International science publisher Elsevier and Finland's higher education and research institutes have agreed on one year’s extension to negotiations on electronic journals. More time is needed in order to find a solution for advancing open access, which is an extremely important goal for the Finnish research community. This one year agreement makes it possible for researchers to continue using Elsevier’s journals in 2017 while the negotiations continue.

FinELib consortium, which s represents Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences, and research institutes in the negotiations, has two primary objectives: Getting the increasing price of scientific journal subscriptions under control, and reaching an agreement that improves the opportunities of Finnish researchers for publishing their articles openly online for all to use.

"During the negotiations this autumn, it became clear that regardless of the will of the international research community, Elsevier is reluctant to develop open publishing business models, and instead wants to maintain the old subscription model. The publisher still sees open publishing as a marginal operating model, and not as the future of scientific publishing. It is a delaying tactic from the publisher to charge high additional fees for open articles when higher education and research institutes already pay constantly increasing subscription fees. Now we demand that Elsevier over the next year shows the ability to change and take a new direction towards open access which research community needs and expects." says Keijo Hämäläinen, Vice-Rector of the University of Helsinki and chairman of the negotiations.

Finland's course is set towards open publishing through the goals laid out by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Open Science and Research Initiative, and the European Union. Open publishing increases the visibility of science and improves the opportunities for the whole society to utilize research conducted with public funds.

Finland's scientific community has given its support to FinELib’s negotiation goals. Released in late November, the site has received 2700 signatures from the scientific research community. The signatories abstain from refereeing and editorial duties for the journals of the publishers involved in FinELib’s negotiations until FinELib can reach the negotiation goals.

"Open publishing and the price of scientific knowledge are themes that are emphasised in similar negotiations all over the world, for example in the current negotiations in Germany" says Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, a member of the negotiation group and Director of Library Network Services at the National Library of Finland. "Perseverance and a united front are the only way that the scientific community may affect large commercial publishers and effect a permanent change in the models of scientific publishing."
One year extension to the agreement makes it possible to find an open access model that genuinely promotes open access publishing without increasing the cost of publishing. If no agreement on open access is reached during 2017, the Finnish scientific community might at the end of year 2017 lose access to many important scientific journals.


Further information:

Keijo Hämäläinen, Vice-Rector of the University of Helsinki, chair of the contract negotiation group,
Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, Director, National Library of Finland/Library Network Services,

Scholarly publications - FinELib negotiations


Open science must be promoted by all means necessary, states the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. The ministry emphasizes that it is vital that the negotiations between FinELib and scholarly publishers find a solution that is financially sustainable for the scientific community. Open science is the starting point for national contract negotiations, and the contracts must significantly increase the opportunity for Finnish researchers to publish openly. The objective is to have open access to all scientific publications by 2020.

Already 2 700 researchers have signed a statement in support of FinELib’s negotiations, demanding that the cost of scientific publications must not get out of hand. The researchers support the negotiation goals for increased open access and reasonable pricing, and are prepared to abstain from refereeing and editorial duties for the journals of the publishers involved in the negotiations, if the goals are not realized.

FinELib will report on the negotiation situation with individual publishers on this website in the next few days.


More information on negotiations:

Scholarly publications - FinELib negotiations

FinELib office: 



FinELibin ohjausryhmän 9.11.2016 pidetyn kokouksen pöytäkirja on nyt julkaistu.

Kokouksessa käsiteltiin mm. syksyn 2016 aineistoneuvotteluja, FinELibin strategian 2016-2020 toimenpideohjelmaa sekä e-kurssikirjaprojektia.

Pöytäkirja liitteineen löytyy ekstranetista.


FinELib’s negotiations with international publishers (Elsevier, Wiley, Sage, Taylor & Francis, ACS) on access to scholarly journals are still going on. The current agreements will end 31 December 2016. Finnish higher education and research organisations use tens of millions of euros during the agreement term to provide online access to these scholarly journals. In the negotiations the price level of the coming years will be determined. This is why these negotiations are extremely important.

FinELib’s goal in these negotiations is to agree on affordable prices. The other main goal is to significantly improve the possibilities of Finnish researchers to publish open access in scholarly journals.

Some of the publishers have existing open access models which give us a starting point for the negotiations. Some publishers are however not ready to advance on open access questions. At the moment for example in Elsevier negotiations the publisher’s and FinELib’s views on both pricing and open access issues are far from each other.

Negotiations are ongoing with all publishers.


More information on negotiations:

In English: Scholarly publications - FinELib negotiations

In Finnish: FinELibin lehtineuvottelut edelleen kesken



FinELibin neuvottelut e-lehtipakettien (Elsevier, Wiley, Sage, Taylor & Francis, ACS) tilausten uusinnasta korkeakouluille ja tutkimuslaitoksille jatkuvat. Nykyiset sopimukset ovat voimassa 31.12.2016 asti. Lehtipakettineuvottelut ovat tärkeitä korkeakouluille ja tutkimuslaitoksille, koska ne maksavat neuvoteltavista aineistoista sopimuskauden aikana kymmeniä miljoonia euroja. Neuvotteluissa määritellään mm. tulevien vuosien hintataso.

Neuvottelujen tavoitteena on hillitä kustannuksia. Sen lisäksi tavoitteena on edistää merkittävästi suomalaisten tutkijoiden mahdollisuuksia avoimeen julkaisemiseen tieteellisissä lehdissä.

Osalla kustantajista on avoimen julkaisemisen malleja, joiden pohjalta voimme neuvotteluissa edetä. Jotkut kustantajista eivät kuitenkaan ole valmiita etenemään open accessin suhteen. Toistaiseksi esimerkiksi Elsevier-neuvotteluissa FinELibin ja kustantajan näkemykset avoimen julkaisemisen edistämisestä ja sopimuksen kustannustasosta ovat kaukana toisistaan.

Neuvottelut kaikkien kustantajien kanssa jatkuvat.


Lisätietoja neuvotteluista:

Suomeksi: Tiedelehtien sopimusneuvottelut

Englanniksi: Scholarly publications - FinELib negotiations

Kansalliskirjaston FinELib-toimisto ja Suomen Kustannusyhdistys järjestivät yhteistyössä FinELibin E-kurssikirjaprojektin päätösseminaarin 8.11.2016 otsikolla "Sähkökirjat kurssikirjoiksi – Uusien jakelumallien mahdollisuudet". Tilaisuudessa kuultiin mm. FinELibin pilottihankkeen tuloksia ja hankkeeseen osallistuneiden kustantajien kokemuksia. Tilaisuuden tallenteet ovat katsottavissa projektisivulta.


FinELibin ohjausryhmän 4/2016 kokouksen esityslista on nyt julkaistu.

Esityslista liitteineen löytyy ekstranetista.

Working together is essential in bringing a change to the models of scholarly publishing. The scholarly community all over Europe and the world is working together to make scholarly publishing open and costs sustainable. FinELib consortium is one of the many scholarly organisations which have signed the OA2020 initiative mapping practical steps towards the transition to open access. Other important initiatives for open access are for example LERU’s Christmas is over and EUA’s Roadmap on Open Access to Research Publications.

During the negotiations the big picture of administrative work for open access becomes clearer. The aim is that OA publishing processes work as smoothly as possible. In order to achieve this libraries, researchers, research organisations and publishers need to work together.

In June we had a chat with Dr. Ralf Shimmer, a well-known open access advocate from the Max Planck institute. Watch the second part of the interview below for his view on the role of research organisations and consortia in promoting open access.

More information: Scholarly publications - FinELib negotiations

Research results should be accessible to all, in order to fully benefit researchers and the society as a whole. Currently a big part of the established, esteemed scholarly journals are open only to subscribers. Open availability of research requires that also articles in subscription journals must be turned into open access. This can be done by transition from subscription model to open access model. Transition from subscription to open access is an important topic in FinELib’s renegotiations on journal subscription deals. With negotiations Finland is taking part in a strong worldwide movement towards open access (see e.g. OA2020 - initiative for the large-scale transition to open access).

Since starting current negotiations, FinELib has seen that publishers have different ways of approaching open access issues. Some publishers need to be reassured about moving towards open access, while others already have models for the transition. New models need testing and probably also modifications. It is however important that all new OA models make researcher's work easier, not more complicated. New OA models also need to be cost effective to Finnish research community.

Open access is a goal which benefits from shared experiences and shared vision. In June we had a chat with Dr. Ralf Shimmer, a well-known open access advocate from the Max Planck institute. Watch the interview below for his view on why open access is now more relevant than ever.

More information: Scholarly publications - FinELib negotiations

(Originally published 28 September 2016)

FinELib negotiations are ongoing and the big questions – price and open access -  are on the table (more information about our goals here). FinELib has presented the difficult financial situation in research organizations to publishers, but the renewal offers haven't so far reflected the severeness of the situation. 

To get a clear idea of why price is an essential issue in these negotiations, please see the graph below, which compares university index with the cost development of the five largest e-journal packages subscribed via FinELib (2011 = 100).  University index is a tool which is meant to keep universities’ basic funding up-to-date with inflation. However, since its introduction in 2011, the index has mainly been frozen by Finnish government, which means that budgets have been eaten by inflation for several years. At the same time, the costs for the five largest e-journal packages have increased by 25%. It has been getting harder and harder to accommodate these levels of price increases, which is why current negotiations are very important.

More information: Scholarly publications - FinELib negotiations

(Originally published 19 September 2016)

Opettajien ja opiskelijoiden kokemuksia e-kirjojen käytöstä selvitettiin kyselyillä keväällä 2016. Kysely toteutettiin osana FinELib-konsortion e-kurssikirjahanketta, jonka tavoitteena on ollut laajentaa ja parantaa suomalaisten sähköisten kurssikirjojen tarjontaa ja käytettävyyttä korkeakouluissa.

Kyselyn tulokset on nyt julkistettu. Katso lisätietoja:

Uusi FinELibin ajankohtaissivusto tarjoaa ainutlaatuisen mahdollisuuden seurata mitä suurten tiedelehtisopimusten neuvotteluissa tapahtuu. Erityisesti tutkijoille ja muulle tiedeyhteisölle kohdistettu sivusto sisältää tietoa neuvotteluiden tavoitteista, taustasta ja etenemisestä. Scholarly communications - FinELib negotiations -sivustoa päivitetään aktiivisesti syksyn aikana neuvotteluiden edetessä.


FinELibin ohjausryhmän 8.6.2016 pidetyn kokouksen pöytäkirja on nyt julkaistu.

Kokouksessa käsiteltiin mm. ohjausryhmän valintaprosessia ja sääntöjen muutosehdotusta.

Pöytäkirja liitteineen löytyy ekstranetista.

FinELib-konsortion vuoden 2015 toiminnasta julkaistussa raportissa on kerrottu konsortion kehittämishankkeista, siitä löytyy aineistohankinnan lukuja, käyttötilastoja sekä talouslukuja, ks. raportti 2015

FinELib-toimisto on tavoitettavissa koko kesän joka arkipäivä palveluosoitteessa Kiireelliset asiat kannattaa aina laittaa henkilökohtaisen sähköpostiosoitteen lisäksi myös finelib-postiin, erityisesti näin loma-aikana.

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