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Older page(s): 23.05 pilot library memo, 21.11 pilot library memo, 22.05 pilot library memo, 22.11 pilot library memo

CURRENT 23.11 RELEASE:  Release 23.11 (20th) changelogs - COMING UP (not yet).

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for most issues and their life cycle support talks and get back there with notes, which you think should be noted.

Table of contents:

Table of Contents

Something working differently as before?

  • Tools-Batch extend due dates: possibility to extend due dates for certain item types (Bugzilla 26978)
  • Cataloging-Batch record modification (Bugzilla 24480) : added field is now ordered within the already existing Marc fields in the bibrecord  

Something new added? 

  • Koha administration-Basic parameters-Libraries: opportunity to add UserJS and UserCSS for single library- maybe valuable to libraries which use Koha Opac?? didn't test it
  • Koha administration - Basic Parameters - Authorized Values- Vendor_Issue_Type: in acq module 
  • Koha administration - Patrons and circulation - Patron restriction types: opportunity to put fee limit and lift after payment ? values for restriction types
  • Koha administraton - Patrons and circulation - Circulation and fines rules:  new value "no automatic renewal before" 
  • Koha administration - Acquisition parameters - Currencies and exchange rates : Define currencies and exchange rates used for acquisitions
  • Koha reports → Run with template : "Sometimes it is useful to display the results of a report in a non-table format" using notice templates (see Bugzilla 34136, test notice type created in Koha-KK: Notices TEST-REPORT)
  • Koha tools-Notices and slips: New notice type types
    • Auto- renewals (notification of automatic renewal) . See Bugzilla 34924 and 
    • Membership-renewed (account renewal). See Bugzilla 28688
  • Koha-system preferences-TrackLastPatronActivityTriggers: new options Bugzilla 35221 and Bugzilla 15504

System preferences: (Check these preferences if they are "valuable" for your library)

  • NEW

    • Preservation: new module (see the idea of using it Bugzilla 30708 ) : PreservationModule, PreservationNotForLoanDefaultTrainIn, PreservationNotForLoanWaitingListIn

    • ShowlastPatronCount Bugzilla 21246
    • Acquisition-CalculateFundValuesIncludingTax Bugzilla 31631
    • Circulation-UpdateItemLocationOnCheckout Bugzilla 21159 


Pre-pilot (not on production) beta testing started. Let's build testing notes keeping in might that we need to repeat those steps a few times once new changes from the community/mcaster are absorbed.

This is the checklist used in previous rounds:

Function/process to test




Create a new bibliographic record, if you do those in your Koha 

  • frameworks are working as they should (can be changed, default values are copied to new holdings)

  • fields are shown as they used to be

  • MARC bibliographic framework test, cgi-bin/koha/admin/

  • item date picker should work when adding item)  (see Jira KOHA-278 - Jira project doesn't exist or you don't have permission to view it.)

  • field values can be highlighted with a mouse (Firefox / Chrome / Edge

  • 3AMK: OK /27.10.
  • 3AMK: OK/ 27.10.
  • 3AMK: Firefox / Text highlighting is not working with a mouse for input fields in bibliographic and holdings templates / 13.11.2023 (23.11.882 beta) Johanna


Making a new holdings (previous version had sometimes 500 error)

  • holdings templates (bibliographic frameworks) and fields are working as they should (previous version: couldn't change the tab in holdings framework)

  • cgi-bin/koha/admin/

  • 3AMK: OK, can change tabs /27.10.can't change holdings framework /reported 27.10
    →fixed: Fikka ok 9.11.
  • Fikka: also creating new holdings has problems, reported 2.11. →fixed: Fikka ok 9.11.


Adding and editing an item

  • editing via Action button: Duplicate a copy

  • add multiple copies using Add & duplicate, Add multiple copies of this item

  • change item's Not for loan -status eg. from Ordered to In Process etc. Check that status changes correctly in Finna too.

  • 3AMK: ok otherwise but not able to test visibility in Finna / 7.11.

different statuses tested in test-finna 17.11./IH ->OK


Component parts, e.g. music (parent and child records)

  • linking with parents and child record 

  • child and parents can be found with title

Fikka ok / 15.11.

  • 3AMK: Ok / 24.10.
  • 3AMK: Ok /24.10.


Merging records

  • find duplicate bib records, try to merge them into one (SQL report (26) on test server)
  • 3AMK & Koha-test: Not working, a) Causes Error 500.
    b) However, changes reference (destination) record, e.g. adds fiields one selects from the source record(s), but does not remove duplicate record. / 13.11.2023 (23.11.882 beta) Johanna

Circulation (borrowing)

Borrow items with different item types to different patron categories (regular, staff, students, ILL, special groups etc.)

  • correct due dates

  • print due date slips

  • Fikka ok / 2.11.

  • 3AMK: Ok/2.11.
  • 3AMK: Ok/2.11.

Circulation (borrowing, returning)

Renewing an item

  • one by one

  • all loans

  • Fikka ok (one by one & all loans) /2.11.
  • 3AMK: tested in koha-kk-finna: renewing ok/17.11.

Circulation (borrowing, returning)

Borrowing items with special status (e.g withdrawn, lost, in process, ordered etc.)

  • borrowing

  • renewing

  • returning (popup windows on staff Koha, behaviour with SIP machines)

  • Fikka ok (SIP machines not tested) / 2.11.
  • 3AMK: borrowing same way as previous versions , SIP machines not testedOK /3.11.

  • 3AMK: returning same way as previous versions, SIP machines not tested Ok/3.11.

Circulation (holds)

Placing a request and editing it

  • change pick-up place for title-level holds

  • delete title-level hold

  • make hold for title where some of items are “in order”-status

  • revert a hold and print a new slip

  • place multiple item-level and title-level holds for same patron (check that functions and blocks according to your processes)

  • canceling waiting hold in Finna (if possible)

  • 3AMK: placing & editing & deleting & reverting ok. Multiple holds logic for one patron ok. Item-level holds logic ok. / 6.11.
  • 3AMK: tested in koha-kk-finna:
  • change pick-up place: some patron types can, others don't (should check more settings) /17.11.
  • delete title-level hold: ok /17.11.

Circulation (holds)

Borrowing with SIP machines, before the request is processed

  • another patron should be able to borrow

  • does the request trap correctly when some item (from same bib) is returned

  • can item be renewed before trapping (if enough copies available on shelf)

Circulation (holds)

Holds in transfer

  • 3AMK: ok / 7.11.
  • Fikka ok 15.11.

Circulation (holds)

Holds available for pick up

  • try to borrow item for someone else

  • cancel request (from patron page and from holds page). See that no fees are calculated either way!

  • Fikka ok /2.11.
  • 3AMK ok /6.11.

Circulation (holds)

Special cases that might differ in libraries due to different service processes and settings, eg, in 3AMK, check this process:

  • all items are available, place a request

  • request is trapped in different branch from pickup location

  • cancel the request while in transit

  • record the behaviour when item arrives to original pickup location (popup messages, statuses in Koha and in Finna)

  • 3AMK: ok / 7.11.

Circulation (holds)

Check that new holds appear on Holds queue (Varausjono) & Holds to pull (Hyllyvaraukset) -reports

  • Transport cost matrix

  • Fikka: Holds queue ok/2.11.
  • 3AMK: Holds queue ok/2.11.

Circulation (holds)

See that the fee of hold that is not picked up appears correctly.

  • Fikka: not working, reported 6.11. → Works ok now/ 14.11.

Circulation (renewing)

Automatic renewing

(never done in Fikka / not tested)

  • 3AMK OK/1.11.

Circulation (renewing)

Renewing in Finna

Ok in test-finna/IH 17.11.

Customer information

Adding a patron

  • 3AMK: Ok /30.10.
  • 3AMK: Ok /30.10.
  • 3AMK: Ok/30.10.
  • Fikka: all OK/30.10.

Customer information

Making address change in Finna: request comes to Koha for approval and is changed when approved.

Check that correct fields are included in the form, and that everything works
! These have variations in different libraries (example on test-Finna)

  • 3AMK: ok (test in Koha-kk-Finna )/7.11
    Ok In test-koha 16.11./IH

Customer information

Making changes in Finna regarding (patron can do this without library approval)

  • SMS number (Koha's Primary phone) NB! Not used in 3AMK.

  • email address change in Finna: is changed successfully when patron clicks Save Patron information in Finna.

  • 3AMK: e-mail ok (test in Koha-kk-Finna)/7.11.
  • Ok in test-finna/IH17.11.

Customer information

Patron messaging preferences

  • check in Koha that there are no suprises with settings, for different patron groups

  • check that they work in Finna (if you have allowed patrons to modify them)

  • test latest messaging settings and slips: eg. Autorenewal, Hold reminder (if you are using those)

  • 3AMK: messaging preferences same with old and new,added patrons OK /3.11.
    Fikka ok (tested only in Koha) 15.11.

Changing preferences through test-finna OK /IH 17.11.

Customer information (login in Finna)

Test ability to login and operating in Finna as a patron, who

  • has more fines than Overdue fines cap (amount), like 15 euros etc.

  • has material onloan with Lost -statuses

  • is debarred

  • account is expired

  • wants to change his/her PIN code (password)

  • needs new PIN-code (has forgotten it)
  • lost card
  • gone no address

Ok in test-finna/IH 17.11.

Customer information

Accounting (Money-related) issues are extremely important

  • overdue charges accumulating correctly

  • fines and fees showing correctly

  • adding payment manually
  • buttons and functions: Pay amount, Pay selected, Write off all, Write off selected

    • if unwanted buttons re-appear, check your IntranetUserCSS

  • - Fikka:OK/2.11. -3AMK: Ok /3.11.
  • Fikka Ok/2.11.
  • 3AMK:Ok/30.10. - Fikka ok/30.10.
  • 3AMK: Ok with one test case/30.10. - Fikka ok/30.10.

Searching (patrons)

  • search patrons with special characters (ä, å, é etc.)

  • 3AMK: works as before. Mäkinen finds Mäkinen, but so does Makinen / 7.11.

Searching (bibliographic data and items)

  • search with item barcode

  • search with ISBN and ISSN, other standard numbers if you are using them

  • search with special characters (ä, å, é etc.)

  • 3AMK:Ok /24.10
  • 3AMK: Ok /24.10
  • 3AMK: Ok /24.10


Patron slips

  • issueslip (Patron -print slip -tulosta kuitti)

  • issueqslip (Patron-print quick slip -tulosta tänään lainatut)

Returning slips

  • transferslip (Returning item - transfer to other library)

  • holdslip (varauskuitti)

  • Fikka: ok/2.11. -3AMK: ok/9.11.
  • Fikka:ok/2.11. -3AMK: ok/9.11.
  • Fikka:not tested(no need for that)  -3AMK: ok/9.11.
  • Fikka: ok/2.11. -3AMK: was ok prior 9.11.


Make sure necessary plugins are installed/updated and enabled, e.g. Finna plugin, Tuudo plugin, Label Maker plugin

  • test processes related to plugins, e.g. for spine labels 3-letters printing 

  • /cgi-bin/koha/plugins/

  • 3AMK: label maker plugin ok/9.11.


Batch item modification

  • change items full call number, or something similar

  • remove batch of biblios

  • is job queued and operated as it should, logs afterwards, any error messages

  • 3AMK: tested call number change Ok/30.10.

  • Fikka: tested batch item modification: loc, notice and price → works OK


Testing your often used reports (daily, weekly, montly reports)

  • document changes

  • report error messages

  • be prepared to edit your reports if database structure has changed (big grin)

  • 3AMK: looks to be ok. / 7.11.


Prefence: IntranetUserCSS

  • see that all CSS-changes you made are still working (e.g. suppressed/hidden fields in intranet) 

  • 3AMK: ok / 7.11.


(different things tested)

Has been tested in test-fikka at an early stage of piloting/IH