is null and amountoutstanding > 0 
    • Are there results to report in the first place? If there are such, libraries should check how these look like and then fix fines in table.
    • Fees should be fixed after updating to 20.XX version.
    • Myös Kohan aikaisia maksuja tilassa kertyvä maksu, vaikka palautettu.
    • KK has not have time to look at this yet.
    • Mia has sent details about their case to koha-posti.
    • Nothing new to report on Feb 16th

3. Development tasks

  • Development tasks are listed on KIWI -page Update schedule and progress tracking. All development tasks are numbered on list so that it is easier to refer to each task.
    • Development tasks prioritized on the meeting and priorities are found on update schedule -page
    • There are some development tasks in Bugzilla that are needing testing and sign off. Specialists will try to test and sign off all those issues where they have tools to test. Tasks about signing of are documented in the table of development issues.
    • Issues that will need status review or discussion:

3.1. Priority 1 tasks

  • #T24 & #T25
    • This is big refactoring, will take Q1+Q2.
    • if items cannot be transferred, hold button should be hidden
    • If no items (only biblio), hold button should be hidden
    • On the other hand, patron should be able to make hold and pick it up in that library. (Must be tested if works now)
    • Joonas is working with the root issue. Lots of necessary checks missing (Patron's fines, branch, etc.) Must make this follow circulation rules.
    • Same applies to holds-to-pull list, it does not follow circ rules. And transfers, different logic in different places, have similar issues.
    • Feb 16th, 2021: No update at this time.

  • #F16 - Christian will ask from Finna-posti
    • Any translations in Koha (authorized values) - contains a description only, cannot have impact on this issue?
    • Code based translations do not work, shows only the description.
    • Something must have changed!
    • Johanna will look what is different in Metropolia: in Metropolia, they have done new translations, which have to cover all branches. For example:
      • location_Metropolia Arabia, Laina-aika 14 vrk = "Metropolia Arabia, Kahden viikon laina"
      • location_Metropolia Arabia, Laina-aika 28 vrk = "Metropolia Arabia, Neljän viikon laina"
      • location_Metropolia Arabia, Nuotit - Laina-aika 14 vrk = "Metropolia Arabia: Nuotit, Kahden viikon laina"

      • location_Metropolia Arabia, Nuotit - Laina-aika 28 vrk = "Metropolia Arabia: Nuotit, Neljän viikon laina"

      • location_Metropolia Karamalmi, Laina-aika 14 vrk = "Metropolia Karamalmi, Kahden viikon laina"

      • location_Metropolia Karamalmi, Laina-aika 28 vrk = "Metropolia Karamalmi, Neljän viikon laina"

    • Esa-Pekka will inquire again.
    • Feb 16th, 2021. Christian updated by the model of Metropolia, so it works now in Tritonia. No updates from Finna.
    • Feb 16th 2021: Some progress in Community.
  • CCode and shelfing location
    • This for information and discussion.
    • Can data be transferred to item types
    • In the recent update, problems occurred because of version discrepancies. Especially fees are risky.
    • Public libraries aiming to this. "Item type" would then reflect loan periods, and other such information.  https://tiketti.koha-suomi.fi/projects/versionvaihto/wiki/Aineistolajimuutosehdotus
    • Otherwise changes seem so vast that their implementation in community version might be difficult.
    • It is possible to create library-specific loaning rules.

3.2. Development and maintenance

  •  Kehitys ja ylläpito 2021


    • Kansalliskirjaston päivitys DONE
    • Tilastot: KITT, yhteenliittymän kustannustenjako, Sanasto, julkaisutilasto; Muut tehty, julkaisutilasto odottaa
    • Alustapalvelun kehittäminen CSC:n kanssa, suunnittelun aloittaminen: aloitettu. Palvelinratkaisun suhteen haasteista tehdään listaa.
    • Ylläpitotehtäviä


    • Prioriteetti 1 -kehitystehtävät: dependenssien tarkistukset ja korjaukset
    • Alustapalvelun kehittäminen CSC:n kanssa, suunnittelu
    • Formaattien automaattinen päivitys / myöhässä
    • Tilastointihackathon? 17.2.2021
    • Ylläpitotehtäviä

Kysymys varastotietueista ja KUMEAn määrittelytyöstä.

  • Jos on MARC-puutteita, voi raportoida bugeina Redmineen.

3.3. Convention for Categorization in Redmine

  • korkea (high) - normaali (normal) - matala (low)

3.3 Need for RFID Plugin?

  • We have been approached by a company about creating an "RFID plugin" in Koha. Do the Consortium members have wishes regarding RFID functionalities?
  • I.e. RFID machine follows the state of Koha.
  • Would make things easier in circulation.
  • Could this be a browser plug-in? It seems such are available.
  • This is priority 3, which caused disappointment.

3.5 Lending machine issues

  • Discussed common probelms with the automates.
  • KATVE could be one channel to approach providers.
  • We could use some time to approach issues discussed. Perhaps in 2022.

3.6. SSO in Koha

  • It is possible, has not been used in Finland.

4. Common test environment

5 Action logs

How long to keep action logs and deleted data in database  

  • In the last meeting,following notes were made
    • deleted_borrowers: "We need to list cases where it's important to keep, or important to delete this data."
      • Decided: for GDPR reasons, 1 month is good.
      • EP will inform superlibrarians.
    • action_logs: "It would be nice to be able to delete patron data without deleting everything else."
      • Difference btw patron related data and bibliographic data
      • Needs pseudonymization
      • If we do cronjobs, HAMK would be first affected.
      • It is easy to see 6 months back. What about the rest? There is a table called 'action_logs_cache' where these can be found.
      • NLF is not taking action at the moment,.
  • Feb 16th,2021:
    • Joonas will make deletion runs for libraries beginning this week.
    • Most libraries have listed their wishes, not all however.
    • Also under consideration in the public libraries.

Listauksen ehdotukset on tehty asiantuntijaryhmässä käydyn keskustelun perusteella (https://www.kiwi.fi/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=193528861).

action_logs: 2 v (mm. lainatiedot, varausten tekemiset, muutostiedot niteistä, nimeketietueista, jne.)
deleted_borrowers: 1 kk (poistetut asiakkaat)
(old) reserves: 3 vuotta (käsitellyt varaukset, voi tarvita mm. varausmaksujen selvittämiseen/asiakkaalle maksun syyn kertomiseen)
old_issues: 3 vuotta (palautetut lainat, voidaan tarvita maksujen selvittämiseen. Huom. jos asiakas on Finnassa kytkenyt lainojen anonymisoinnin päälle tällöin lainaustieto häviää jo aikaisemmin
accountlines: 3 vuotta (koskee maksettuja maksuja, maksamattomat vanhentuneet maksut pitää poistaa manuaalisesti)
statistics: 2 vuotta (tilastotietoa mm. lainoista, sisältää borrowernumberin, tarvitaan vain niin pitkään kunnes tilastot on saatu ulos)
message_queue: 3 vuotta (aktiivisten asiakkaiden viestit poistetaan 3 vuotta sen jälkeen kun ne on lähetetty, tarvitaan mm. selvittämään, että onko asiakkaalle lähetetty tieto varauksesta, jos siitä kertyy varsinkin maksuja. Huom. jos asiakastieto poistetaan Kohasta tällöin viestit poistuvat myös heti.)
Deleted_biblio, deleted_items: 5 vuotta (poistetut niteet ja nimeketietueet)

Patron pseudonymization

6 Statistics

Statistics - need change to statistics table?

7 Reporting & Documentation

Redmine Reporting

  • New project: Kehitysehdotukset
  • Sisältää yhteisö- ja Koha-Suomi-Kohan kehittämisehdotukset, joita työstetään Suomessa.
  • Status (Tila): "Kehitys yhteisössä", if there is a ticket in the Bugzilla, if not, select any other status

  • Category (Sektori): Yleinen / Tieteellinen

  • Prioriteetti:
    korkea (high) = 1 Erittäin tärkeä (Pyritään toteuttamaan itse mahdollisimman pian)
    normaali (normal) = 2 Tärkeä (Edesautetaan voimakkaasti toteuttamista yhteisöversiossa, toteutetaan tarvittaessa itse)
    matala (low) = 3 Neutraali (Edesautetaan toteuttamista yhteisöversiossa, mutta ei toteuteta itse tässä vaiheessa)

Bugzilla Reporting

  • Bugzilla reporting is important, everyone is encouraged to do those tickets.
  • Add a link to our own documentation in Kiwi or Redmine.
    • Project: Kehitysehdotukset
    • Category: tieteelliset
    • Status (Tila): "Kehitys yhteisössä"
  • Does not apply to
    • Finna issues.
    • plugins. For example, printer plugin, made by Bywater, they might have a Github project.
  • Let's start with a clean list regarding CV. Joonas will do it.
  • Let's use English primarily.
  • Who can do Bugzilla reports? System librarians.
  • Minna Kivinen & Mia Kujala will move the issues.
  • Instructions: to Kiwi; Esa-Pekka.

9 Next meeting 

  • Tuesday afternoon, every 3rd Tue of the month
  • → 16.3.2021 klo 13-14.30.
  • Ari and Anneli from Koha-Suomi will be invited, too.
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