The current build is BETA: 24.05.951-beta version on test and pre-servers soon.

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Community release notes and changelogs:

Build 952:


  1. Escaped characters in file names uploaded (Bug 36818)
  2. Ensured correct patron is returned in cases of shared userid/cardnumber (Bug 36575)
  3. Fixed SQL injection related issues (Bug 36875)

Build 951:


  1. Updated the EmailFieldPrimary system preference. (Bug 12802)
  2. Display the rule criteria used to determine checkout limits. (Bug 18139)
  3. Changed page error handling which previously caused a log out for SCI users (Bug 23102)
  4. Updated the styling of the transfers interface to match the checkin page (Bug 25682)
  5. Updated control file and replaced non-existing links with a valid wiki link (Bug 25691)
  6. Enhanced patron expiration display in SIP and included overdue fines in report permissions (Bug 25813, Bug 25835)
  7. Enhanced the logging system for restrictions and debarments, amended system preferences description, and added logging for borrower restrictions actions (Bug 25996)
  8. Renamed several system preferences and updated descriptions to reflect changes from 'branch' to 'library' (Bug 26176)
  9. Limited subscription search to those with routing lists and updated labels and checks for the RoutingSerials feature (Bug 26567)
  10. Improved the REST API route handling by removing unnecessary calls, transferring information from guarantors efficiently, and updated system preferences related to guarantee fields (Bug 26597)
  11. Specified due date behavior according to the on-site checkbox. (Bug 18885)
  12. Prevented reset of messaging preferences when form is empty. (Bug 30318)
  13. Prioritized auto-renewal errors over other renewal errors. (Bug 31427)
  14. Improved preset display, translatability, and operation value usage in MARC overlay rules presets. (Bug 31694)
  15. Enabled batch checkout using self-checkout, improved handling of batch error messages, and ensured that only valid patron categories are used in self-checkout systems. (Bug 32256)
  16. Enabled skipping forward issues when receiving serials. (Bug 32392)
  17. Restored final fallback, tidied code, clarified tests, moved and simplified language selection logic, and ensured test consistency. (Bug 33237)
  18. Made filters a toggle. (Bug 33494)
  19. Allowed updating username without changing the password on (Bug 33832)
  20. Replaced undefined rules with defaults in database updates rather than the value that would be used (Bug 33847)
  21. Prevented resetting new patrons' home library when an error occurs (Bug 33849)
  22. Implemented an alternative approach with receive frame timeout and reaping for database polling (Bug 33898)
  23. Set a new expiration date if waiting status is reverted and used reserves.patron_expiration_date if set (Bug 34032)
  24. Respected display order in and (Bug 34234)
  25. Allowed for x-koha-embed in ill/backends endpoint, updated tests, added 'type' to existing_statuses method, status_alias filter input, and showed both status and status_alias in table column (Bug 34431)
  26. Moved patron selection history to a reusable file and updated syntax for translatability (Bug 34479)
  27. Implemented a patron import option to renew existing patrons from the current membership expiry date (Bug 34621)
  28. Enhanced readability and clarified text in sysprefs indicating that MarcFieldsToOrder supports replacementprice but was not listed, with additional edits to descriptions (Bug 34644)
  29. Addressed errors in the UNIMARC default framework (Bug 34663)
  30. Improved system warnings for librarians about waiting holds during checkout (Bug 34668)
  31. Introduced a background job to import a KBART file, with support for various file types and optional bibliographic record creation (Bug 34788)
  32. Enhanced the flexibility of CookieConsentBar layout and added default HTML customizations for cookie information (Bug 34792)
  33. Adjusted holdability checks and scripts on the OPAC details page to handle edge cases (Bug 34886)
  34. Updated version information, simplified the about page license information text (Bug 34900)
  35. Upgraded the staff interface DataTables from version 1.10.18 to 1.13.6 across various interfaces (Bug 34913)
  36. Restored the ability to blank fields when editing a suggestion (Bug 34963)
  37. Updated system preferences to include a country list for usage statistics (Bug 35097)
  38. Enhanced the security and validation of patron search autocomplete functionalities (Bug 35106)
  39. Showed type disclaimer value and date in request details and improved template handling through new hooks (Bug 35107)
  40. Improved the management of interlibrary loan, enhanced UI elements (Bug 35108)
  41. Returned error messages appropriately for specific invalid requests (Bug 35129)
  42. Enhanced facet management in Elasticsearch and improved UI (Bug 35138)
  43. Renamed error to issuingimpossible and question to needsconfirmation. (Bug 35216)
  44. Adjusted table ID and style, replaced the tableDnD jQuery plugin with DataTables RowReorder extension. (Bug 35249)
  45. Revised the structure of the batch checkout page. (Bug 35260)
  46. Changed the display conditions for 'Current renewals' to only show entries and links if the item is currently checked out and displayed the current renewal value of the active check out (Bug 35310)
  47. Updated template logic to display 'Essential' and swapped "essential" and "all" for OPAC too (Bug 35346, Bug 35347)
  48. Updated the label creator pop-up windows with consistent footer markup (Bug 35350)
  49. Updated navigation in circulation how module and altered visibility settings for 'Transfers to send' based on StockRotation status (Bug 35389)
  50. Changed "Online resources" label in search results to be more accurate (Bug 35410)
  51. Changed the addition and editing of hold rules in the circulation rules table. (Bug 35460)
  52. Linked preservation module help to the manual, ensured more preservation manual links were added, and made sure ERM and preservation help open in a new tab. (Bug 35463)
  53. Restored holds table select to switch item level holds to record level holds and made trivial indentation changes. (Bug 35483)
  54. Allowed tab to indent lines and trigger autocomplete. (Bug 35498)
  55. Allowed for cancellation of holds with or without a reason (Bug 35535)
  56. Sorted OPAC self-registration library list by library name (Bug 35538)
  57. Changed the authority search popup width (Bug 35554)
  58. Used warnings_exist over warning_like and added a plugin hook to modify notices (Bug 35568)
  59. Correctly displayed warning when placing a hold and reverted bug allowing forced pickup location (Bug 35573)
  60. Showed advanced search languages with selected intranet language descriptions first (Bug 35582)
  61. Set branchcode to NULL before adding a foreign key to prevent database issues. (Bug 35610)
  62. Mapped ÿ to y for improved search functionality (Non-ICU). (Bug 35621)
  63. Reworded default privacy option for clearer user understanding in opac-privacy settings. (Bug 35663)
  64. Improved support for ANSI colors in database update scripts for enhanced visibility. (Bug 35681)
  65. Updated bibliographic fetching and framework code utilization from biblio object (Bug 35702)
  66. Updated the default system preference for AutoRenewalNotices (Bug 35708)
  67. Addressed port considerations in FTP and EDI account settings excluding specific database and schema updates (Bug 35724)
  68. Adjusted item identification from itemnumber rather than biblioitemnumber for consistency (Bug 35774)
  69. Addressed scoping problem with "biblio" and replaced obsolete template methods (Bug 35782, Bug 35783)
  70. Optimized the script when searching for guarantors and changed delimiters for print functionality. (Bug 35836)
  71. Changed the bibliographic filter in purchase suggestions to a "contains" search (Bug 35916)
  72. Corrected invalid exception handling. (Bug 35843)
  73. Corrected accordion wrapper parameter name and utilized template wrapper to build Bootstrap accordion components. (Bug 35877)
  74. Corrected field name from "itemprice" to "price" in the addorderiso2709 template (Bug 35912)
  75. Corrected filtering issues for group/subgroup in saved reports (Bug 34543)
  76. Improved the performance of when there are many budgets (Bug 35921)
  77. Made privacy-related interface adjustments for patrons who always anonymize their check-ins (Bug 35924)
  78. Implemented a cleaner approach for working with required values and set default hold date from today (Bug 35977)
  79. Addressed QA concerns and expanded endpoints and functionality for record sources and editing permissions (Bug 35919)
  80. Corrected system preferences for RedirectGuaranteeEmail to address wrong values and updated exec permissions (Bug 35973)
  81. Checked for CAN_user_borrowers_edit_borrowers in,, and (Bug 35980)
  82. Changed 403 to 409 when status not equal cancelled in order deletion API (Bug 36066)
  83. Changed the spelling to use "card number" instead of cardnumber in text (Bug 36091)
  84. Updated leaflet.js (Bug 36151)
  85. Updated t iterator variable (Bug 36158)
  86. Corrected errors and simplified code to suppress warnings, excluding test additions (Bug 36159)
  87. Corrected the wrong error variable in memberentry (Bug 36170)
  88. Corrected reduced due calculations for booked items (Bug 36315)
  89. Corrected setting data.patron_id in select_suggestor() (Bug 36187)
  90. Enhanced UI consistency, fixed acq receiving, added more request information on middleware output, and corrected CRUD operations across multiple modules, excluding code tidying (Bug 36193)
  91. Corrected search functionality and updated missing query_type in ILL batch (Bug 36241)
  92. Updated edit actions and removed deprecated operation codes (Bug 36243)
  93. Enhanced atomic updates, ensured template toolkit processing occurs first, and adjusted handling for affected notices (Bug 36244)
  94. Corrected the implementation of confirmation functionalities, adjusted JavaScript functions and messaging in user interface (Bug 36246)
  95. Improved link correctness for purchase suggestion pages (Bug 36274)
  96. Updated system preference descriptions to replace 'book' with a more appropriate (Bug 36294)
  97. Corrected road type handling in patrons search with authorized value (Bug 36298)
  98. Restored defer loading functionalities for enhanced performance in patron searches (Bug 36302)
  99. Corrected encoding issues in UNIMARC records retrieval via ILS-DI GetRecords (Bug 36335)
  100. Improved handling and inclusion of future dates in holds functionalities (Bug 36341)
  101. Updated relationship value to be blank and consistent with other forms. (Bug 36353)
  102. Showed existing bookings in the datepicker. (Bug 36373)
  103. Made mouse operation functional in draggable fields in the authority editor. (Bug 36388)
  104. Made two minor OPAC CSS fixes. (Bug 36390)
  105. Made UI improvements in OPAC and linked facet with authorized value category - ES. (Bug 36396)
  106. Updated op parameter and added edit buttons for patron flags in attention box (Bug 36440)
  107. Made API controllers use $c->objects->to_api and updated use cases in (Bug 36483)
  108. Updated "Date last borrowed" to "Last checkout date" and added this column to item search results (Bug 36499)
  109. Refreshed patron object when updating category (Bug 36508)
  110. Served "text/javascript" compressed, similar to "application/javascript" (Bug 36531).
  111. Batched operations when using limit in reports (Bug 36534).
  112. Made a "dirty fix" and converted to array only if required (Bug 36563).
  113. Made some improvements to OPAC print CSS (Bug 36610).
  114. Used 'on hold' instead of 'reserved' in OPAC self checkout (Bug 36615).
  115. Changed Post to GET to fix CSRF error on item search batch operations buttons (Bug 36630).
  116. Updated the CSRF-TOKEN header in image uploads and adjusted the underscore in CSRF headers to ensure proper handling. (Bug 36700)
  117. Updated the database schema and improved output formatting to correct a previously incorrect value, preventing data inconsistencies. (Bug 36819)
  118. Changed database schema links in Reports from master to main. (Bug 36823)
  119. Updated delete -> cud-delete. (Bug 36830)
  120. Updated the delete_preference function to fix case sensitivity issues in the Context->delete_preference function to prevent runtime errors. (Bug 36793)
  121. Addressed the unauthorized modification of the biblionumber subfield content (999 $c) in MARC records to preserve data integrity. (Bug 36794)
  122. Addressed issues when trying to open in Labeled MARC view a bibliographic record with an invalid biblionumber (Bug 36834)
  123. Rephased cautionary label in system (Bug 35373)
  124. Improved system performance by eliminating repetitive messages in the console log. (Bug 30598)
  125. Improved website structure for better navigation and accessibility. (Bug 34647)
  126. Streamlined language translation in the public catalog. (Bug 34082)
  127. Updated the system settings related to copyright clearance in interlibrary loans. (Bug 35151)
  128. Ensured more accurate search results by updating search indexing features. (Bug 35455)
  129. Improved form handling by not recording changes for empty included fields. (Bug 35929)
  130. Simplified multi-field selection by removing a confusing option and updating styling. (Bug 36545)
  131. Streamlined item modification by replacing outdated code in the administration tool. (Bug 36634)
  132. Enhanced item transfer templates for better clarity. (Bug 36671)
  133. Ensured correct handling of patron data by eliminating warnings and restoring functionality. (Bug 36816)
  134. Ensured correct display of virtual shelves by checking page parameters. (Bug 36858)
  135. Simplified search functionality in the library system by removing security checks that are no longer needed. (Bug 36931)
  136. Enhanced email templates to support non-HTML formats and simplified notification templates. (Bug 35285)
  137. Restored and improved the description for the UpdateNotForLoanStatusOnCheckin setting. (Bug 35293)
  138. Included a pop-up for notes in authority record search results for easier access. (Bug 35328)
  139. Improved accessibility in the patron search with better labels, more responsive select triggers, and fixed issues in modal functionality. (Bug 35329)
  140. Updated the footer in the online public access catalog to include a cookie information link and simplified cookie consent management. (Bug 35348)
  141. Enhanced the classification of library materials in the OPAC cart to include collection details. (Bug 35586)
  142. Updated the ticket system to include visual status indicators and added features like status filtering. (Bug 35628)
  143. Updated the JavaScript library used in the system to enhance functionality. (Bug 35633)
  144. Enhanced patron profile management with support for extended attributes in API requests. (Bug 36505)
  145. Updated file naming,, and file management in service layers. (Bug 36084)
  146. conventions for report downloads to include report identifiers. (Bug 36555)


  1. Showed the title of a deleted bibliography on the basket page. (Bug 10758)
  2. Corrected RSS feed validity errors. (Bug 16567)
  3. Fixed the advanced editor interface issue where it hung on "Loading" with an invalid bib number (Bug 24424)
  4. Fixed syntax in marc21-retrieval-info-auth-dom.xml (Bug 27198)
  5. Fixed relationship fields for patron full and quick add forms. (Bug 30987)
  6. Fixed translatability and capitalization issues, adjusted modal styles and added MARC formatted preview for authority records in edit mode (Bug 29825)
  7. Fixed incorrect mapping of cardnumber during LDAP authentication, enhanced display and sorting of author identifiers in OPAC, and adjusted CSS styling for better visual presentation (Bug 29930)
  8. Fixed failing tests related to the authority header and updated database schema to support new data fields (Bug 30047)
  9. Fixed various UI and permission issues in the search bar and staff interface navigation, updated API definitions to include new permissions and adjusted related descriptions (Bug 30230)
  10. Fixed a rebase issue with multi-hold and single bib forms (Bug 30579)
  11. Fixed an issue with hiding all columns in item batch mod tools and adjusted related settings. (Bug 32477)
  12. Prevented selenium/basic_workflow.t from failing on slow Hervers. (Bug 32671)
  13. Fixed search strings for identifiers 775, 780, 785, and 787. (Bug 32695)
  14. Updated the About script to only process the tab being queried, fixed history.t, moved template parameters, updated versions, and updated HTML helpers for tab items and panels. (Bug 32693)
  15. Fixed a link in the system preference description. (Bug 32707)
  16. Fixed remaining cases in C4::Circulation and C4::Record to use C4::Context->yaml_preference. (Bug 33431)
  17. Corrected file permissions and applied formatting to various account and slip types, considered TranslateNotices when saving notice styles, made styles apply per notice, and updated the notice format settings. (Bug 33478)
  18. Fixed typo in, added Maskito core/kit for date masking, support for OPAC,,, and time support, and stopped using Maskito when picking a range (Bug 33703)
  19. Escaped double dashes to prevent issues and fixed z3950 responder not processing additional options properly (Bug 34041)
  20. Fixed typo log-modules in help for (Bug 34091)
  21. Fixed availability check in ILL batches (Bug 34282)
  22. Fixed inconsistencies in record matching rules page titles, breadcrumbs, and headers (Bug 34398)
  23. Fixed database upgrade failure for version pointing to the web installer (Bug 34516)
  24. Fixed a potential issue where a Selenium test could fail randomly in system preferences search (Bug 34655)
  25. Enhanced password checking in the REST API to fix issues with incorrect patron authentication (Bug 34893)
  26. Corrected the last entry, listed entries alphabetically (Bug 34900)
  27. Fixed filters, updated CSS and options (Bug 34913)
  28. Corrected errors in system preference files and sorted preferences alphabetically (Bug 34979)
  29. Addressed plugin override issues, fixed missing TT filters (Bug 35070)
  30. Fixed spelling and preference name, made long overdue borrower category options configurable in the interface, and resolved override situations for system preferences. (Bug 35169)
  31. Pseudonymized data in a background job and fixed POD documentation. (Bug 35277)
  32. Fixed the hint for OpacMoreSearches HTML customization (Bug 35323)
  33. Fixed the capitalization of language names (Bug 35327)
  34. Avoided a problematic code pattern iterating on plugin responses and fixed a URL parameter in a unit test (Bug 35331)
  35. Fixed description for SIP2AddOpacMessagesToScreenMessage system preference (Bug 35397)
  36. Fixed support for EDI orders with single items in the Library Rotation Plan (LRP) and improved code tidiness (Bug 35398)
  37. Corrected HTML in translatable strings and standardized usage of selector for .message (Bug 35392)
  38. Corrected logic concerning booked items (Bug 35394)
  39. Corrected a copy and paste error in the string concerning ILL batches (Bug 35404)
  40. Corrected terminology to 'Show fewer collections' in UI (Bug 35407)
  41. Fixed link to import job documentation (Bug 35408)
  42. Fixed incorrect capitalization in 'Toggle Dropdown' and updated terminology related to issue management (Bug 35412)
  43. Fixed translation of suggestions title tag (Bug 35422)
  44. Fixed incorrect string 'Laserdisc)' in MARC21 007 builder (Bug 35453)
  45. Fixed function call parameters causing the hash to show in the renew all responses. (Bug 35461)
  46. Fixed issues for older DateTimes, addressed QA complaints, and corrected API bookings permission. (Bug 35468)
  47. Improved concatenated strings, fixed errors in JS files, and made strings in booking JS file translatable. (Bug 35475)
  48. Fixed total cost update when adding multiple items to an order. (Bug 35514)
  49. Fixed doubled up quotes in the cash register title and terminology in the basket group CSV export. Corrected spelling of SMS in aria-labels for messaging in OPAC. (Bug 35523, Bug 35524, Bug 21525)
  50. Fixed terminology and spelling for ERM data providers. (Bug 35526)
  51. Fixed mock statement for D10 and tested KitchenSink plugin (Bug 35548)
  52. Fixed a random selenium failure if a category is on the second page (Bug 35556)
  53. Simplified code using intersect and validated "Where" in OPAC Authority search (Bug 35578)
  54. Prevented translation of Host-item in "Show analytics" link (Bug 35567)
  55. Fixed closing tag in bookings alert. (Bug 35592)
  56. Corrected error in writeoff_debts documentation. (Bug 35596)
  57. Fixed random failure in selenium/authentication_2fa test. (Bug 35598)
  58. Fixed issues with Pronouns and HidePersonalPatronDetailOnCirculation. (Bug 35599)
  59. Fixed typo in AutoMemberNum. (Bug 35602)
  60. Fixed alignment issues in validation error on the change password form. (Bug 35619)
  61. Resolved issues with DidYouMean feature when not configured properly. (Bug 35576)
  62. Fixed misalignment in collectionFormat in patron_holds.yaml to ensure data consistency. (Bug 35658)
  63. Fixed after creation actions (Bug 35685)
  64. Corrected page heading and missing case from installer step 3 template title (Bug 35686)
  65. Fixed regression caused by previous bug fixes (Bug 35696)
  66. Fixed last instance of variable 't' and updated usage guidelines (Bug 35701)
  67. Fixed removal of user added to fund incorrectly (Bug 35742)
  68. Corrected patron category selection in the column filter (Bug 35743)
  69. Corrected suggestion settings for users (Bug 35745)
  70. Corrected serialization of patron data in search popups/modals (Bug 35756)
  71. Updated and fixed invalid HTML tags in templates (Bug 35746)
  72. Corrected missing closing tag in OPAC course details template (Bug 35795)
  73. Fixed search URL aliases in Plack Apache configuration, added canonical URL and noindex attribute to various pages. (Bug 35812)
  74. Fixed hint on patron's category when performing batch updates. (Bug 35817)
  75. Fixed table ID on the hold ratios page. (Bug 35820)
  76. Fixed errors in transport cost optimization, ensured item retries, and optimized transport costs when building the holds queue. (Bug 35826)
  77. Fixed warnings from C4/Koha and silenced a few during searching. (Bug 35833)
  78. Fixed shebang in cataloguing/ script. (Bug 35835)
  79. Fixed patron search form selection, adjusted modal search results display, and removed duplicate aside node. (Bug 35862)
  80. Fixed auto library connect (AutoLocation) (Bug 35918)
  81. Fixed an issue in www/batch.t (Bug 35922)
  82. Fixed issues with selecting MARC framework when adding to a basket from an external source (Bug 35927)
  83. Fixed background job tests on D10 and improved bundled item table ordering and filtering (Bug 35962)
  84. Fixed saving of existing reports with incorrect AV category settings (Bug 35936)
  85. Fixed wrapper parameter (panelgroup_id) and used template wrapper for accordions in notices and table settings administration. (Bug 35882)
  86. Fixed CGI::param warning in catalogue search (Bug 36000)
  87. Fixed typo in "successfully" and in "Your concern was successfully submitted." text (Bug 36004, Bug 36005)
  88. Fixed Items/AutomaticItemModificationByAge.t failing since Bug 32029 (Bug 36010)
  89. Corrected misnamed color field in and fixed misnamed location creation field (Bug 36035, Bug 36036)
  90. Fixed issues with input name for item replacement fields (Bug 36053)
  91. Corrected how 856$h appears in detailed records and fixed an issue with extra spacing (Bug 36111)
  92. Fixed unit tests and addressed QA follow-ups, including fixing missing array references (Bug 36093)
  93. Selected None value for clone field/subfield linked to AV (Bug 36156)
  94. Fixed issues found by test, adjusted test expectations, and ensured that the operation is not assumed invalid if it is a TT variable, excluding code tidying (Bug 36190)
  95. Replaced POST requests with GET for improved security and fixed save and preview functions in routing preview, excluding parentheses addition (Bug 36195)
  96. Fixed error in database revision handling OAI-PMH typo (Bug 36232)
  97. Improved vendor loading on invoice search using select2 and fixed width and clear options, excluding select2 width setting (Bug 36233)
  98. Fixed languages preferences selection (Bug 36234)
  99. Fixed the 'See all charges' hyperlink functionality for linked guarantor charges (Bug 36292)
  100. Fixed miscellaneous specification issues and error message comparisons, ensured adherence to transfer limits (Bug 36329)
  101. Adjusted renewability checks to ignore non-priority holds (Bug 36331)
  102. Resolved an undefined subroutine error in circulation checks (Bug 36313)
  103. Avoided the return claims table from being loaded twice. (Bug 36347)
  104. Fixed AutoSelfCheckAllowed and ensured CSRF token is included for all login scenarios, also removed passing CGI params from sco/ (Bug 36349)
  105. Fixed a typo in corrected "requets" to "requests". (Bug 36358)
  106. Addressed a login issue where users could not stay logged in if AutoLocation was enabled but the branch IP was not set correctly. (Bug 36378)
  107. Fixed to not expect the operation 'cud-do_search'. (Bug 36379)
  108. Fixed the 'Used saved' typo in guided reports. (Bug 36384)
  109. Ensured user and group details are passed to Net::Server. (Bug 36386)
  110. Fixed getAll for vendors - ERM. (Bug 36392)
  111. Ensured renewal with a specific date reflects the new due date selected. (Bug 36393)
  112. Fixed 'Filter' selection appearance on a new line and corrected footers behavior on the ES mapping page. (Bug 36394)
  113. Fixed capitalization for AcquisitionsDefaultEMailAddress and SerialsDefaultEMailAddress. (Bug 36409)
  114. Corrected cud-check_out. (Bug 36416)
  115. Made sure pre-controller errors are correctly logged (Bug 36421)
  116. Fixed 'Set request as pending' (Bug 36426)
  117. Fixed typo in EDIFACT messages list (Bug 36442)
  118. Corrected the display of patron messages (Bug 36452)
  119. Fixed a Flatpickr error on checkout page if the patron is blocked from checking out (Bug 36494)
  120. Corrected JS assets included in self checkout slip template (Bug 36528)
  121. Protected from malicious usages (Bug 36532).
  122. Fixed To/From z-index and added sticky table headers to transport cost matrix (Bug 36559).
  123. Fixed id parameter in template; Fixed and cleaned up set library (Bug 36568, Bug 36572).
  124. Restored the correct height of the clipboard in Advanced cataloging (Bug 36589).
  125. Fixed default display length and default to sort (Bug 36592).
  126. Fixed deletion of circulation desks broken by CSRF (Bug 36597).
  127. Restored 'phone' on the main patron search (Bug 36614).
  128. Fixed broken order management for suggestions with quantity (Bug 36620).
  129. Fixed the vendor's issue show view (Bug 36635).
  130. Fixed delete on authorities detail (Bug 36639).
  131. Correctly embedded biblio when retrieving items when adding to a train (Bug 36649).
  132. Fixed filtering of used categories and item types to the current branch. (Bug 36673)
  133. Corrected the confirmation process to hide empty div elements. (Bug 36701)
  134. Fixed column indexing to prevent issues with processing automatic renewal statuses. (Bug 36708)
  135. Resolved several UI inconsistencies and corrected aria-labels for accessibility in the online public access catalog. (Bug 36750)
  136. Fixed the assignment of 'strong' labels to improve the clarity and emphasis of the 'Assignee' label. (Bug 36760)
  137. Corrected an error where Koha would fail when attempting to edit a biblio with an invalid biblionumber, enhancing error handling. (Bug 36786)
  138. Resolved UI issues where clear filters did not function as intended, improving user interface usability. (Bug 36804)
  139. Fixed conversion of VERSION in system preferences to use main rather than master. (Bug 36824)
  140. Set library, desk, and cash register menu follow-ups; fixed forgotten 'for' attribute change and preselected options on (Bug 36844)
  141. Fixed MARC subfield name in new order from existing bibliographic record. (Bug 36856)
  142. Fixed Patron card creator errors on editing layout, profile, or template; corrected operation from 'edit' to 'edit_form' in (Bug 36877)
  143. Fixed club enrollment in the OPAC. (Bug 36883)
  144. Fixed label for 'is_standing' input. (Bug 36892)
  145. Fixed batch->ill_batch conversion. (Bug 36904)
  146. Fixed cud-error when processing offline circulations. (Bug 36946)
  147. Avoided using default rule when a parent rule exists. (Bug 30324)
  148. Fixed potential issues in server environments by removing repetitive checking. (Bug 30897)
  149. Fixed display issues with item statuses by adding a layout clear fix. (Bug 35707)
  150. Improved cataloging processes and fixed issues with bibliographic records merging. (Bug 35993)


  1. Allowed placing multiple holds on one or more records in OPAC and on one record in the staff interface, and added the 'DisplayMultiItemHolds' system preference to toggle the display of multi-item holds. (Bug 15565)
  2. Added message delivery details to the notices tab and made some tiny style and spelling changes. (Bug 18397)
  3. Added 'ill_backend' plugin category, added support for ILL backends as plugins, and updated expandTemplate to expand_template method name. Made multiple other fixes and clarifications after related bugs. (Bug 19605)
  4. Scrubbed borrowers fields: borrowernotes opacnote and used the 'note' profile. (Bug 19613)
  5. Added a "Title notes" tab to the OpacSerialDefaultTab preference. (Bug 19768)
  6. Added a trash icon to the delete button, adjusted the code related to alerting if a search field already exists, and added the ability to add search fields from the UI for Elasticsearch. (Bug 20388)
  7. Added transfer details to the stockrotation page. (Bug 22567)
  8. Automatically changed the lost status of an item when it was paid for. (Bug 22740)
  9. Added the ability to set a default hold ratio value and introduced a new system preference for this setting (Bug 23208)
  10. Added check_cookie_auth when missing, removed unnecessary scripts, and updated several tests and script executions (Bug 24879)
  11. Added the ability to specify a pre-modified version of action log data and implemented diffs in action logs for holds (Bug 25159)
  12. Added patron categories to API mappings and updated API specifications (Bug 26297)
  13. Added item number column to item search (Bug 26654)
  14. Added new system preference PurgeListShareInvitesOlderThan and updated its usage and system preference description (Bug 26831)
  15. Restored temporary selection of Z39.50 targets throughout multiple searches (Bug 27363)
  16. Added new system preference PlaceHoldsOnOrdersFromSuggestions, and implemented hold placement when ordering from a suggestion (Bug 27595)
  17. Added new system preferences for automatically resolving claims and updated preference descriptions (Bug 27753)
  18. Created a numbering pattern indicating mandatory fields as required, and improved form validation for numbering patterns (Bug 28012)
  19. Implemented authorised_value_categories.is_integer_only and updated related database and schema configurations (Bug 28869)
  20. Enabled sending emails from the patron details page, added a dedicated letters module for messaging, and ensured use of patron language in letters (Bug 29393)
  21. Fixed and improved bibliographic and authority linking processes, made authorities import behavior consistent, streamlined logging and record insertion, and updated several system preferences related to bibliographic records (Bug 29440)
  22. Improved EDIFACT messages handling, enhanced UI display for message viewing, ensured translatable strings in JavaScript, and added API functionalities for EDI files management (Bug 30070)
  23. Conditionally rendered notice preview and added content wrap matching send time; made unit tests more reliable and included tests for html_content. (Bug 30287)
  24. Enhanced MARC21 XSLT example and utilized XSLT in the authority search cataloguing plugin. (Bug 30554)
  25. Copied permissions from one user to another. (Bug 30623)
  26. Added the ability to verify the --days parameter and use the find command to select old backups for deletion. (Bug 30627)
  27. Enabled graceful restart by default, added option to disable automated restart, and removed recursive parent identification loop in Plack environments. (Bug 30897)
  28. Added more restriction info, updated restriction type display text, and restructured messages. (Bug 31097)
  29. Embedded see-from headings into bibliographic records export. (Bug 31286)
  30. Allowed null values for description in subscription_numberpatterns. (Bug 31297)
  31. Added ability to exit early if any plugin before_send_messages hook fails. (Bug 31345)
  32. Added the capability to embed the letter id in outgoing email notices and updated -Id to -ID. (Bug 31627)
  33. Introduced geo-search functionality. (Bug 31652)
  34. Added a print slip iobutton to the transfer page. (Bug 31671)
  35. Added support for record locking based on source, introduced new subpermissions for editing locked records, and displayed record source on the detail view. (Bug 31791)
  36. Added an unallocated option to the holds queue. (Bug 32565)
  37. Added 'ESPreventAutoTruncate' preference, updated system to not auto truncate certain ElasticSearch fields even if QueryAutoTruncate is set to 1. (Bug 32707)
  38. Added missing MARC21 Match authority mappings to improve "Search all headings" search functionality. (Bug 33099)
  39. Added some 76 missing languages. (Bug 33134)
  40. Added coded_location_qualifier, barcode, and enumchron to MarcItemFieldsToOrder. (Bug 33171)
  41. Added a warning about how many holds are being cancelled. (Bug 33174)
  42. Added a note and system preference for libraries to configure their own text in the 1-Page order PDF, specified layout more clearly in the system preference description. (Bug 33393)
  43. Added an overlay_framework option to connexion scripts. (Bug 33418)
  44. Added a page-section to "Orders by fund" result list. (Bug 33464)
  45. Made adding an item to item group work from (Bug 33639)
  46. Added a bookings tab to patron details, fixed patron bookings table display issues, undefined variable issues, and linked from patron bookings to biblio bookings (Bug 33737)
  47. Added class decorations to schema, API mapping, and biblioitems to Old::Biblios to match Biblio, updated schema, added routes, and a converter (Bug 33960)
  48. Added CSS class to datatable select filter (Bug 34574)
  49. Added a CSS class to patron email (Bug 34575)
  50. Added index for 035$a as Other-control-number in default authorities search indexes (Bug 34693)
  51. Added ability to skip Talking Tech Itiva notifications for a patron based on specific field values (Bug 34854)
  52. Added sections to the cart popup in the staff interface to improve layout management (Bug 34872)
  53. Implemented the before_biblio_metadata_store plugin hook to enhance system functionality (Bug 34943)
  54. Added a parameter to link titles to their records (Bug 35034)
  55. Added a class to block form submission in certain scenarios, enhancing form handling in the system (Bug 35062)
  56. Introduced a new chunk size option for Elasticsearch configurations and improved indexing from background jobs (Bug 35086)
  57. Added an option to ignore the submit of checkout fields when empty and changed the CircAutoPrintQuickSlip system preference explanation. (Bug 35149)
  58. Improved flexibility by allowing multiple holds on a record when applicable. (Bug 36775)
  59. Added a backup printing option for the 'Send welcome email' feature. (Bug 35279)
  60. Added a new section on the invoice files page for better organization. (Bug 35300)
  61. Added a call number display to the holds history and improved how columns are configured. (Bug 35316)
  62. Added information on user categories in a discreet format for privacy. (Bug 35444)
  63. Added an icon to identify protected patron accounts. (Bug 35474)
  64. Added home branch information to the holds queue report for better clarity. (Bug 35564)
  65. Added a new endpoint to the REST API for listing patron recalls and enhanced status field handling in testing. (Bug 35967)
  66. Added detailed transaction indexes to improve system performance. (Bug 36033)
  67. Added clarification for reasons in the hold history in the online catalog. (Bug 36138)
  68. Added mapping for publisher locations in search indexing to improve search accuracy. (Bug 36269)
  69. Added a search box to the authorities editor page for easier navigation. (Bug 36472)
  70. Added endpoints for retrieving library and desk information, ensuring smoother integration. (Bug 36480, Bug 36482)
  71. Added search fields for specific library information in the user interface. (Bug 36582)


  1. Removed the "Defer MARC Save" option from AddBiblio. (Bug 25539)
  2. Removed unused form elements to enhance page loading times. (Bug 30579)
  3. Disabled list display in the public catalog when it is not publicly accessible. (Bug 33244)
  4. Removed outdated features related to canceling holds. (Bug 34972)
  5. Removed outdated drag and drop functionality in search settings. (Bug 35265)
  6. Removed an outdated filtering feature in data tables. (Bug 35309)
  7. Removed an item from the hold queue automatically when checked out. (Bug 35490, Bug 35557)
  8. Disabled a conflicting feature for managing room reservations. (Bug 35473)
  9. Removed unnecessary shortcut buttons in the date picker tool. (Bug 35531, Bug 35532)
  10. Prevented item transfers when returning a lost item if settings block it. (Bug 35587)
  11. Removed outdated system messages and cleaned up system settings. (Bug 35713, Bug 35718)
  12. Removed a duplicate website link. (Bug 35894)
  13. Removed outdated code and improved system efficiency. (Bug 35949)
  14. Stopped showing archived suggestions in patron accounts. (Bug 35911)
  15. Removed duplicated selections in dropdown menus. (Bug 35983)
  16. Removed old references and unused functions related to ordering. (Bug 36002)
  17. Removed outdated code from payment processing in the public catalog. (Bug 36088)
  18. Removed the "Cancel hold" option for individual items to simplify the process. (Bug 36103)
  19. Removed unnecessary styling from links. (Bug 36157)
  20. Removed booking limits to enhance flexibility in managing reservations. (Bug 36215)
  21. Cleaned up templates by removing unused suggestions. (Bug 36224)
  22. Removed a redundant fetch operation in the administration panel. (Bug 36395)
  23. Removed a redundant section from column settings to simplify configuration. (Bug 36439)
  24. Removed unnecessary navigation options to streamline user interface. (Bug 36462)
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