Research results should be accessible to all, in order to fully benefit researchers and the society as a whole. Currently a big part of the established, esteemed scholarly journals are open only to subscribers. Open availability of research requires that also articles in subscription journals must be turned into open access. This can be done by transition from subscription model to open access model. Transition from subscription to open access is an important topic in FinELib’s renegotiations on journal subscription deals. With negotiations Finland is taking part in a strong worldwide movement towards open access (see e.g. OA2020 - initiative for the large-scale transition to open access).

Since starting current negotiations, FinELib has seen that publishers have different ways of approaching open access issues. Some publishers need to be reassured about moving towards open access, while others already have models for the transition. New models need testing and probably also modifications. It is however important that all new OA models make researcher's work easier, not more complicated. New OA models also need to be cost effective to Finnish research community.

Open access is a goal which benefits from shared experiences and shared vision. In June we had a chat with Dr. Ralf Shimmer, a well-known open access advocate from the Max Planck institute. Watch the interview below for his view on why open access is now more relevant than ever.

More information: Scholarly publications - FinELib negotiations

(Originally published 28 September 2016)