Update schedule

The update schedule is still a draft.

The pilot libraries are expected to test for 15-19 weeks (excluding the summer holidays). For other libraries we have preliminarily allocated 5 weeks for version upgrade: 3 weeks conversion and testing, 1 week for testing Finna view and moving to production, 1 week for transferring the test server resources to the next library. More accurate schedule estimate as a table

LibraryMigration and testing beginsDeployment week (library is closed for 2h-1day)LibraryNotes
Library 1, pilotWeek 15 (6.4.) 38 (14.9.-18.9.)HAMKTesting at HAMK library has begun on 18.5.2020
Library 2, pilotWeek 15 (6.4.)39 (21.9.-25.9.)Kansallisarkisto

Library 3, pilot

Week 15 (6.4.)40 (28.9.-2.10.)XAMK
Library 4, pilotWeek 15 (6.4.)41 (5.10.-9.10.)DIAK
Library 5, pilotWeek 15  (6.4.)42 (12.10.-16.10.)Tritonia
Library 6Week 40 (28.9.)43 (19.10.-23.10.)3AMK-libraries
Library 7Week 41 (5.10.)44 (26.10.-30.10.)Arcada
Library 8Week 42 (12.10.)45 (2.11.-6.11.)

Library 9Week 43 (19.10.)46 (9.11.-13.11.)MPKK
Library 10Week 44 (26.10.)47 (16.11.-20.11)Humak
Library 11Week 45 (2.11.)48 (23.11.-27.11.)Tilastokirjasto
Library 12Week 46 (9.11.)49 (30.11.-4.12.)Hanken
Library 13Week 47 (16.11.)50 (7.12.-11.12.)VarastokirjastoVarastokirjasto wishes to upgrade in November.
Library 14Week 48 (23.11.)51 (14.12.-18.12)Centria
Library 15Week 49 (30.11.)52-1 (21.12.-Jyväskylän yliopisto

Functionalities potentially requiring development in the Community version

FunctionalityLibraries that use itStatusNotesPriority
Tools => Label printer (labels to be put in backs of books) (/cgi-bin/koha/labels/oplib-label-create.pl)



Use is being researched

Just occassionally

Info on use in libraries urgent, related to a database structure change.Aim at a plugin solution

Expired holds tab (list of items someone has made a hold request on but does not check it out before the hold expires; handy for easy clearing of these items off the holds shelf).


3AMK-libraries problems with reliability of the list)


Not startedInfo on use in libraries urgent, related to a database structure change.

We'll not work on it now, first test the Community Version functionalities.

Requiring complex password based on patron category code (usually, higher requirements for staff members)

(/cgi-bin/koha/admin/categories.pl => Muokkaa => Tyypin salasanakäytäntö)

Xamk: generally simplenumeric > self-service library PIN is 4 numbers ; and staff > alphanumeric),

National Library

Not started

Info on use in libraries urgent, related to a database structure change.

In Community Version, requirements may only be made globally. 

Not urgent – libraries will direct staff and other users.

Time that holds will wait for being checked out set different according to the patron group, library, or item type. (In Community Version only on sys pref level)

Not started

Is there need to be able to define different time according to the patron group, library, or item type?

Holds not checked out in time: defining different fees according to the patron group, library, or item type (In Community Version on sys prefe level only?) (Making holds may be free but you need to pay a "fine" if you don't come and claim the hold before it expires.)

National Library


Koskenee myös asiakasryhmäkohtaiset asetukset?

Component part bibliographic records (e.g. a song on a CD)

Also bound volume contains multiple items (several independent works bound together)

3AMK-libraries, National Library

Tritonia (bound volumes, not a priority)

Varastokirjasto (also bound volumes, not a priority). Music is important, and how they show in Finna. 

Jyväskylän yliopisto (bound volumes, music as it comes from Melinda)

Libraries will look at the Community Version and its suitability

How to test component part functionalities - instructions: Osakohdetoiminnallisuuksien testaaminen KV-versiossa

  • Is the Community Version solution, i.e. the structure of MARC field 773, suitable for the library's needs?
  • Will links in the current version work properly in the Community Version? In other words, will the records require conversion?
  • Are their tools for handling component parts missing in the staff interface? Is there a list of component parts in the host record (aka parent record) view?

Enable making holds even though there are items (e.g. short term loan items) available in the library

Tritonia (Critical), Kansalliskirjasto ©itival)Bug detected in Community Versionhttps://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=24683
Shelf hold list (list of holds patrons are made on items in stacks, helps in picking up these items)HAMK

There is a shelf hold list in National Version.

In the Community Version, the list lacks critical pieces of data (like edition, etc.)

Anonymized hold identifiers (when patron can go and pick up themselves their books on hold from a dedicated shelf, they find them by an identifier in the slip between the book. Name is not used for privacy reasons.)



Migration pipeline

Creating DB schema transformation definitionsDone
Creating script to run before the Koah DB upgrade script, based on the definitions aboveDone mostly, except for those waiting library feedback. Succesful test conversion done with HAMK
Script to do post-db-upgrade transformations in DBNot started (might not be required)

Notices from testing migration

Reported by
May 26thall tables show different timestamp (-3 hours) on migration database than on current database (f.ex. action_logs.action_id 1586094 has timestamp 2020-05-12 03:00:17 on current database and 2020-05-12 00:00:17 on migrated database
Minna Kivinen

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