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USEMARCON Version 3.17, 03 Mar 2011

Windows command line executable (link is external)
User's Manual (link is external)
Source code (link is external) (zip, includes the Windows command line executable)
Source code (link is external) (tar.gz)

Source code (link is external) (Git-repository)

In this version:
- Fixed less than (<) and greater than (>) operators.
- Fixed less than or equal (<=) and greater than or equal (>=)
- Fixed MARC-8 conversion from EACC set to UTF-8.
- Optimized MARC-8 conversion tables for a slightly smaller size.

Example rules

A very simple conversion (link is external) that gets rid of 9xx fields and copies everything else as is.

A complete set of rules used to convert Finnish academic libraries from MARC21-Fin to MARC 21 is available in a self-extracting package (link is external). These rules take advantage of many of the recently added features of USEMARCON.