The Linked Library Data project prepares the move of the National Library of Finland and partly the entire Finnish library sector to linked data in terms of bibliographic description. Linked data makes library data more interoperable both at the national and international level and significantly improves the usability of library data outside the library sector. Linked data also offers better opportunities to utilize new tools and semi-automatic methods in content description. For information seekers, linked data provides new tools and methods for information search.

The project builds the foundation for the production of linked data in the content description work of libraries, and it is closely related to the planned platform change of the National Metadata Repository Melinda. The project creates a data model for the needs of Finnish bibliographic description, prepares documentation for the data model and guidelines for its use, as well as links to international data models.   The model will be based on BIBFRAME version 2.1.0 and the Official RDA (2022) The BIBFRAME data model is expanded where necessary while still maintaining interoperability with the original BIBFRAME.

An important part of the data modeling work is the further development of the Metadata Thesaurus to reflect its increasing role. The data model also takes into account the definition and use of work and expression records. In addition to the data modeling, the project prepares the database conversion of the national metadata repository and creates the conversion rules between the current and future metadata, which are published for public use. The project works closely with various expert networks and communicates and gives training about the transition to linked data.

The project lasts until the end of 2024. In 2022 we will focus on data model work, in 2023 we begin practical preparations for the data conversion, and in 2024 we will pilot the creation of work and expression clusters and database conversions. The conversion will be carried out on Melinda after the project and the experiences gained can be used in various information systems.

Work in progress

Vversions of the LKD data model - Finnish adaptation of the BIBFRAME data model - are viewable at 

Additional information regarding the project and its outputs

Project contact information:   matias.frosterus  at


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