Veli-Matti Häkkinen (Jyväskylän yliopisto)
Esa-Pekka Keskitalo (Kansalliskirjasto)
Mia Kujala (XAMK)
Joonas Kylmälä (Kansalliskirjasto)
Johanna Miettunen (Haaga-Helia)
Christian Nelson (Tritonia)
Anneli Österman (Koha-Suomi)
Minna Kivinen (HAMK)

Poissa: Sirpa Janhonen (Varastokirjasto)

1. Version updates

  • 264c updated to all but one library that will be done later. But: bug that removes publication year not shown in the shelf hold list (hyllyvarauslista). Fix already in CV, will eventually be fixed for us, too. 
  • Holds queue list also has more fields now. Surprising but good! 
  • Re-indexing. Jyväskylä was not in the list, should be reindexed. Done only to libraries that upgraded before December. 
  • Libraries should notify about new needs. → Superlibrarians. 
  • Search of holdings still missing, must wait holdings support in the CV. 

2. Issues

  • Acquisitions price are incorrect (HAMK, XAMK)
    • In acquisition one should be careful to fill up all price fields when receiving items. Koha does not anymore update automatically Unitprice -fields when receiving items.
    • Ticket required → Redmine → Palaute-projekti
    • Reporting to Bugzilla may often result in quick fixes.
    • Nothing new to report on March 16th, 2021
  • Voyager fines: there are some fines remaining from Voyager time where fines were still in accruing situation in Voyager. There was incorrect information if the item was returned or not.
    • SQL-query that will list these fines is: 
    • SELECT * FROM accountlines WHERE debit_type_code="overdue" and itemnumber is null and amountoutstanding > 0 
    • Are there results to report in the first place? If there are such, libraries should check how these look like and then fix fines in table.
    • Fees should be fixed after updating to 20.XX version.
    • Myös Kohan aikaisia maksuja tilassa kertyvä maksu, vaikka palautettu.
    • KK has not have time to look at this yet.
    • Mia has sent details about their case to koha-posti.
    • Nothing new to report on March 16th

3. Development tasks

  • Development tasks are listed on KIWI -page Update schedule and progress tracking. All development tasks are numbered on list so that it is easier to refer to each task.
    • Issues that will need status review or discussion:

3.1. Priority 1 tasks

  • #T24 & #T25
    • This is big refactoring, will take Q1+Q2.
    • if items cannot be transferred, hold button should be hidden
    • If no items (only biblio), hold button should be hidden
    • On the other hand, patron should be able to make hold and pick it up in that library. (Must be tested if works now)
    • Joonas is working with the root issue. Lots of necessary checks missing (Patron's fines, branch, etc.) Must make this follow circulation rules.
    • Same applies to holds-to-pull list, it does not follow circ rules. And transfers, different logic in different places, have similar issues.
    • March 16th, 2021: No update at this time.

  • #F16 - Christian will ask from Finna-posti
    • Must add all possible combinations. 
    • Johanna will look what is different in Metropolia: in Metropolia, they have done new translations, which have to cover all branches. For example:
      • location_Metropolia Arabia, Laina-aika 14 vrk = "Metropolia Arabia, Kahden viikon laina"
      • location_Metropolia Arabia, Laina-aika 28 vrk = "Metropolia Arabia, Neljän viikon laina"
      • location_Metropolia Arabia, Nuotit - Laina-aika 14 vrk = "Metropolia Arabia: Nuotit, Kahden viikon laina"

      • location_Metropolia Arabia, Nuotit - Laina-aika 28 vrk = "Metropolia Arabia: Nuotit, Neljän viikon laina"

      • location_Metropolia Karamalmi, Laina-aika 14 vrk = "Metropolia Karamalmi, Kahden viikon laina"

      • location_Metropolia Karamalmi, Laina-aika 28 vrk = "Metropolia Karamalmi, Neljän viikon laina"

    • Needs development. / Arto Kärkkäinen. Is there a Finna ticket. EPK will enquire. 
    • Ready on CV version. Will come with next update. 
  • CCode and shelfing location
    • Abandoning these in rules definitions should be explored. 
    • For some libraries, simple adding of an item type will suffice, others might need more work. 
    • Needs a plan in Excel of what the library has and how it could be done without code and shelf locations.
    • This will be addressed in the autumn due to scheduling issues. Libraries may of course do planing meanwhile. 

3.2. Development and maintenance

  • Kehitystoiveet
  • It is important to document Priority 3 issues in Bugzilla. As we do not intend to look at these, we need to notify the community in case someone else were willing to take it up. 
  • The relevant libraries need to contribute, reports cannot be written by there. → Superlibrarians
  • Priority 2 issues lack Redmine reports. Mia and Minna have promised to contribute. Also, moving old reports to the new structure. 
  • Svenska Kohanätverket had a good presentation on this, will be disseminated,
  • RFIF issues. Esa-Pekka asks Ari to talk with the vendors. Firefox has plugins, worth checking. 

 Kehitys ja ylläpito 2021


  • Kansalliskirjaston päivitys DONE
  • Tilastot: KITT, yhteenliittymän kustannustenjako, Sanasto, julkaisutilasto; Muut tehty, julkaisutilasto odottaa
  • Alustapalvelun kehittäminen CSC:n kanssa, suunnittelun aloittaminen: aloitettu. Palvelinratkaisun suhteen haasteista tehdään listaa.
  • Ylläpitotehtäviä


  • Prioriteetti 1 -kehitystehtävät: dependenssien tarkistukset ja korjaukset
  • Alustapalvelun kehittäminen CSC:n kanssa, suunnittelu
  • Formaattien automaattinen päivitys / myöhässä
  • Tilastointihackathon? 17.2.2021
  • Ylläpitotehtäviä


4 Action logs

How long to keep action logs and deleted data in database  

  • Old issues needs discussion.

    Mitä tehdään vanhojen lainojen kanssa tilanteessa, että on maksamaton maksu ja esim. 3v vanha palautettu laina, joka liittyy siihen. Lainatietoa ei haluttane poistaa ennen kuin maksu on käsitelty. Bugiraportin voisi laittaa yhteisöön jos halutaan, että palautettuja lainoja, joihin liittyy maksamaton maksu, ei poisteta. Siivousajoa ei ole laitettu kirjastoille ennen kun saadaan selvyys asiaan.

    • Discussion March 16th: 
      • Barcode alone is not enough information. It tells about the item that cause the payment, but nothing about the transaction, i.e. no info of checkout date, due date...
      • Some libraries no so keen on fines if the item is returned. Others have kept them longer than 3 years. 
      • Might suggest a new filed, or adding the data to "notes"
      • https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=27080

      • "If due payments, retain all data". Joonas will make a ticket in Community. 

Patron pseudonymization

5 Statistics

Statistics - need change to statistics table?

6 Reporting & Documentation

Redmine Reporting

  • New project: Kehitysehdotukset
  • Sisältää yhteisö- ja Koha-Suomi-Kohan kehittämisehdotukset, joita työstetään Suomessa.
  • Status (Tila): "Kehitys yhteisössä", if there is a ticket in the Bugzilla, if not, select any other status

  • Category (Sektori): Yleinen / Tieteellinen

  • Prioriteetti:
    korkea (high) = 1 Erittäin tärkeä (Pyritään toteuttamaan itse mahdollisimman pian)
    normaali (normal) = 2 Tärkeä (Edesautetaan voimakkaasti toteuttamista yhteisöversiossa, toteutetaan tarvittaessa itse)
    matala (low) = 3 Neutraali (Edesautetaan toteuttamista yhteisöversiossa, mutta ei toteuteta itse tässä vaiheessa)

Bugzilla Reporting

  • Bugzilla reporting is important, everyone is encouraged to do those tickets.
  • Add a link to our own documentation in Kiwi or Redmine.
    • Project: Kehitysehdotukset
    • Category: tieteelliset
    • Status (Tila): "Kehitys yhteisössä"
  • Does not apply to
    • Finna issues.
    • plugins. For example, printer plugin, made by Bywater, they might have a Github project.
  • Let's start with a clean list regarding CV. Joonas will do it.
  • Let's use English primarily.
  • Who can do Bugzilla reports? System librarians.
  • Minna Kivinen & Mia Kujala will move the issues.
  • Instructions: to Kiwi; Esa-Pekka.

7 Mass edits and scripts

  • Access to MARC is the paramount need. 
  • Do we need a feature in Koha that library could do these; or everything through APIs
  • For example doctoral dissertations in Jyväskylä. SQL and Finna API has been used.
  • Removed ebooks a challenge. 
  • Mass import in web opac should now work. Also SRU available. 
  • Katmandoo has been used. 
  • Options of OAI? 
  • SQL access on server is possible. Should run so that it does not lock any tables ("skip lock tables")
  • In Intranet, the queries should now happen in the background and not cause a timeout. 
  • Record changes handy with SQL. 
  • Some scripts need Koha office's help. Mostly potentially needed in JYU. 
  • Other libraries do not seem to need access beyond SQL. 

8 Next meeting 

  • Tuesday afternoon, every 3rd Tue of the month
  • → 20.4.2021 klo 13-14.30.
  • Ari and Anneli from Koha-Suomi will be invited, too.
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