National Library’s Finto-service develops

  • Technical infrastructure for publishing and use of interoperable ontologies and vocabularies
  • Network of linked multilingual indexing ontologies of various domains is based on open source Skosmos-software, that is developed in the National Library

    • Finto provides an API for easy access to its data
    • Finto is integrated to several information systems in cultural memory organizations and elsewhere

The Finto Family of Ontologies is a group of machine readable semantic conceptualizations, that are used for annotating different materials like publications, websites and datasets

  • General FinnishOntology YSO forms a basis and structure for the linked ontology system
  • Several domain ontologies built to extend the general concepts of YSO
  • YSO and the domain ontologies together form the KOKO ontology cloud
  • All ontologies published through as linked open data

The aim of the Finto-system is to make data and services more semantic and interoperable and thus to provide better service for the end-users
The use of Linked data technologies assures easy reuse and enables the development of more intelligent information systems

We can be reached by email at [email protected]