Torstaina 11.11.2021

Etäkokous Zoomilla klo 13-14.

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Edellinen kokous: 2021-10-29 Pääkäyttäjäverkoston kokous


Kehittäjätuokio / Developers' hour

Versiopäivitys / The version update at mon 29.11.2021

  • See the changelog in superlibrarian friendly format: KK-Koha builds changelogs .
    • The colourful buttons and ticket statuses can be ignored for now, since all the listed tickets are included in the release.
    • Technical differences list (by commits): Build 311 vs 464 .
  • There has been a lot of collaboration with the Koha community for version 21.11.

Kohan käännökset / Translating Koha

  • Kohan versio 21.11 kaipaa taas käännöksiä, mutta käännettävät fraasit eivät vielä ole tulleet. Ks.
  • The strings that need to be translated for version 21.11, will appear soon, hopefully. Andrii will inform about details / when to translate.

3AMK: Kommentteja versiopäivityksestä / Version update comments from 3AMK

  • Uusi viestiasetusmahdollisuus / New customer message preference available
    • Hold reminder (=reminder before last pick-up date). It's not set as default messaging preferences for patron categories but appeared to our customers (has to be set on cronjob). See Bywater Solutions video for using this option.

  • Oletuslainausajankohta / Default time in checkout settings
    • It's set to 12:00, can be changed from calendar  (Specify due date (DD.MM.YYYY) and the hours and the minutes from the calendar).
    • Question: Is there another places in Koha where time setting should be able to be change?

  • New calendar tool for date selection will appear on the new version in different places. (For example on item's field "w", which specifies the date the item's replacement price is effective from.)
  • Open issue:  problems in the search with the Scandinavian characters åäö:  KOHA-160 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Tilastot /Statistics

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