Update schedule

The update schedule is still a draft.

The pilot libraries are expected to test for 15-19 weeks (excluding the summer holidays). For other libraries we have preliminarily allocated 5 weeks for version upgrade: 3 weeks conversion and testing, 1 week for testing Finna view and moving to production, 1 week for transferring the test server resources to the next library. More accurate schedule estimate as a table

LibraryMigration and testing beginsDeployment week (library is closed for 2h-1day)LibraryNotes
Library 1, pilotWeek 15 (6.4.) 38 (14.9.-18.9.)HAMKTesting at HAMK library has begun on 18.5.2020
Library 2, pilotWeek 15 (6.4.)39 (21.9.-25.9.)Kansallisarkisto

Library 3, pilot

Week 15 (6.4.)40 (28.9.-2.10.)XAMK
Library 4, pilotWeek 15 (6.4.)41 (5.10.-9.10.)DIAK
Library 5, pilotWeek 15  (6.4.)42 (12.10.-16.10.)Tritonia
Library 6Week 40 (28.9.)43 (19.10.-23.10.)3AMK-libraries
Library 7Week 41 (5.10.)44 (26.10.-30.10.)Arcada
Library 8Week 42 (12.10.)45 (2.11.-6.11.)

Library 9Week 43 (19.10.)46 (9.11.-13.11.)MPKK
Library 10Week 44 (26.10.)47 (16.11.-20.11)Humak
Library 11Week 45 (2.11.)48 (23.11.-27.11.)Tilastokirjasto
Library 12Week 46 (9.11.)49 (30.11.-4.12.)Hanken
Library 13Week 47 (16.11.)50 (7.12.-11.12.)VarastokirjastoVarastokirjasto wishes to upgrade in November.
Library 14Week 48 (23.11.)51 (14.12.-18.12)Centria
Library 15Week 49 (30.11.)52-1 (21.12.-Jyväskylän yliopisto

Functionalities potentially requiring development in the Community version

ID (do not change even if you move items)prioritypriority requirements notes (column might be removed later but to help us to sort)FunctionalityLibraries that use itStatusNotesPriority discussion
#12.1have to be present at the beginning of the use


Tools => Label printer (labels to be put in backs of books) (/cgi-bin/koha/labels/oplib-label-create.pl)



Use is being researched

Just occassionally

Info on use in libraries urgent, related to a database structure change.

Testing of current options: Label printing in Koha

Aim at a plugin solution


Circulation → Holds awaiting pickup / Expired holds 
(list of items someone has made a hold request on but does not check it out before the hold expires; handy for easy clearing of these items off the holds shelf).


3AMK-libraries (problems with reliability of the list)

Not started

Info on use in libraries urgent, related to a database structure change.

On community version there is missing system preference:
PickupExpiredHoldsOverReportDuration that defines For how many days holds expired by the 'ExpireReservesMaxPickUpDelay'-syspref are visible in the 'Hold Over'-tab in /circ/waitingreserves.pl 

ExpireReservesMaxPickUpDelay system preference allow holds to expire automatically if they have not been picked by within the time period specified in ReservesMaxPickUpDelay.

We'll not work on it now, first test the Community Version functionalities.



Requiring complex password based on patron category code (usually, higher requirements for staff members)

Administration → Patron categories / Password policy for category

(/cgi-bin/koha/admin/categories.pl => Muokkaa => Tyypin salasanakäytäntö)

Xamk: generally simplenumeric > self-service library PIN is 4 numbers ; and staff > alphanumeric),

National Library

Not started

Info on use in libraries urgent, related to a database structure change.

In Community Version, requirements may only be made globally. 

Not urgent – libraries will direct staff and other users.


Time that holds will wait for being checked out may be set different according to the patron group, library, or item type. (In Community Version only on sys pref level)

There is a very old bug report and fix-suggestion for this in Bugzilla https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8367 How long is a hold waiting for pickup at a more granular level

Is there need to be able to define different time according to the patron group, library, or item type?

Not needed?


Holds not checked out in time: defining different fees according to the patron category, branch (library), or item type (In Community Version on sys pref level only?) (Making holds may be free but you need to pay a "fine" if you don't come and claim the hold before it expires.)


National Library (fines differ according to the patron category and by item type)


Bug report made to Bugzilla https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=25711

Koskenee myös asiakasryhmäkohtaiset asetukset? - MinnaK: Mitä tällä tarkoitetaan. Asiakastyyppien määrityksissä on hold fee, jolla tarkoitetaan varausmaksua joka peritään varauksesta joka tapauksessa. Tässä toiminnossa tarkoitetaan maksua, joka peritään, jos asiakas ei nouda varaustaan ajoissa.

and this discussion in english

There is a hold fee -setting in patron categories, but it is a different thing. Patron category hold fee is charged when making a hold or when hold is picked up depending on system preference HoldFeeMode.

In this case we are discussing about fee that is charged if a patron does not pick up hold in time.


(e.g. a song on a CD)

Also bound volume contains multiple items (several independent works bound together)


National Library (both component parts and bound volumes)

Tritonia (bound volumes, not a priority)

Varastokirjasto (also bound volumes, not a priority). Music is important, and how they show in Finna. 

Jyväskylän yliopisto (bound volumes, music as it comes from Melinda)

Kansallisarkisto (bound volumes)

Library of Statistics

Implemented but missing review, see Bug 11175

How to test component part functionalities - instructions: Osakohdetoiminnallisuuksien testaaminen KV-versiossa

  • Is the Community Version solution, i.e. the structure of MARC field 773, suitable for the library's needs?
  • Will links in the current version work properly in the Community Version? In other words, will the records require conversion?
  • Are their tools for handling component parts missing in the staff interface? Is there a list of component parts in the host record (aka parent record) view?



Enable making holds on a bibliographic record when there are items available in the library but these items are not eligible for holds.  (Read the bug report for thorough explanation)

Tritonia (Critical)

National Library (critical) 

Diak (Critical)

Jyväskylän yliopisto (Critical)

Hanken (Critical)

3AMK (We allow on shelf holds, but this is critical if unholdable item type prevents making holds for other item types of the same biblio)

Bug detected in Community Versionhttps://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=24683in testing / anyone to confirm

printing of "edition" under the title in the same field.
Bug report on Bugzilla https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=25699: implemented



"Edition" output implemented. In testing

Edition can be add to biblioitems -table by modifying Koha to MARC mapping settings.

After change, biblioitems -table must be rebuild in order to apply change to older records!

in testing / HAMK to confirm

(when patrons can go and pick up themselves their books on hold from a dedicated shelf, they find them by an identifier in the slip between the book. Name is not used for privacy reasons.)

On Koha-Suomi there is a systempreference AnonymizeOtherNames use for generating an anonymized code to Patron record Other names -field. The anonymized code is in the format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (e.g. 1561-9855-2076) and is based on UNIX timestamp.

Other names -field is used for hold identifier.



Diak (Holds identifier / Other name -field in the patron record)

Implemented; requires pasting code snippet to system preference IntranetUserJS

Code is found in


in testing / XAMK to confirm


pick-up notifications for holds not sent to patrons until an item has been handled by staff in intranet, even though the item has been returned using a self-service machine

https://tiketti.koha-suomi.fi/issues/856 / Automaatit ja varattu aineisto



National Library

Jyväskylän yliopisto


Bug report on bugzilla https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12556 SelfCheck machine starts the hold instantly with an email sent out.

There are some ideas of how to fix already discussed. 

This bug fix made to Koha-Suomi is needed. When a book is returned by self service station and there is a reservation, the pickup notice should not be send until the book is returned again by staff. There is a syspreff for this feature in Koha-Suomi RequireSCCheckInBeforeNotifyingPickups.To development
https://tiketti.koha-suomi.fi/issues/3559 / Kuljetustilassa olevan varatun niteen voi lainata automaatilla

When book is returned on self service station and there is a hold to another branch for that book, the item is put to transfer. When AllowItemsOnHoldCheckout -syspreff is set Allow, any borrower can check out the item with self service station despite of the hold. Item stays attached to hold and items stays in transfer -state. 

Bug fix needed: The system should not allow item check out on self service station when item is attached to hold and item is in transfer -state (item is in BranchTransfers -table and .



Bug report added to Bugzilla:


This bug fix made to Koha-Suomi is needed. Other borrower can check out a book that is reserved for another borrower when the book is transferred to pickup branch.To development

Add new ccode and shelving location based circulation rules. This was including db, filtering, and tests.

Implemented. In testingccode and shelving location added. Bug number goes from older related ticket https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17593Fix already in testing

Log of reading patron personal information

Is Koha-Suomi version there is logged every view of patron personal information. That is not happening in the community version

More information on viewing patron information is gathered here Viewing of patron information. We ought to make a decision on what to log when viewing personal information.

There is already one bug report regarding to this in Bugzilla https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=25673.



Publication year should be shown

MARC fields 260c, 264c

Bug report in Bugzilla


(list of holds patrons have made on items in stacks, helps in picking up these items)

Circulation → Holds to pull

/cgi-bin/koha/circ/pendingreserves2.pl (Koha Suomi -version)

/cgi-bin/koha/circ/pendingreserves.pl (community -version)

Copyright year can be add to biblio-table by modifying Koha to MARC mapping settings.

After change, bibliotable must be rebuild in order to apply change to older records!

in testing / HAMK to confirm

Edition should be shown.


Edition can be add to biblioitems -table by modifying Koha to MARC mapping settings.

After change, biblioitems -table must be rebuild in order to apply change to older records!

in testing / HAMK to confirm

Migration pipeline

Creating DB schema transformation definitionsDone
Creating script to run before the Koha DB upgrade script, based on the definitions aboveDone mostly, except for those waiting library feedback. Successful test conversion done with HAMK
Script to do post-db-upgrade transformations in DBNot started (might not be required)

Notices from testing migration

DateDescriptionNoteReported byTesting environment
May 26thall tables show different timestamp (-3 hours) on migration database than on current database (f.ex. action_logs.action_id 1586094 has timestamp 2020-05-12 03:00:17 on current database and 2020-05-12 00:00:17 on migrated databaseSystem time on HAMK testing server is set on wrong time zone.Minna KivinenHAMK
May 27th

On current version there is action_logs_cache table containing all actions, such table does not exist in version 19.11. Action_logs -table contains only actions for 6 months.

This might have affects on our current way to calculate last years statistics using action logs.

Is it Koha-Suomi version feature that 6 months older action_logs events are moved to action_logs_cache? Should action_logs_cache table to be migrated to action_logs -table? If so, does it have some affects to performance?

Minna KivinenHAMK

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