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The current actual build is v23.05.848 (since 22.11.805), installed on the reproduction and test server.

Build 849:


  1. Improved accessibility: Navigation buttons are now better described for screen readers (Bug 27496)
  2. Allowed other patron identifier on password validation. (Bug 32739)
  3. Updated 'catalog' to 'bibliographic' in preferences. (Bug 33286)
  4. Updated email transport method for sending emails. (Bug 33964)
  5. Addressed changing pickup location for holds. (Bug 34024)
  6. Improved phrasing and contextualization for display statuses. (Bug 34079, 34081)
  7. Adjusted logic for shipment cost display. (Bug 34095)
  8. Preserved checked orders after item editing. (Bug 34108)
  9. Checked mandatory item fields during receipt. (Bug 34109)
  10. Set default sort on first column (ID) desc (Bug 34133)
  11. Hide 'Next available' at OPAC when item-level hold is forced (Bug 34155)
  12. Made ERM-related changes, replaced new with search in Licenses, and avoided relying on $c->validation - ERM (Bug 34339)
  13. Changed "Tendered" to the correct input id "Collected" (Bug 34340)
  14. Reverted changes of Bug 34072: Holds queue search interface hidden on small screens (Bug 34341)
  15. Made sort order always default to correct column (Bug 34356)
  16. Changed terminology from "Biblio" to "bibliographic". (Bug 34434)
  17. Started using select2 to load vendors on basket creation. (Bug 34509)
  18. Ensured Patron Search filter fields always contain at least an empty array. (Bug 34592)
  19. Updated the Real Time Holds Queue logic. (Bug 34656)


  1. Fixed 'shelved out of order' error in inventory CSV export (Bug 22135)
  2. Fixed claims returned dates so they are now formatted according to dateformat preference (Bug 25023)
  3. Corrected GetSoonestRenewDate to now accurately return the soonest renew date (Bug 30362)
  4. Fixed overdue fines cap (amount) to be set to 0.00 when editing rule (Bug 32271)
  5. Resolved 'If any unavailable' to not consider negative notforlan values as unavailable (Bug 30846)
  6. Fixed various monetary and price issues. (Bug 33028)
  7. Fixed cloning (sub)fields with framework plugins. (Bug 33744)
  8. Fixed the typo 'Thankyou' in sample notices. (Bug 33759)
  9. Cleared self-check JWT during auth kick out. (Bug 33881)
  10. Fixed issue where adding authority from automatic linker closes imported record. (Bug 33978)
  11. Only considered the date when auto-expiring problematic recalls. (Bug 33992)
  12. Prevented HTML injection in the "back to results" link from the search page. (Bug 34023)
  13. Reloaded 'already received' table when the edit modal closed. (Bug 34036)
  14. Fixed issues related to the authorized-values API client and branch issues. (Bug 34056, 34059)
  15. Addressed datatable translation issues on the list of saved reports. (Bug 34066)
  16. Handled both anonymous userenv when generating CSRF tokens (Bug 34163)
  17. Defaulted to biblioitems.itemtype only if it's a valid itemtype (Bug 34266)
  18. Fixed occurrences of 'Circulation and fine rules' vs 'Circulation and fines rules' (Bug 34345)
  19. Fixed 'progess' typo (Bug 34354)
  20. Fixed progress bar update (Bug 34364)
  21. Fixed label of new library group button (Bug 34379)
  22. Corrected page heading of transport cost matrix page (Bug 34385)
  23. Fixed inconsistencies in Cities and towns page titles, breadcrumbs, and header (Bug 34386)
  24. Improved API docs naming consistency, fixed display of 'Import batches', and made minor spelling and quoting fixes (Bug 34387)
  25. Fixed sorting holds on patron account to include articles. (Bug 34402)
  26. Fixed the 'Renew all' button in OPAC. (Bug 34518)
  27. Fixed label mismatch in MARC21 006 and 008 cataloging plugins. (Bug 34565)
  28. Corrected colors for advanced cataloging editor status bar. (Bug 34567)
  29. Fixed edit/delete links in various places. (Bug 34601)
  30. Fixed the showing of default server info on edit SMTP server page and other related UI fixes. (Bug 34616)
  31. Fixed search engine configuration tables header problem. (Bug 34625)
  32. Fixed Novelist display when NovelistSelectView is set to below. (Bug 34641)
  33. Fixed a typographical error related to "group". (Bug 34787)


  1. Added patron information in pass validation response and rethrown exception correctly in Add_credit (Bug 34313)
  2. Added


  1. CSRF token to Content Management pages (Bug 34368)
  2. Added middle_name to patron autocomplete. (Bug 34719)


  1. Removed side effect from get_password_expiry_date and fixed terminology. (Bug 34435)
  2. Removed checkbox column from relatives fines on OPAC. (Bug 34768)

Build 848:


  1. Capitalized "Currencies & Exchange rates" (Bug 34103)
  2. Changed "Relative issues" terminology to "Relative's checkouts" (Bug 34015)
  3. Changed the phrasing of "automatic checkin" to fit consistent terminology (Bug 34071)
  4. Made template corrections to recall pages (Bug 34010)
  5. Upgraded the Multiple Select plugin in the staff interface (Bug 33868)
  6. Made that specified date is retained when confirming item parts at checkin (Bug 33806)
  7. Improved consistency of the vendor display view and added colons after the labels on the edit form (Bug 33798)
  8. Improved the appearance of some OPAC tables in mobile mode by making them responsive, altering button styles, and fixing label displays (Bug 32341)
  9. Corrected wrong URL name in EBSCOPackagesList (Bug 33941)