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Search for records using the search term "sibelius":

Search CDs using the search term "sibelius":[]=format:"1/Sound/CD/"

Search online images using the search term "sibelius"[]=online_boolean:"1"&filter[]=format:"0/Image/"&field[]=title&field[]=images
Search online images using the search term "sibelius", faceted by organization[]=online_boolean:"1"&filter[]=format:"0/Image/"&facet[]=building&field[]=title&field[]=images

Search for records from years 1870-1890[]=search_daterange_mv:"[1870%20TO%201890]"

Formats of all records[]=format

Set limit to 0 if you don't need records:[]=format&limit=0

All online images[]=online_boolean:"1"&filter[]=format:"0/Image/"

All records with the allowed use "Modifications allowed, also commercial use"[]=usage_rights_str_mv:usage_B

All organizations, names in swedish[]=building&lng=sv

Records with "sibelius" as author

Retrieve a single record by ID

Retrieve two records by ID[]=fennicafikka.123&id[]=fennicafikka.124

To return possible field values for a facet field you can perform a query without a search term and filters.[]=format&prettyPrint=1&limit=0

A query may be targeted to a specific (non-facet) index field by including the field in the search term.

Note: put facet fields in the filter-parameter. For example:

?lookfor=format:0/Book/ (not supported)

?lookfor=&filter[]=format:0/Book/ (use this instead)[]=id&field[]=publication_place_str_mv&field[]=placesOfPublication&field[]=publicationInfo&prettyPrint=1

NOT & AND filters

The search term may also include a more complex query, for example a target (non-facet) field or a logical operator. See also 'type' parameter of Search action.

Search using search terms "sibelius" and "festival" 



Similar records (mainly books) from different sources are combined (deduplicated) during the search and only the record with the highest priority is shown in the search results. Filter the results using building to restrict returned records to specific sources.

The record field of dedupIds of a deduplicated record contains the IDs of similar records, for eaxmple:

"resultCount": 42,
"records": [
{ "id": "fennicafikka.10030413405646",
"title": "PuhdistusUimaveden puhdistus",
"dedupIds": [
992192965405971" ] },

The IDs can be used to return a specific version of a record (see Record action).

Faceting results are affected by all similar records that have been combined in the search results to a single (deduplicated) result. For example, the values of all similar records are shown in the building facet. If needed, use facetFilter-parameter to restrict returned facet results.

More information on the deduplication algorithm


Here is an example record containing component parts:[]=fullRecord