Torstaina 10.11.2022

Etäkokous Zoomilla klo 13-13:30 & 13:30-14:30 Emailer pluginin esittely

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Edellinen kokous: 2022-11-10 Pääkäyttäjäverkoston kokous


Kehittäjätuokio / Developers' hour

  • 22.11 version update. Planned schedule: Monday 5 Dec install for 3AMK on production. Monday 12 Dec for others. 3AMK and Fikka can test new version on Koha-pre -server. All libraries can test new version on Koha test server.
    • Discussed the feasibility of the 5th but it seems to work. There has not been trouble with lending machines etc. recently. 
    • Tuudo has been notified. Needs to have their connections to test server revived. Andrii will be in touch.
    • Pre-release server needs also Finna integration.

Muut asiat / Other business

  • Bouncing email messages (Microsoft emails). Has this been sorted out?
    • Esa-Pekka requested filling in the table
    • As far as table was updated, CSC has implemented changes (info morning 24.11.)
    • No incidents, so CSC or someone has apparently fixed something. 
    • Please fill in the table further, if there's anything missing.

Emailer plugin presentation

Seuraava kokous / Next meeting

  • 8.12.

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