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Table of contents:


Something working differently as before?

Something new added? 

Appearance changes:

Holds -Browse patrons: when making a hold it is possible to browse customers by name

Added the patron category as a new column to Circulation > Holds queue. (Bug 29760). When in production, check which columns are actually needed in daily operations (enumeration, copy number etc). / Johanna 17.5.

When cancelling / deleting a hold in Koha, a reason for cancellation can be added  

Highlight search terms (add sys.pref StaffHighlightedWords):

words searched for in the staff interface search results pages.

System preferences: (Check these preferences if they are "valuable" for your library)

Circulation - Holds policy: RealTimeHoldsQueue - Disable/Enable (updating the holds queue in real time.) Test this feature!

Circulation: OpacMandatoryHoldDates

Circulation-Recalls: RecallsMaxPickUpDelay

Circulation-Recalls: UseRecalls

Circulation-SIP2: SIP2SortBinMapping

Circulation - Check out policy: AllowSetAutomaticRenewal  

Staff - Appearance: AuthorityXSLTResultsDisplay 

Staff-Authentication: TwoFactorAuthentication:  to improve security when logging into the staff interface. 

OPAC-Advanced search options - OpacAdvancedSearchTypes


OPAC-Self registration and modification - PatronSelfModificationMandatoryField

OPAC-Appearance- OpacMoreSearches (not in 22.05 version) 

OPAC-Apperance-OPACMySummaryNote  (not in 22.05 version)

Patrons-Notices and notifications - AutoEmailNewUser:  allowing imports to trigger sending the 'WELCOME' notice for new user accounts created via this mechanism.

StaffInterface-Appearance: StaffHighlightedWords 

New field 'Password expiration' in Patron categories. Shows also at circ & fines rules page


Notices & slips: new notices :

  • RETURN_RECALLED_ITEM    Notification to return a recalled item
  • RECALL_REQUESTER_DET    Details of patron who recalled item
  • STAFF_PASSWORD_RESET    Online password reset
  • WELCOME    Welcome notice 

Removed preferences

Sys preferences

  • OPAC-Appearance- OpacMoreSearches (not in 22.05 version) 
  • OPAC-Apperance-OPACMySummaryNote  (not in 22.05 version)

New Permissions (virkailija käyttöoikeudet)

  • Listat (lists) → Edit public lists
  • Recalls - Manage recalls for patrons

How to and what to test to be sure that your Koha works properly

When testing, it is important to check the result of any action in Koha and in Finna views (also

Some functions may seem like they work fine, but it is a good practice to verify the situation from the staff view and patron's point of view.

Check all functions related to nightly cronjobs

  • Autorenewals
  • Fines
  • Holds expiring
  • Hold expire charges

Other resources:

Test plan notes by 3AMK, regarding test server

Function/process to test
  • test Finnish and English (and Swedish) interfaces

Create a new bibliographic record, if you do those in your Koha

  • frameworks are working as they should
  • fields are shown as they used to be
  • MARC bibliographic framework test, cgi-bin/koha/admin/
When doing a framework test, it gives 2 errors.
Solution: Have to modify tags manually
  • 999c
  • 999d (in holdings framework otherwise a error in test: The biblio.biblionumber and biblioitems.biblioitemnumber fields be mapped to a MARC subfield,")
  • and other tags listed on error page (these are fixed). Example of how to fix tag 710. New subfield 2, which is linked to wrong tab.

  • Further investigation is done later, why errors are created. in "our Finnish environment". In a clean install, framework test is successful and thera are no errors.


Making a new holdings

  • holdings templates (bibliographic frameworks) and fields are working as they should 
  • cgi-bin/koha/admin/

Error message when trying to add holdings
999e is missing, unable to link to holdings.holding_id || JM 12.5.

Solution: Needed Andrii to fix the Perl code.


Adding and editing an item

  • editing via Action button: Duplicate a copy
  • add multiple copies using Add & duplicate, Add multiple copies of this item
  • change item's Not for loan -status eg. from Ordered to In Process etc. Check that status changes correctly in Finna too.

Tag 952w has to be linked manually to

Fixed. More permanent solution is already on its way, so that in the future no need to add manually.


Component parts, e.g. music (parent and child records)

  • linking with parents and child record 
  • child and parents can be found with title

Components tab missing from parent record /Slack 13.5.22 -fixed

  • linking: ok between child and parent, and parent-child
  • ok, fixed  /Slack 13.5.22

Ok in Finna (was missing 13.5.)

Circulation (borrowing)

Borrow items with different item types to different patron categories (regular, staff, students, ILL, special groups etc.)

  • correct due dates
  • print due date slips
Ok on basic level. Calendar effects checked as well. 20.5.
Circulation (borrowing, returning)

Renewing an item

  • one by one
  • all loans
Renewing okRenewing ok
Circulation (borrowing, returning)

Borrowing items with special status (e.g withdrawn, lost, in process, ordered etc.)

  • borrowing
  • renewing
  • returning (popup windows on staff Koha, behaviour with SIP machines)

Circulation (holds)

Placing a request and editing it

  • change pick-up place for title-level holds
  • delete title-level hold
  • make hold for title where some of items are “in order”-status
  • revert a hold and print a new slip
  • place multiple item-level and title-level holds for same patron (check that functions and blocks according to your processes)

  • Can't place a request in Finna, button is missing. Fixed,
  • Can't edit a request which was placed in Koha || JM 11.5.
  • Both fixed and should be okay when Finna next release on Tue 24.5.
  • Cancelling hold in Finna ok 13.5. HJ
Circulation (holds)

Borrowing with SIP machines, before the request is processed

  • another patron should be able to borrow
  • does the request trap correctly when some item (from same bib) is returned
  • can item be renewed before trapping (if enough copies available on shelf)

Circulation (holds)

Holds in transfer

Ok on basic level 20.5.
Circulation (holds)

Holds available for pick up

  • try to borrow item for someone else
  • cancel request (from patron page and from holds page). See that no fees are calculated either way!
Both ok 20.5.
Circulation (holds)Special cases that might differ in libraries due to different service processes and settings, eg, in 3AMK, check this process:
  • all items are available, place a request
  • request is trapped in different branch from pickup location
  • cancel the request while in transit
  • record the behaviour when item arrives to original pickup location (popup messages, statuses in Koha and in Finna)
No problems discovered 20.5.
Circulation (holds)

Check that new holds appear on Holds queue (Varausjono) & Holds to pull (Hyllyvaraukset) -reports

  • Transport cost matrix
Holds queue & Holds to pull list ok
Circulation (renewing)Automatic renewingOk
Customer information

Adding a patron

Everything ok. Automatic fill ok when JS code added to IntranetUserJS

Customer information

Making address change in Finna: request comes to Koha for approval and is changed when approved.

Check that correct fields are included in the form, and that everything works
! These have variations in different libraries (example on test-Finna)

  • not working initially. Reported on Slack 17.5. JM
    Fixed 18.5.

Customer infomation

Making changes in Finna regarding (patron can do this without library approval)

  • SMS number (Koha's Primary phone) NB! Not used in 3AMK.
  • email address change in Finna: is changed successfully when patron clicks Save Patron information in Finna.

  • ok (Primary phone)
  • ok (Primary email)

  • ok (SMS Number)
  • ok (Email)
Customer information

Patron messaging preferences

  • check in Koha that there are no suprises with settings, for different patron groups
  • check that they work in Finna (if you have allowed patrons to modify them)
  • test latest messaging settings and slips: eg. Autorenewal, Hold reminder (if you are using those)

  • ok, can be changed via test-Finna /19.5.
Customer information (login in Finna)

Test ability to login and operating in Finna as a patron, who

  • has more fines than Overdue fines cap (amount), like 15 euros etc.
  • has material onloan with Lost -statuses
  • is debarred
  • account is expired
  • wants to change his/her PIN code (password)
  • changing PIN in Finna - ok

Customer information

Accounting (Money-related) issues are extremely important

  • overdue charges accumulating correctly
  • fines and fees showing correctly
  • buttons and functions: Pay amount, Pay selected, Write off all, Write off selected
    • if unwanted buttons re-appear, check your IntranetUserCSS
  • accumulating ok
  • shows ok
  • adding payment manually ok
  • paying ok
  • accumulating ok
  • fines and fees show ok
Searching (patrons)
  • search patrons with special characters (ä, å, é etc.)
  • ok: scandinavian characters

Searching (bibliographic data and items)
  • search with item barcode
  • search with ISBN and ISSN, other standard numbers if you are using them
  • search with special characters (ä, å, é etc.)
  • ok
  • ok with ISBN, ISMN, 028,  ISSN
  • ok with é, ä


Patron slips

  • issueslip (Patron -print slip -tulosta kuitti)
  • issueqslip (Patron-print quick slip -tulosta tänään lainatut)

Returning slips

  • transferslip (Returning item - transfer to other library)
  • holdslip (varauskuitti)

  • ok
  • ok

  • ok
  • ok

PluginsMake sure necessary plugins are installed/updated and enabled, e.g. Finna plugin, Tuudo plugin, Label Maker plugin
  • test processes related to plugins, e.g. for spine labels 3-letters printing 
  • /cgi-bin/koha/plugins/
  • Label Maker, newest version 1.1.0 released 2 May 2022. Install it, when in production. Copy templates and layouts if needed.
    • Notice! 0.0.7 and newer plugins creates an extra, empty label.
      E.g. in your batch there is 2 or more labels, printing creates 3 labels (last one is empty). Not good, so have to be investigated, why this happens. There is no such problem with 0.0.6 (3AMK). Same template and layouts are used in both versions. Maybe template/layout code needs tweaking?
  • Tuudo plugin, initial test by Tuudo on 19.5.: linking existing card to Tuudo and creating new patron work fine.
    • Johanna did in Koha: Checked out a book (due date 19.5.) and made a request for two books (other on hold for pickup, or in queue).
    • Confirmation from Tuudo tomorrow. They are monitoring the situation on Monday anyways.


Batch item modification

  • change items full call number, or something similar
  • remove batch of biblios
  • is job queued and operated as it should, logs afterwards, any error messages

  • ok: changed full call number for several item barcodes. Background job finished.


Testing your often used reports (daily, weekly, montly reports)

  • document changes
  • report error messages
  • be prepared to edit your reports if database structure has changed (big grin)


Prefence: IntranetUserCSS

  • see that all CSS-changes you made are still working (e.g. suppressed/hidden fields in intranet) 
  • Necessary "must" CSS code added to test server, and those work. These are library-specific, so we can't pre-test all.

Things that can’t be tested beforehand 

  • Tuudo app: making a new card, renewals
  • self-service machines: item in transit, item in transit with a hold, items with “special” status (e.g. withdrawn etc.)
  • expire reserve charge
  • overduecharges  (can be tested, but the truth reveals itself in production)
  • messages which are possilbly not delivered (bounce messages)
  • Melinda replication

Things that should be saved  from old version before update? 

Just in case? Not sure?

  • own holdings frameworks 

  • No labels