The best electronic resources for research and teaching – while supporting openness




FinELib is a consortium set up to acquire electronic resources for public organisations. The consortium comprises the member organisations and the FinELib office.


The consortium services include:

-       the acquisition of resources and online services as well as expert services

-       the development of the resources offered to meet consortium members’ needs

-       the advancement of open access to resources

-       the facilitation of the efficient use of resources

-       the measurement of the impact of acquisitions


The services are provided in a cost-effective manner, and are based on solid experience, research information, the recognition and exploitation of expertise, interaction, innovativeness and target-orientation.



Researchers, teachers, students as well as other information seekers in the member organisations have optimal access to high-quality scholarly publications and electronic services.

-          Open access to scientific and professional publications will increase significantly.

-          The availability of non-fiction in electronic format will increase.

-          Resources can be flexibly used in changing work environments. 


The consortium promotes research and learning in Finland across organisational borders.

-       The consortium’s licenses will enable corporate cooperation and commercial training collaboration as part of research and learning.


Continuous anticipation of changes in the operating environment and reform of the consortium

-       The consortium will make use of the expertise of its members and the FinELib office.

-       The FinELib office will support the independent acquisition of e-resources by the member organisations.

-       The consortium will actively develop its services further by anticipating changes in the operating environment and by redefining the consortium’s role as a provider of new services.

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