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The EAN barcode in the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) can be created on the basis of the ISSN. The GTIN begins with the prefix 977, which is followed by the 9 digits of the ISSN without hyphens or the check digit calculated by the GTIN code system. The check digit may be calculated with the online calculator (see link below). To use the calculator, enter the prefix 977, the ISSN without hyphens or the check digit (or the letter X) and two zeroes in the GITN-13 section. Drop the first zero from the code provided by the calculator to receive the 13-digit GTIN code.

GTIN check digit calculator

The ISSN must always be legible on the publication. Information on printing the ISSN-based barcode onto the publication can be requested from printing houses. The Finnish ISBN Agency distributes only ISBNs; each publisher is responsible for obtaining an EAN code.