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  • 31 May 1 volunteer to be the pilot (Hamk, and next week (7 June) for all the rest.
  • Upgrades done, minor glitches fixed. 
  • For indices, see below.

2. Issues

  • Acquisitions price are incorrect (HAMK, XAMK)
    • In acquisition one should be careful to fill up all price fields when receiving items. Koha does not anymore update automatically Unitprice -fields when receiving items.
    • Ticket required → Redmine → Palaute-projekti
    • Reporting to Bugzilla may often result in quick fixes.
    • Nothing new to report on May 18th, 2021
  • Voyager fines: there are some fines remaining from Voyager time where fines were still in accruing situation in Voyager. There was incorrect information if the item was returned or not.
    • SQL-query that will list these fines is: 
    • SELECT * FROM accountlines WHERE debit_type_code="overdue" and itemnumber is null and amountoutstanding > 0 
    • Are there results to report in the first place? If there are such, libraries should check how these look like and then fix fines in table.
    • Fees should be fixed after updating to 20.XX version.
    • Myös Kohan aikaisia maksuja tulee kyselyyn, jos nide on poistettu.
    • KK has not have time to look at this yet.
    • Mia has sent details about their case to koha-posti.
    • Nothing new to report on May 18th
  •  Indexes
    • FIXED 15.6.2021? -Some errors still linger, regarding hyphens and special characters. 
    • DONE 15.6.2021?May be a new indexing for everyone at some point. 
    • Libraries should notify about new needs. → Superlibrarians. 
    • Search of holdings still missing, must wait holdings support in the CV. 
    • Changes on their way on May 18th.
    • Situation May 18yh: Indexing wg is finalising the specifications, next meeting. Aim is, that Vaski libraries will go to production with the latest specs. 
      • ; read also "testaushuomioita". These are being tested in Täti. 
      • Limiting to Component part / Analytic records still under work.
      • Added a new request: 509, subfields a and c. (Other diploma works than doctoral dissertations; type of the work & institution where done)
      • Each Koha library can check their current situation regarding indexes. > admin/searchengine/elasticsearch/
      • Question about searching journal title (leader 7 has value i or s) - this has been added to specs. In advanced search, material types (Subtype Limits) from downs will have options serial (kausijulkaisu) and integrating resource (päivittyvä julkaisu).
      • Koha-Suomi also working with age restrictions, and they have added Intranet.
      • Discussed using abbreviations & Boolean in search.  We want to support both power users, and those who do searches less regularly.
      • In June update, only previously agreed additions & error fixes will be updated. Others may have to wait for later.


3.2. Development and maintenance


  • April 20thJune 15th: General picture: we have almost all items on priority level 1 and 2 done and very probably all will be dealt with before summer.
  • Kehitystoiveet
  • It is important to document Priority 3 issues in Bugzilla. As we do not intend to look at these, we need to notify the community in case someone else were willing to take it up. 
  • The relevant libraries need to contribute, reports cannot be written by there. → SuperlibrariansPriority 2 issues lack Redmine reports. Mia and Minna have promised to contribute. Also, moving old reports to the new structure. 
  • RFID issues. Esa-Pekka asks Ari to talk with the vendors. Firefox has plugins, worth checking. 

 Kehitys ja ylläpito 2021


  • Old issues needs discussion.

    Mitä tehdään vanhojen lainojen kanssa tilanteessa, että on maksamaton maksu ja esim. 3v vanha palautettu laina, joka liittyy siihen. Lainatietoa ei haluttane poistaa ennen kuin maksu on käsitelty. Bugiraportin voisi laittaa yhteisöön jos halutaan, että palautettuja lainoja, joihin liittyy maksamaton maksu, ei poisteta. Siivousajoa ei ole laitettu kirjastoille ennen kun saadaan selvyys asiaan.

    • Discussion March 16th: 
      • Barcode alone is not enough information. It tells about the item that cause the payment, but nothing about the transaction, i.e. no info of checkout date, due date...
      • Some libraries no so keen on fines if the item is returned. Others have kept them longer than 3 years. 
      • Might suggest a new filed, or adding the data to "notes"

      • "If due payments, retain all data".
      Discussion April 20th: 
      • Ticket done about retaining data. →
      • Little unclear what jobs are on. Needs to improve documentation
        • Let's discuss about using eduuni. Esa-Pekka will contact CSC.
        • Eduuni now has an area for each library accessible only by them and KK/CSC

Patron pseudonymization


  • Working Group:
    • Minna, Christian, Esa-Pekka, someone from KKEP will convene, Inkeri Hakulinen
    • 2021-06-04 Tilastopalaveri
    • In brief following additions are suggested:
    • Patron data
      • categorycode, customer group (asiakasryhmä)
      • borrower_attributes: STAT_CAT, statistics group
      • (question) branchcode, home library. Discussed the merits of this. Not actively used and updated in all libraries. 
    • Item data
      • homebrach, niteen kotipaikka
      • itemcallnumber, niteen hyllypaikka
    • Methdod of issuing
      • basically, the interface used: staff GUI, SIP, API 

6 Next meeting 

  • Tuesday afternoon, every 3rd Tue of the month
  • → 17.8.2021 klo 13-14.30.
  • Ari and Anneli from Koha-Suomi will be invited, too.