In 3AMK libraries, we are using special printers for printing spine labels.

Our printer models are Datamax E-4203, Attune Delta A2 and TSC TA310.
The label sizes are 38mm x 25mm (Haaga-Helia, Laurea) and 36mm x 23mm (Metropolia)

Our needs:

  1. All information is taken from itemcallnumber

    and the label should look like this. Main word (VEAL) is printed.
    The challenge: If the main word is long, it is splitted to the third/forth line. At the moment, we manually fix these by putting a shorter word to Koha at first and after printing, change it back to normal.

  2.  All information is taken from itemcallnumber

  and the label should look like this, since the main word (PILLOT DE CHENECEY) is cropped to 3-letters:

How to get labels we need?

Option 1. Koha's Tools > Catalog > Label creator

  • I've created a template and a label layout (bot with name Finn-ID 38mm x 25mm), and printer profile (Datamax/Attune) for testing purposes.
  • I manage to print labels for Haaga campus. Unfortunately, it is not enough! We need to split call numbers' second line to 3-letters/characters

Option 2. Label maker plugin by ByWater Solutions

  1. Label Creator plugin:  
    1. Part 1: 
    2. Part 1, video:  Label Maker Koha Plugin Part 1
    3. Part 2:
    4. Part 2, video: Label Maker Plugin Koha Part 2
  2. Github: 
    1. KPZ-file:  

The plugin is installed and can be used:

  • Click button Actions > Run tool
  • Default templates are: Avery Standard Labels and Basix 55-459-007 (do not delete those)
  • I started creating template for 3AMK label (Finn-ID 38mm x 25mm), but it is unfinished. And I need help with the code!  / 12.6.2020 jmiettunen
[% FOREACH item IN items %]
    [% IF loop.index % 1 == 0 %]
        [% SET label_index = 1 %]
        [% UNLESS loop.first %]
        [% END %]
        <span class="page">
    [% END %]

    <div class="label label[% label_index %]">
        [% item.itemcallnumber %]
    [% IF loop.last %]</span>[% END %]
    [% SET label_index = label_index + 1 %]
[% END %]

  • I created a layout for 3AMK label (Finn-ID 38mm x 25mm)

html, body, div, span, h1 {
  margin: 0;
  padding: 0;
  border: 0;

body {
  width: 8.5in;

.page {
  padding-top: 1.18in; /* Height from top of page to top of first label row */
  margin-left: 0.098in; /* Width of gap from left of page to left edge of first label column */

  page-break-after: always;
  clear: left;
  display: block;

.label {
  width: 1.5in; /* Width of actual label */
  height: 0.98in; /* Height of actual label */
  margin-right: 0in; /* Distance between each column of labels */

  float: left;

  text-align: left;
  font-weight: bold;
  overflow: hidden;

  /* Uncomment for testing and debugging */
  /* outline: 1px dotted; */

.page-break  {
  clear: left;
  display: block;
  page-break-after: always;
  • I made one batch with 5 items, so it can be used to print using the template and layout.
  • But, I have no idea how to set Printer profiles, because there is no example for it. / 12.6.2020 jmiettunen

More detailed information e.g. on splitting call numbers, see

  • There seems to be mistakes/errors on documentation. Their code should do the splitting part. But is it correct? / 12.6.2020 jmiettunen

$(document).ready(function () {

$('.label').each(function() {

let theText = $(this).text();

let theNewText = theText.trim().replace(/\s+/g, '

').replace('.' , '





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