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The cataloguing process of electronic publications is under revision between 2017 and 20182020. New practices will allow commercial publishing houses to submit their cataloguing data of electronic materials simultaneously with the deposited publications. This means that the records of printed and electronic publications are available in the database simultaneously. Furthermore, as the received data is of higher quality than the current prepublication data, the publications will be ready for use immediately. 

Repository formation

The first bibliography of books published in Finland was Förteckning öfver i tryck utgifna skrifter på finska = Luettelo suomeksi präntätyistä kirjoista compiled by  F. W. Pipping in Helsinki between 1856 and 1857. The Finnish Literature Society published an alphabetical and systematic catalogue Suomalainen kirjallisuus of new Finnish publications annually since 1878. From 1944 to 1994 the same catalogue was being published by the Helsinki University Library. The first bibliography of Swedish literature in Finland Katalog öfver den svenska litteraturen i Finland covers years 1886 to 1938. From 1939 onwards the national bibliography has included literature in all languages.


The prefaces and forewords of the catalogues of Finnish literature have been digitized and published by the National Library whenever the cataloguing practices have changed. These are available in Doria at (the collection will be completed in 2018).


Table of changed practices and coverage



cataloguing of monographs in Finnish



cataloguing of maps (since 1974 only the majority is catalogued)



cataloguing of periodicals and serials (since 2014 no issue-level cataloguing)



cataloguing of expatriate materials



cataloguing of municipal reports and annual reports of agricultural societies



cataloguing of publications in all languages excluding Swedish


cataloguing of publications in Swedish



transliteration of Cyrillic letters



birth and death dates of Finnish authors, also added retrospectively


introduction of ISBN identifiers


introduction of ISSN identifiers for periodicals, also added retrospectively


cataloguing is computerised


audiovisual materials: cataloguing of records, C-cassettes, slides, transparencies and microfiches begins



cataloguing of thematic harvests in the web archive


cataloguing of electronic materials


cataloguing of computer games


Cataloguing according to the RDA standard: all creators of a collaborative work are entered with the first becoming the authorized access point (previously in collaborative works of three or more creators the authorized access point was the title and only three first creators were entered), content, media and carrier types are entered, publishing, print and copyright years are entered, functions between the expression and agent are entered more extensively than before. Cataloguing complies with the metadata thesauri.


See also: Rantamala, Ilmari, 18166-1918
See also: Untola, Algot, 1866-1918
See also: Vatanen, J. I.,1866-1918


Transliteration ofpersonal and corporate names


Non-fiction literature has been indexed using the General Finnish Thesaurus YSA since 1987. In 2019 YSA was replaced by the General Finnish Ontology YSO. UDK classification has been issued since 1972 and Finnish Public Libraries Classification PLC since 1988. Older material has been indexed retrospectively in various projects. Currently up to 25 per cent of literature published before 1900 include a UDK classification. The total number on non-fiction literature amounts to 620.000 titles, 51 per cent of which includes indexing terms.


Digitised materials are issued with UDK classification and/or indexing whenever necessary.