Andrii's business

  • Focus on 
    • Fikka cleanup of obsolete users. See also Slack...
      • What is done to Fikka applicable to others, too
      • SIP and Finna: effect on last-seen figures - how it works now, how it worked before. 
      • From manual cleanups to a plugin
    • EditX
      • Johanna needs timetable estimation
    • Automatic update of Marc templates
    • Lots of under-the-hood work
      • New build procedure (Openshift)
  • Release 23.11
    • Installation on pre-production and test servers soon, probably next week
    • Testing schedule; on test servers all can contribute
    • Final pilot 1 to 2 weeks before going production
    • 3AMK might pilot, but more time is needed. Fikka useful as special functions. 
    • Access not prerelease servers need to be fixed. 

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