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Torstaina 19.1.2023

Etäkokous Zoomilla klo 13-14

Linkki lähetetty pääkäyttäjäpostituslistalle.

Edellinen kokous: 2022-12-22 Pääkäyttäjäverkoston kokous


Kehittäjätuokio / Developers' hour

  • 22.11 version
    • Release 22.11 User Interface changes discussion and improvements. Add critical comments about the new outlook here. We'll get back to this list in January and Andrii will out views later with the community.
      • Discussed already in the specialist meeting. Accessibility, and usability issued noticed. 
      • Feedback will be submitted to the community, too.
      • You may add to the list.
    • Major issues
      • (1) The holds queue list was broken, but now fixed. Or are there still problems with this? Discussion in Slack
        • No further problems were reported. Case closed.
      • (2) A hold in one branch blocks renewing of loans issued in other branches
        • Somewhat related to (1). Under research.
      • (3) Holds for items on shelf blocks checking out those items, although there are enough copies available.
          • Perhaps a rule thing - circulation rules; behaviour perhaps affected by upgrades.
          • Requested a detailed description of steps how to reproduce this. 
          • HAMK confirms the problem. 
          • "Non priority holds also acting weirdly, email 17.11.2022"
          • In MPKK, staff can check out, customer not (automate)
          • "Vaikuttaisko tuohon AllowItemsOnHoldCheckoutSIP-järjestelmäasetus?"
      • (4) Bouncing hold waiting messages go to a different mailbox(es) than earlier. There is a new logic how the email address is chosen by Koha in 22.11. Andrii changed this back to how it was working in previous version. He'll come later with a recommendation how the email settings should be set in future. More in Slack 
        • A case was detected where address in KohaAdminEmailAddress was used instead of any other. 
      • (5) Modified or newly added holdings records are missing 852 field in Finna. This leads to problems when pre-filtering content in Finna according to hld 852. More in Slack
        • Addressed in specialist meeting. Needs further research.
    • Clicking a specific item barcode on catalogue/ page opens catalogue/ page with different logic in version 22.11. It doesn't open to the specific item info as it used to but to the beginning of the item list. 
      • When editing an item, saving the changes moves you to the top of the page. 
    • New translations coming?
      • Discussed in specialists' meeting, too.
      • New build has new translations added. 
    • Please note, pinned message holds updates about the issues,
    • Other business from Andrii
      • Preparing new build with small fixes. Bullet (3); allowing authorized patron attributes have whitespace trimmed; 

Muut asiat / Other business

  • Tilastopoiminta 2022
    • Tänä vuonna vanhaan malliin, Ario pyörittää skriptin ja vie vanhaan Kittiin.
    • Kittin excel-pyöräytys tuskin käytössä enää 2024.
    • Mietitään ensi vuotta, mahd. pienryhmä. 
    • Kyselyissä hankaluutta tuottaa kausijulkaisujen ym. aineistotyyppien erottelu. Määrittelyt hyviin monipolvisia. Mahdollista rakentaa, tarvitaan yhteinen malli.
    • Hyvä olla vaikka yhtenäiset SQL:t Aktiiviset asiakkaat, lainat, uusinnat; kartunta aineistotyypeittäin. 
    • VARK havaitsi jotakin outoa siinä, miten KITT on laskenut lukuja yhteen asiakasmääristä. Jos tämän kanssa voi elää, ajot voi tehdä hetikohta.

Seuraava kokous / Next meeting

  • How often should we meet in 2023. Every 3 weeks or every 2 weeks. We wanted to have Esa-Pekka present to decide this.
    • We continue with every 2 weeks. Let's coordinate the agendas of this meeting and the specialists' meeting. 
  • Next meeting 2.2.