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  1. Added the biblio.subtitle to the serial subscription details page. (Bug 30205)
  2. Added a check for both mandatory and important fields when validating bibliographic records during cataloguing. (Bug 30159)
  3. Added a new option to the SIP config, `inhouse_patron_categories`. Adding a comma-separated list of patron category codes to this option will cause the SIP checkout to never send the 'demagnetize' command to the checkout preventing said users from removing the items from the library. (Bug 26370)
  4. Added a new option for staff users to manage the contents of public lists from the staff client and OPAC. This patchset also allows superlibrarian users, or those with the 'edit_public_lists' sub-permission, to edit the configuration of existing public lists. (Bug 26346)
  5. Added ID's to the action buttons on the OverDrive results page in order to make them easier to individually style. (Bug 29845)
  6. Added the system preference PatronSelfModificationMandatoryField in order to separate borrower registration from borrower modification. Initial value is a copy of system preference PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerMandatoryField. (Bug 13188)
  7. Added an initial optional implementation of two-factor authentication (2FA) to improve security when logging into the staff interface. This implementation uses time-based, one-time passwords (TOTP) as the second factor, letting librarians use an application to handle it and provide them the code they need when logging in. It is enabled using the new system preference "TwoFactorAuthentication". Librarians can then enable 2FA for their account from More > Manage Two-Factor authentication. To setup: 1) Scan the QR code with an authenticator app. 2) Enter the one time code generated. For future logins, librarians are prompted to enter the authenticator code after entering their normal login credentials. Any authenticator app, such as Google Authenticator, andOTP, and many others can be used. Applications that enable backup of their 2FA accounts (either cloud-based or automatic) are recommended. (Bug 28786)
  8. Added the ability to edit quick spine labels after they have been generated. (Bug 29824)
  9. Added the patron category as a new column to Circulation > Holds queue. (Bug 29760)Added sample quotes from women, women of colour, trans women, Black and Indigenous women, and people who weren't US Presidents! (Bug 29722)
  10. Added a new option to patron imports allowing imports to trigger sending the 'WELCOME' notice for new user accounts created via this mechanism. (Bug 29005)

  11. Added a "Print hold/transfer" button to so staff can reprint hold/transfer slips without re-checking an item. (Bug 29338)
  12. Added the option to take a photo of the patron via a webcam for patron photos. (Bug 6734)
  13. New enhancement that adds a button to the more menu of the patron details page allowing staff to manually trigger sending the WELCOME notice to the user. (Bug 9097)
  14. New enhancement that extends the 'AutoEmailOpacUser' feature to also send WELCOME notices to users who register via the opac self registration system. (Bug 30214)
  15. New enhancement that adds the option to resolve a return claim upon the next check-in of the item. (Bug 29519)
  16. New enhancement that made the cataloging reservoir search results a configurable DataTable. This adds column configuration, export, and sorting. The empty edition and date columns are removed, and an import data column is added. (Bug 29391)
  17. New enhancement that adds a handy method for checking if a patron meets the conditions to be deleted. (Bug 29741)
  18. New enhancement that gives notices access to a patron's messaging preferences. For example, a hold slip could contain a line if the patron has requested SMS notifications for waiting holds, or perhaps phone notifications. The format for this new method is as follows: [% patron.has_messaging_preference({ message_name => 'Item_Checkout', message_transport_type => 'email' }) %] (Bug 30076)
  19. New enhancement that makes the authority MARC preview modal available for the general authority search results. (Bug 29965)
  20. New enhancement improves the display of MARC field 260 in the detail page for the OPAC and staff interface by using the order of subfields in the record.  Previously, $a$b$a$b would display as aabb. (Bug 15594)
  21. New feature allows the import and export of authority types to match the capabilities of biblio frameworks. (Bug 13952)
  22. New enhancement that changes the patron page (detail and circulation) so that is uses the API to suspend and resume holds on the holds tab. (Bug 28377)
  23. New enhancement that adds the item call number to the ILS-DI GetAvailability output. This is useful for libraries that use discovery tools as patrons often don't check further for the call number, and then they don't have it when they look for the item. (Bug 28238)
  24. New enhancement, as part of improving the accessibility of the staff interface, makes the main topic/title of the page the `h1` rather than the logo. (Bug 27631)
  25. New enhancement enables customising the authority search results summary in the staff interface using XSLT (for MARC21 and UNIMARC). (Bug 11083)
  26. New enhancement moves the definition of translatable strings for serial subscriptions ( out of templates and into the corresponding JavaScript file, using the new JS i81n function. (Bug 26257)
  27. New enhancement adds a new system preference StaffHighlightWords. This enables highlighting of words in search results for the staff interface to be turned on or off. (Bug 20398)
  28. New feature introduces the ability for patrons to place a recall on an item from the OPAC detail. Patrons can see details of their requested recalls in the OPAC and can cancel the recall before it is returned. Librarians can view and administer the recalls in the Circulation interface of the staff interface which displays a list of recalls, overdue recalls, recalls awaiting pickup, recalls to pull, and old recalls.The amount of time the recalled item has to be returned and the amount of time it will wait for pickup can be set in circulation and fine rules in the unit of days. After an item is recalled it cannot be renewed. When the item is returned the recall can be confirmed or cancelled. Recalls are marked as overdue by the cronjob or expired by the cronjob. (Bug 19532)
  29. New enhancement adds the due date of an item to the item search results. The due date column will also show when exporting results to a CSV file. (Bug 17748)