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and build v23.05.853 on preproduction and test servers.


Build 853:


  1. Improved accessibility: Navigation buttons are now better described for screen readers (Bug 27496)
  2. Allowed other patron identifier on password validation. (Bug 32739)
  3. Updated 'catalog' to 'bibliographic' in preferences. (Bug 33286)
  4. Updated email transport method for sending emails. (Bug 33964)
  5. Addressed changing pickup location for holds. (Bug 34024)
  6. Improved phrasing and contextualization for display statuses. (Bug 34079, 34081)
  7. Adjusted logic for shipment cost display. (Bug 34095)
  8. Preserved checked orders after item editing. (Bug 34108)
  9. Checked mandatory item fields during receipt. (Bug 34109)
  10. Set default sort on first column (ID) desc (Bug 34133)
  11. Hide 'Next available' at OPAC when item-level hold is forced (Bug 34155)
  12. Made ERM-related changes, replaced new with search in Licenses, and avoided relying on $c->validation - ERM (Bug 34339)
  13. Changed "Tendered" to the correct input id "Collected" (Bug 34340)
  14. Reverted changes of Bug 34072: Holds queue search interface hidden on small screens (Bug 34341)
  15. Made sort order always default to correct column (Bug 34356)
  16. Changed terminology from "Biblio" to "bibliographic". (Bug 34434)
  17. Started using select2 to load vendors on basket creation. (Bug 34509)
  18. Ensured Patron Search filter fields always contain at least an empty array. (Bug 34592)
  19. Updated the Real Time Holds Queue logic. (Bug 34656)
  20. Updated sort options in ES config to Yes/No (Bug 34740)
  21. Ensured payments with no status aren't excluded (Bug 34552)