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Approximately 4433 dissertations were published at the The Royal Academy of Turku during the years 1642-1828.

Dedications, congratulations and other writings have been incorporated into the digital editions from various copies of the dissertations. Jorma Vallinkoski's catalogue Turun Akatemian väitöskirjat 1642-1828 (Helsinki 1962-1966) was employed in composing the collection. The collection encompasses only the dissertations of which there are original copies in the National Library's collections, and does not contain dissertations of which there are only reproductions in the collection. The dissertations of Pehr Kalm (1716-1779) are also included.

The cataloguing and digitalisation of the dissertations has been funded by the Ilkka and Ulla Paatero Fund.

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KeywordsKuninkaallinen Turun akatemiaThe Royal Academy of Turku, 17th century, 18th century
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