FinELib Consortium

FinELib is a consortium of Finnish universities, research institutions and public libraries.
FinELib promotes availability of e-resources and open publishing.

The FinELib consortium centrally acquires electronic materials for its member organisations. The consortium members are Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutes and public libraries. The consortium’s service unit, the FinELib office, is located at the National Library. The FinELib office negotiates the licensing of e-materials on behalf of the consortium members.

The majority of e-materials of the consortium are acquired through the service unit. The range of material includes e-magazines, e-books, reference books and reference databases.  Each consortium member independently selects which materials offered by the consortium it orders.

The FinELib office also annually negotiates the acquisition of new materials. The materials are selected based on proposals from FinELib consortium member organisations.

The licensing principles of the FinELib consortium are followed in the acquisition of materials. As a rule, attention is paid to issues key to the acquisition, such as the usage rights of the materials, liability issues and, for example, the availability of usage statistics.

The FinELib office also provides consortium members with support for acquiring materials outside the consortium. The consortium also promotes the use and availability of e-materials through various development projects.

 The consortium service unit operates at the National Library of Finland.

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