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Sirpa Janhonen (Varastokirjasto) absent
Esa-Pekka Keskitalo (Kansalliskirjasto) on
Minna Kivinen (HAMK), chair on
Mia Kujala (XAMK) on
Joonas Kylmälä (Kansalliskirjasto) on
Johanna Miettunen (Haaga-Helia) on
Christian Nelson (Tritonia) on
Andrii Vashchuk, development, National Library on


1. Status report of issues not related with version update

1.1 Platform problems 7.-8.12.2020

  • Slight errors in managing clean-ups. Some confusion, pre-warnings did not go to the customers
  • Also changes in settings in the new version caused dealys in messages about late loans
  • Remember to have very clear todo lists; check nightly jobs, etc.

2.Version update

Update schedule is found on KIWI -page Update schedule and progress tracking

  • Hanken update had to be postponed.
    • 12.1.2021 has been settled.
  • KK 26.1.2021

2.1. News

2.2. Status report, deployments

National Archives: Deployment Sept 22nd

HAMK: Deployment Sep 24th 

XAMK: Deployment on Thursday Oct 1st

DiakDeployment on Oct 7th.

Tritonia: Deployment on Thursday Oct 15th

Arcada: Deployment on Thursday Oct 29th

3AMK: Deployment on Thursday Nov 5th

MPKK: Deployment on Nov 11th

Humak: Deployment on Nov 19th

Tilastokirjasto: Deployment on Nov 26th 

Varastokirjasto: Deployment on Dec 3rd

Centria: Deployment on Dec 9th

Jyväskylä University: Deployment on Dec 17th

2.3 Status report, Coming migrations

Centria: Deployment on Jan 12th

  • Test environment in use from Nov 18th
  • SIP2 machines caused a bit of trouble with Centria (and JYU could have been affected but was not). Bug detected.


  • Smooth upgrade, merely minor adjustments
  • Locations not translated in Finna, Finna has been contacted.
  • Staff user permissions were the most laborious tas after upgrade

KK: Deployment on January 26th

  • Test migrations started on Nov 27th
  • Reserved 2 days for upgrade.

2.3.1 Update of updated Kohas (to the latest version)

  • Koha is updated to 20.11. version. Update done to several libraries already, last libraries will be updated on Wednesday December 14th.
  • 3.12.2020 fixed the bug that prevented deleting patrons.
  • Acquisitions price are incorrect (HAMK, XAMK) → needs to be checked.
    • In acquisition one should be carefull to fil up all price fields when receiving items. Koha does not anymore update automatically Unitprice -fields when receiving items.
  • Notices - borrower language
    • There is a new setting in Koha (from version 19.11.) for translating notices. (System preference: I18N/L10N preferences - TranslateNotices)
    • If the setting has been set Allow and there has been no noticetemplate for other languages (fi, en, sv-SE), no notices have been sent from borrowers having lang other that "default" or "fi-FI"
  • Borrower language
    • There are borrowers having language "fi" in databases. That is a conversion error and should be fixed to "fi-FI"
  • What if the notices are not sent? It is hard to know which notices are not sent (or created at all). 3AMK has tried to examine. Will share queries if they work.
  • Problem only with overdue messages, not with others? Joonas: we cannot be sure. Pre-warnings do work.
  • "fi" language code derives from Voyager and was not used until now. Until these are fixed do not switch the setting on, so that default template will be used.

2.4. Status report, common test environment

Koha3 test environment

Address to Finna view

2.4 Status of development tasks on Update schedule 

  • Development tasks are listed on KIWI -page Update schedule and progress tracking. All development tasks are numbered on list so that it is easier to refer to each task.
    • Development tasks prioritized on the meeting and priorities are found on update schedule -page
    • There are some development tasks in Bugzilla that are needing testing and sign off. Specialists will try to test and sign off all those issues where they have tools to test. Tasks about signing of are documented in the table of development issues.
    • Issues that will need status review or discussion:
  • Priority 1 issues
    • #T24 & #T25
      • if items cannot be transferred, hold button should be hidden
      • If no items (only biblio), hold button should be hidden
      • On the other hand, patron should be able to make hold and pick it up in that library. (Must be tested if works now)
      • Joonas is working with the root issue. Lots of necessary checks missing (Patron's fines, branch, etc.) Must make this follow circulation rules.
      • Same applies to holds-to-pull list, it does not follow circ rules. And transfers, different logic in different places, have similar issues.
      • This is big refactoring, will take Q1+Q2.
      • Will revisit in January.
    • #18 - Will be fixed in the nex update
    • #F16 - Christian will ask from Finna-posti
    • #11 - Discussed. Hard to estimate the timeline (the other bugs). Will be discussed in January again.
    • Transfer hold checkout fix is going forward,

2.5. Discussion topics - items that need discussion about priority or definitions for implementing

2.5.1 How long to keep action logs and deleted data in database 

  • In the last meeting,following notes were made
    • deleted_borrowers: "We need to list cases where it's important to keep, or important to delete this data."
      • Decided: for GDPR reasons, 1 month is good.
      • EP will inform superlibrarians.
    • action_logs: "It would be nice to be able to delete patron data without deleting everything else."
      • Difference btw patron related data and bibliographic data
      • Needs pseudonymization
      • If we do cronjobs, HAMK would be first affected.
      • It is easy to see 6 months back. What about the rest? There is a table called 'action_logs_cache' where these can be found.
      • NLF is not taking action at the moment,.
  • Is there need to revisit the table otherwise?

 2.5.2. Statistics - need change to statistics table?

  • Working Group:
    • Minna, Christian, Esa-Pekka, someone from KK
    • EP will convene
  • Koha webinar about statistics will be planned for the spring.
    • Minna will start planning with Ari Mäkiranta and Eeva Klinga-Hyöty in January.

2.5.3. Patron pseudonymization

No progress. meeting 8.12. notes:

  • For GDPR reason there has been developed feature for patron pseudonimization in Koha
  • The goal of this new feature is to add a way to pseudonymize patron's
    data, in a way they could not be personally identifiable.
  • "This development proposes to have 2 different tables:  * 1 for transactions and patrons data (pseudonymized_transactions)
      * 1 for patrons' attributes (pseudonymized_borrower_attributes)
    Entries to pseudonymized_transactions are added when a new transaction
    (checkout, checkin, renew, on-site checkout) is done.
    Also, anonymized_borrower_attributes is populated if patron's attributes are
    marked as "keep for pseudonymization". 
    • Configuration
      • Pseudonymization: turn on the feature
      • PseudonymizationPatronFields: which fields are copied to separate table
      • PseudonimizationTransactionFields: which transcation information is copied to separate table

2.5.4. Bugzilla Reporting

  • Bugzilla reporting is important, everyone is encouraged to do those tickets.
  • Add a link to our own documentatio in Kiwi or Redmine
  • Does not apply to Finna issues.
  • Does not apply to plugins. For example, printer plugin, made by Bywater, they might have a Github project.
  • As noted above, we shall use Redmine for internal purposes.
  • Joonas will create a new Project. Needs to be discussed with Koha-Suomi.
  • Let's start with a clean list regarding CV. Joonas will do it.
  • Let's use English primarily.
  • Who can do Bugzilla reports? System librarians.

3. Other issues

  • Translation mistake, "kausijulkaisut"? (In component parts). Translation makes sense in Koha-Suomi.
  • Tuudo:

    • Koha-plugin should be installed after Koha upgrade
    • permissions need to be narrowed
  • Voyager fines: there are some fines remaining from Voyager time where fines were still in accruing situation in Voyager. There was incorrect information if the item was returned or not.
    • SQL-query that will list these fines is: (Query fixed by Minna 22.12.2020)
    • SELECT * FROM accountlines WHERE debit_type_code="overdue" and itemnumber is null and amountoutstanding > 0 
    • Are there results to report in the first place?
    • If there are such, libraries should check how these look like and then fix fines in table. - HOW to FIX? /Minna 22.12.2020
    • Fees should be fixed after updating to 20.XX version
    • We return to this in January!
  • Statistics
    • KK will run the statistics for the Consortium costs distribution.
    • Also, Sanasto statistics will be done by KK
  • Patrons' right to check and correct their data. Has been discussed if Hypernova can do development on this. Some work has been done in the community but needs further development.

Further Bugs end development needs

  • We need a place to report new findings
  • Koha-Suomi Redmine might be a solution. Harder to fill in & follow, but more organized.
    • Discussion in the same place.
    • Remember to update descriptions etc. as the ticket matures.
  • Kiwi is more readable and easier to access but harder to maintain.
    • Perhaps update of a Kiwi list from time to time for more outsider readers.
  • Decided: New Redmine Project. Transfer open Kiwi issues there.

4. Specialist group for 2021

Mia Kujala will be chair 2021. Specialist group meetings will be in Finnish.

Other members at the group will be:

  • Veli-Matti Häkkinen
  • Sirpa Janhonen, Varastokirjasto
  • Minna Kivinen, HAMK 
  • Christian Nelson, Tritonia
  • Johanna Miettunen, Haaga-Helia / 3AMK
  • Esa-Pekka Keskitalo, Kansalliskirjasto
  • Joonas Kylmälä, Kansalliskirjasto

5. Next meeting 

  • Meetings every month
  • Tuesday afternoon, every 3rd Tue of the month
  • → 19.1.2021 klo 13-14.30.
  • Ari and Anneli from Koha-Suomi will be invited, too.
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