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Information on the edited books and word lists
Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen
Project Manager
22 Sept 2015

- - - - - -

Before using the word lists, we would like to pay your attention to the fact that the word lists are generated from the following documents only. Therefore they aren't a concise depiction of each language, but merely samples on some works available in Fenno-Ugrica. Please, copy and paste the link to your browser to retrieve the items in question.

Karelian - KRL:

Word lists in Karelian.

Used works:

Moksha - MDF:

Word lists in Moksha

Used works:

Hill Mari - MRJ:

Word lists in Hill Mari

Used works:

Ingrian - IZH:

Word lists in Ingrian.

Used works:

Veps - VEP:

Word lists in Veps

Used works:

Nenets - YRK:

Word lists in Nenets

Used works:

Khanty - KCA:

Word lists in Khanty.

Used works:

Mansi - MNS:

Word lists in Mansi

Used works:

Udmurt - UDM:

Word lists in Udmurt

Used works:

Meadow Mari - MHR:

Word lists in Meadow Mari

Used works:

Skolt Sami - SMS:

Word lists in Skolt Sami

Used works:

Erzya - MYV:

Word lists in Erzya

Used works: