HY - University of Helsinki including Helsinki University Central Hospital
TY - University of Turku including Turku university central hospital
UEF - University of Eastern Finland including Kuopio University Hospital
Hanken - Hanken School of Economics
ÅA - Abo Akademi University

Universities of applied sciences and polytechnics
Arcada - Arcada University of Applied Sciences
Åland yhs - Åland University of Applied Sciences
YH Novia - Novia University of Applied Sciences

Research institutes and special libraries
YLE - Finnish Broadcasting Company
Eduskunta - Parliament of Finland

Public libraries
Kauniainen - Kauniainen City Library
Vantaa - Vantaa City Library
Porvoo - Porvoo City Library
Helsinki - Helsinki City Library
Espoo - Espoo City Library
Turku - Turku City Library (coordinating library)

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