Open access publishing in Taylor & Francis journals with a discounted APC rate

The researchers and authors of the following institutions are entitled to publish their articles as Open Access in Taylor & Francis journals with a discounted APC (Article Processing Charge) rate from the beginning of 2017:

  • Aalto University
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology
  • Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • University of Jyväskylä
  • University of Helsinki including Helsinki University Central Hospital
  • University of Tampere including Tampere University Hospital
  • University of Turku including Turku university central hospital

FinElib-consortium has agreed with Taylor & Francis that the APC-fee for an open access article in T&F journals is 860 euros, when the researcher is the corresponding author. The normal APC fee would be 2150 euros. 

This discount is available on the condition the library has made an APC-prepayment to T&F. This is why the library coordinates the payments of the discounted APC fees. To find out if you can use this discount, and how the payment of the discounted APC is organized in your organization, please contact your library/information service.

This discount can be used on all Taylor & Francis "Open Select" titles. The list of the T&F journals is available here: and the titles where the discount is applicable are marked "Open Select: Yes". The discount can not be used in Taylor & Francis Fully Open and Cogent OA titles.

Instructions on how to publish open access articles in T&F journals:

  1. T&F sends the corresponding author a message about the acceptance of the article and informs about the possibility to publish the article open access.
  2. The corresponding author contacts the library and checks whether he/she can use the discount.
  3. The library sends a confirmation to T&F about the discounted APC-payment.
  4. The corresponding author confirms the open access license chosen in the T&F publishing system.


Please notice that these are general instructions. You organization may have specific instructions e.g. regarding invoicing. and therefor we recommend that when you are planning to publish an open access article in T&F journals, please contact your organization's library/information service.

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