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Welcome to the Data Catalog of the National Library of Finland! Here you find data and resources published

This is a catalog of machine-readable data sets, APIs, and related tools provided by The National Library of Finland.Datasets include full text files on digitized documents, metadata from library databases and vocabularies. Application programming interfaces, APIs, provide access to the data. APIs are specifications for how software can make requests and communicate with each other.

License: You can use this data freely for your research and applications.

Contact information: License: Please check license information of individual data sets. When possible, the Library gives data a CC0 licence.

Contact information: Please check the contact information of individual data sets. For general questions about the data catalog, e-mail usyou. may contact the Library by email: natlibfi-data@helsinki.fiFor inquiries for specific data sets and APIs check the contact information listed on their respective pages.

Data sets


Our fulltext Fulltext data sets contain both the complete text actual contents (often digitised digitized and OCRd), as well as metadata about the documents.

List of Fulltexts →


Our metadata Metadata repositories contain records that describe documents, but the actual documents are stored elsewhere. For electronic or scanned documents, we provide a link to the document contentbibliographic metadata records. When the documents described are available online, the metadata provides a link to them

List of Metadatas →


Controlled vocabularies such as thesauri, ontologies and authority files are referenced from bibliographic metadata descriptions. We provide access to controlled vocabularies mainly through the Finto service. 

List of Vocabularies →


OAI-PMH is a protocol for harvesting metadata descriptions of records in a repository. 

We provide OAI-PMH access to several document and metadata repositories.

List of OAI-PMH APIs →


REST is n API implementation style that provides web services using the HTTP protocol. 

Our REST services provide access to system-specific functionalities for which no standardized protocol exists.

List of REST APIs →


OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results.

Our OpenSearch endpoints can be used to search for entities and retrieve the results as an XML document.

List of OpenSearch APIs →


OpenURL is a format for encoding a description of a resource within a URL, intended to help Internet users to find a copy of the resource that they are allowed to access.

Our OpenURL services provide access to individual pages of scanned documents.

List of OpenURL APIs →

Linked Data

Linked Data is is a method of publishing structured data so that it can be interlinked and accessed by both humans and machines.

Our Linked Data services provide access to bibliographic data as well as controlled vocabularies.

List of Linked Data APIs →

Z39.50 and SRU

Z39.50 is a client-server communications protocol for searching and retrieving information from a database. SRU is a successor protocol that is based on HTTP but provides the same facilities for searching.

Our library systems support access via Z39.50 and SRU protocols for retrieving individual MARC records or relatively small batches of records.

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Digi download tool

Digi download tool enables downloading material from Digi via its search URL to own machine. Inspection tool can be used to view, comment and delete downloaded material.

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