Events in Zoom hosted by the National Library of Finland

Downloading and installing the app

We recommend downloading and installing the Zoom application, and testing it in advance. Download link:

Use the browser option if you cannot install the application. Browser option works well at least with Chrome. 

You can use Zoom in your phone of pad. You should download the application from the the app store (Mac App Store, Google Play, etc.)

Preparing in advance

Please test Zoom in advance:

Joining the meeting

Please join the meeting room 15 minutes before the starting hour, so you and we can test audio, video, and screen sharing.

When you click on the meeting link, you will see in your browser a window something like one below:

Näkymä selaimessa linkin avaamisen jälkeen

The options are

  • launching meeting with Zoom application already installed - recommended;
  • downloading Zoom and then using it for the meeting; and
  • joining the meeting from your browser.

Opening Zoom application usually requires accepting it in a dialogue box.

No username or password is required.

Please insert your name and organization when prompted.

If the meeting opens in full screen mode, press "esc" button on your keyboard to reduce it. 

Check your sound:

  • For audio, we recommend use of headset. Laptop's microphone and loudspeakers may be used, too.

  • You can test the audio when joining the meeting by choosing "Test speaker and microphone"
  • In the meeting, mute and unmute the microphone by clicking the microphone button.
  • You find your audio settings by clicking the small ^ icon next to the microphone button. 

Check your camera:

  • You show and hide your video by clicking the camera button. 
  • You find your video settings by clicking the small ^icon next to the camera button. 
  • You can select a video background through Settings → Background.


  • Chat
    • Open chat by clicking the Chat (speech bubble) icon 
  • Asking for the floor
    • Select Reactions → Raise hand. (Remember to lower it after your turn.)

More guidance in English:
See chapter "web browser" for instruction in using it.

Data Security

This service is provided in Nordic co-operation with NORDUnet and is therefore not part of the publicly available Zoom service.

In addition, the Zoom service provided by NORDUnet operates entirely in the EU, in servers reserved for NORDUnet's use. These servers are located in the EU. The services agreed with NORDUnet and Zoom, comply with the European data protection regulations.

CSC and NORDUnet are actively monitoring the data security of the service and treat the situation with utmost importance.