The National Library of Finland is pleased to announce a URN:NBN webinar for the URN community. The 3-hour webinar includes an overview of an upcoming URN:NBN landscape report, a presentation of a PID meta resolver developed for EOSC by the EU-funded FAIRCORE4EOSC project, as well as case study presentations by current URN:NBN providers across European national libraries. The webinar will include discussion on URN use and policy, as well as provide a venue for discussing further URN:NBN development and collaboration. URN:NBN service providers, users and those interested in PIDs more widely are welcome to attend this webinar.

The webinar is taking place as part of the EU-funded FAIRCORE4EOSC project. Further details are available here.


Wednesday 15.5.2024, 9.00-12.00 (CET) (note: 10:00-13:00 Finnish time)


Zoom. We will send a participation link after registration has closed.


The recording is available here.


The registration closed on 14.5.2024 at 10:00 (+2 UTC)

Event Schedule

9:00-9:10         Welcome & Housekeeping (NatLibFin)

9:10-9:30         URN:NBN Landscape Report (Ulriika Vihervalli)

9:30-9:50         PID Meta Resolver (Sven Bingert, FAIRCORE4EOSC)

9:50-10:00       Discussion / Q&A

10:00-10:15     Break

URN:NBNs at National Levels

10:15-10:25     National Library of Finland (Jyrki Ilva & Emma Pietarila)

10:25-10:35     National Library of Germany (Stephanie Palek)

10:35-10:45     National Library of the Netherlands (Sam Alloing)

10:45-10:55     National Central Library of Florence (Chiara Storti)

10:55-11:05     Discussion / Q&A

11:05-11:20     Break

Future of URN:NBNs

11:20-11:40    Small Group Discussion: URN:NBN Development and Collaboration

11:40-11:55    Open Floor: Group Discussion Results

11:55-12:00    End of Webinar (Ulriika Vihervalli)

For any questions or queries, please email the organiser Ulriika Vihervalli: [email protected] 

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