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Autumn 2021: KOHA-44 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Post-release changes: Build 597


  1. Added a new config variable to koha-conf.xml called do_not_remove_cookie. By default, all cookies are cleared now. But you could uncomment the KohaOpacLanguage entry to preserve it. (Bug 29957)
  2. Added a check for both mandatory and important fields when validating bibliographic records during cataloguing. (Bug 30159)
  3. Created an empty value and defaults to it when PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerMandatoryField includes branchcode. This forces self registering users to make a choice for the library. (Bug 29795)
  4. Added plugin version to plugin search results. (Bug 29787)
  5. Added street type to fields which can be copied from guarantor to guarantee (Bug 29576)
  6. Added a "Print hold/transfer" button to so staff can reprint hold/transfer slips without re-checking an item. (Bug 29338)
  7. Added feature to export circulation conditions as CSV or spreadsheet. (Bug 18392)
  8. Added plugin hooks for several holds actions. The hook is called *after_hold_action* and has two parameters: action and payload. (Bug 30072)
  9. Added syspref EmailOverduesNoEmail to remove overdues notification by email to staff if the user has no email address. (Bug 20076)
  10. Added a handy method for checking if a patron meets the conditions to be deleted. (Bug 29741)
  11. Added shortcuts to yesterday, today and tomorrow for the flatpickr date selector. (Bug 29478)
  12. Added the date format string to the date_renewed field. This is to ensure that the date_renewed field can be correctly validated. (Bug 29405)
  13. Added documentation of the different filtering methods the REST API provides. (Bug 29183)
  14. Added a new field, `Public` to the definable library information. When enabled, the library details will be displayed in the libraries page on the OPAC. (Bug 27360)
  15. Added a feature to automatically link certain database columns in report results. (Bug 5697)
  16. Added the Yiddish (יידיש) language to Koha. (Bug 29596)
  17. Added the item call number to the ILS-DI GetAvailability output. This is useful for libraries that use discovery tools as patrons often don't check further for the call number, and then they don't have it when they look for the item. (Bug 28238)
  18. Added comment about how if you use self registration but you do not use a temporary self registration patron category, you should actually clear the preference PatronSelfRegistrationExpireTemporaryAccountsDelay. (Bug 28943)
  19. Added a check to StockRotationItem->advance to check if an item is checked out from the destination branch. If so, we do not receive the transfer. (Bug 29808)


  1. Fixed software error in when invalid MARCXML and showing component records. (Bug 30008)
  2. Fixed bug when you unable to save item if field date acquired is set mandatory (Bug 30376)
  3. Fix the problem with incremental barcode generation fails when incorrectly converting strings to numbers. (Bug 26328)
  4. Corrected a problem on the administration page for circulation desks where the default library was always being set to the logged in library instead of the library of the desk. (Bug 30107)
  5. Fixed problem with self checkout login by cardnumber being broken if you input a non-existent cardnumber (Bug 30199)
  6. Fixed the problem when using offline circulation, if a record has hods on it and an item on that is checked out to a patron that did not have a hold on the record, the next hold that would have trapped that item will be canceled. (Bug 30114)
  7. Fixed the error related to accessing without a patron parameter (Bug 30099)
  8. Fixed the error in the logic controlling whether the "Images" tab appears on the bibliographic detail page in the staff interface. Previously, if the LocalCoverImages preference was enabled but the logged-in user didn't have CAN_user_tools_upload_local_cover_images permission the "No images..." text would appear outside of the tabs. (Bug 30082)
  9. Fixed errors that caused creating and editing patron card templates and printer profiles to fail. (Bug 24001)
  10. Fixed the cataloguing validation messages to show the correct tag, when the whole field is important (not just a subfield). (Bug 30224)
  11. Fixed the problem that occured when editing circ rule with Overdue fines cap (amount) that resulted in data loss and extra fines. (Bug 30346)
  12. Fixed bug that caused crash on check-in if HoldsAutoFill is ON. (Bug 30630)
  13. Fixed error that appeared when placing a hold for a club with no members. (Bug 29736)
  14. Fixed hiding notes fields (5XX in MARC21 and 3XX in UNIMARC) using NotesToHide. Before this you could hide one field and it worked. However, when hiding multiple fields one field would still always be visible. Now hiding notes fields works as expected. (Bug 17127)
  15. Fixed the REST API route for deleting patrons so that it now checks for guarantees, debts, and current checkouts. If any of these checks fail, the patron is not deleted. (Bug 29018)
  16. Fixed the display of pending suggestions in the staff interface so that it now shows pending suggestions for all libraries, for example: "Suggestions pending approval: Centerville: 0 / All libraries: 1.". Previously suggestions pending approval were only shown if there were suggestions for the user's current library. (Bug 29571)
  17. Fixed "or", "Yesterday", "Today" and "Tomorrow" in the flatpickr date selector so they can be translated. (Bug 29588)
  18. Fixed an issue with the installer files that meant "Hold reminder" notices were not shown in messaging preferences for new installations. (Bug 29586)
  19. Fixed the search and display of older transactions in the cash register so that items from today are included in the results. Previously, transactions for the current day were incorrectly not included. (Bug 28481)
  20. Fixed the uninitialized value warnings when XSLTParse4Display is called. (Bug 29669)
  21. Fixed the POS transactions page so that the total for the sale and the amount to collect are the same. (Bug 27801)
  22. Fixed the cause of the warning message "Use of uninitialized value $interface in concatenation (.) or string at /kohadevbox/koha/C4/ line 121." when editing item types. (Bug 29040)
  23. Fixed an issue where vendors are repeated in the serials report. (Bug 28216)
  24. Fixed an issue when upgrading from 21.05.x to 21.11 the uniq_lang unique key is failing to be created because several rows with the same subtag and type exist in database table language_subtag_registry. (Bug 29631)
  25. Fixed placing club holds so that checks are correctly made and warning messages displayed when patrons are debarred or have outstanding fees and charges. (Bug 29115)
  26. Fixed a minor HTML issue with the clubs enrollment form in the OPAC. The "Finish enrollment" button is now positioned correctly inside the bordered area and uses standard colors. (Bug 29611)
  27. Fixed an issue introduced by bug 26352 in 21.11 that caused the AutoSwitchPatron system preference to no longer work. (When AutoSwitchPatron is enabled and a patron barcode is scanned instead of a book, it automatically redirects to the patron.) (Bug 29637)
  28. Fixed an issue when adding or editing record subfields using the authority plugin and it has a value with more than 100 characters. (When a subfield has more than 100 characters it changes to a text area rather than a standard input field, this causes JavaScript issues when using authority terms over 100 characters.) (Bug 28853)
  29. Fixed an error when making an unAPI request in the OPAC using the MODS format. A 500 page error was displayed instead of an XML file. Example URL: http://your-library-opac-domain/cgi-bin/koha/unapi?id=koha:biblionumber:1&format=MODS (Bug 29556)
  30. Fixed the saved reports page so that the NumSavedReports system preference works as intended the number of reports listed should default to the value in the system preference (the initial default is 20). (Bug 29488)
  31. Fixed a small typo in the breadcrumbs section for ILL requests it had an extra &rsaquo; HTML entity after "Home". (Bug 29514)
  32. Fixed an issue with automatic renewal digest messages these were being sent on every cron run, even if there was nothing to renew or no renewal errors. (Bug 29381)
  33. Fixed 500 error when user performed a cataloging search for a valid ISBN 13 with no ISBN10 counterpart. (Bug 29437)
  34. Fixed the issue with umlauts in the search field getting changed into replacement characters. (Bug 29463)
  35. Fixed the flatpickr default time defaulting to 12:00 instead of 23:59, which was an unexpected change in behavior caused by the flatpickr switch. (Bug 29477)
  36. Fixed the date format in OAI-PMH for Identify.earliestDatestamp so that it uses "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ" and is in UTC, instead of the SQL format "YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss" currently used. For OAI-PMH all date and time values must be in the format "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ" and in UTC. (Bug 21105)
  37. Fixed an issue where the default value for a field in a framework was being applied when records were edited, rather than only when first created. (Bug 29334)
  38. Fixed the standard cataloging editor and the item editor so that when updating existing records and items empty fields are not updated with the default framework values. (Bug 29146)
  39. Fixed issue that users were able to check in or renew items they don't own through OPAC's self-checkout. (Bug 29543)
  40. Fixed issues related to non authorized users being able to access private lists. (Bug 29544)
  41. Fixed that self-checkout users could access for sco user when not using AutoSelfCheckID (Bug 28735)
  42. Fixed 'add multiple items' button on neworderempty that stopped responding when it's pressed and multiple items added to basket. (Bug 29895)
  43. Fixed the logic controlling whether a patron message on the circulation or patron details page has a "Delete" link. An error in the logic prevented messages from being removed by staff who should have been authorized to do so. (Bug 29889)
  44. Fixed the logic controlling whether a patron message on the circulation or patron details page has a "Delete" link. An error in the logic prevented messages from being removed by staff who should have been authorized to do so. (Bug 18320)
  45. Fixed an issue with the Holds to Pull report in which an incorrect barcode number could be shown for an item-level hold. The correct barcode will now be shown. (Bug 29786)
  46. Fixed the 'Go to field' and 'Errors' strings in the basic MARC editor to make them translatable. (This is a follow-up to bug 28694 that changed the way validation error messages are displayed when using the basic MARC editor in cataloging.) (Bug 29585)
  47. Fixed the wrong logic in Branches TT plugin, that made it crash, or display wrong pickup locations when the item/biblio didn't have any valid pickup location. (Bug 29807)


  1. Updated the add patron image screen to specify that the maximum image size is 2 MB. If it is larger, the patron image is not added. (Bug 28576)
  2. Improved the default security of Koha by removing the pass of the plain text password to the ACCTDETAILS notice on patron creation. (Bug 27812)
  3. Updated the way the NumSavedReports preference value is used on the saved reports page. For the "Show" dropdown list it now displays the number set in NumSavedReports (previously it showed 20), when expanded it now shows the number set in NumSavedReports sequentially (for example, if NumSavedReports is 78, the menu options should be "10, 20, 50, 78, 100, All"), and it now displays 'All' if NumSavedReports is blank. (Bug 29530)
  4. Improved the display for selecting a fund when placing a new order in acquisitions. It now displays as a hierarchy instead of a list without any indentation. (Bug 24866)
  5. Updated the default auto-renewal notices to tell patrons that their renewals have failed because their account has expired. (Bug 29557)
  6. Autorenew_checkouts borrower column is now hidden if a library was not using the feature. (Bug 29591)
  7. Selecting "Delete record" when there are existing subscriptions no longer deletes the record and subscription, and adds an alert box "[Count] subscription(s) are attached to this record. You must delete all subscriptions before deleting this record.". (Bug 9565)
  8. Turned autocomplete off for userid and password fields on the login forms for the OPAC and staff interface. (Bug 29487)
  9. Improved the accessibility of the OPAC by increasing the contrast ratio for buttons, making the button text easier to read. (Bug 29036)
  10. New enhancement that changes the batch item modification and deletion tools so that they now use the task queue feature (added in Koha 21.05) instead of using background jobs. For the library staff member this provides more information on the progress of the task. (Bug 28445)
  11. Enforce authentication for self-checkout users. (Bug 29543)
  12. Begun the process of replacing an obsolete jQuery plugin with a new library for selecting dates and times. Koha uses the jQueryUI "datepicker" widget for selecting dates, and uses an additional plugin, "jQuery Timepicker Addon," when adding time selection to the widget. This additional plugin has not been updated for many years. The new library, Flatpickr, will eventually replace both the jQuery Timepicker Addon and the jQueryUI datepicker widget. This replacement process begins here with the new Flatpickr calendar widget being added to Circulation -> Renew, Reports -> Patron statistics wizard, and Administration -> Patron categories. (Bug 28376)
  13. Extended the length of the description and OPAC description fields on making it easier to see and edit text that has longer descriptions. (Bug 29967)
  14. Made the horizontal scroll bar of the MARC preview modal on cataloguing/ always visible for an easier user experience. (Bug 19865)
  15. Replaced the word "branch" with the word "library" for a self-checkout message, as per the terminology guidelines. ("This item belongs to another branch." changed to "This item belongs to another library".) (Bug 29482)
  16. Updated wording on maxreserves system preference. (Bug 29875)
  17. Patron's attributes on overdue list are hidden if needed. If a patron's attributes is limited to some libraries, we must apply this limit on the overdue list view. (Bug 11750)


  1. Removed borders between sections that are not required. The SQL report batch operations dropdown menu had a divider list items which was adding a border between sections (bibliographic records, item records, etc.), which was redundant because the sections have "headers" which also add a border. (Bug 29679)
  2. Removed the link from the patron club name on the patrons club listing page as it didn't work. Improved the consistency of the table of patron clubs so that the interface is consistent whether you're looking at clubs during the holds process or during the clubs management view. (Bug 29521)
  3. Removed system preference 'OPACItemsResultsDisplay' as the feature for the XSLT views was never implemented. (Bug 5229)
  4. Restored the previous behavior of Koha 21.05 so that the logged-in library (if a valid pickup location) is selected as the default pickup location for item-level holds. When it is not, an empty dropdown is used as a fallback. (Bug 29349)
  5. Restored the lost GIR segments in EDI messages generated by orders with items attached. The issue was that if your settings meant that items were created at order time, but GIR segments would not get sent to the vendor. (Bug 29670)
  6. Removed the issue_id constraint from return_claims. Due to the nature of our dual table approach to checkouts/old_checkouts we can't safely hae this constraint and not lose data. Prior to this commit, when an item is checked in we move the checkout from checkouts to old_checkouts.. this therefore triggers the delete of the issue_id from the return_claims table as described by the foreign key constraint. (Bug 29495)

Hotfixes from our JIRA (these are added or performed manually over community's code for build 496):

  1. KOHA-191 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. KOHA-217 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. KOHA-221 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. KOHA-236 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. KOHA-253 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. KOHA-203 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Build 426

Here goes all related to build 21.11.426 (16.426), added since the previous release v15.311 (21.05.311)

Reflected in JIRA important updates 

  1. Settings for Pseudonymization wasn't saved (29056) and 500 error when checking-out with Pseudonymization enabled
                     KOHA-77 - Getting issue details... STATUS
                     KOHA-78 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Show the parent record's component parts in the detailed views (as a feature: 11175)
            (this now in the community master!)
                     KOHA-144 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            and bugfixes related to it:
            - 500 error on parent when child records are present 
                     KOHA-108 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            - make ElasticSearch give proper explanation for the user to use special language:
                     KOHA-116 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. Add support for MARC holdings records (20447)
            (this one still in progress in community, overlaid as our own branch)
                     KOHA-143 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            and related bugfixes for it:
            - Default holdings framework not allowed to be changed, and no default values filled in holdings
                     KOHA-145 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            - SummaryHoldings syspref for holdings saved in Yes/No in DB, but should 0/1
                     KOHA-147 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            - Can't add book by barcode or biblionumber to virtual shelves
                     KOHA-169 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. Koha not finds books when some syntax error in ElasticSearch query. Fix ES crashes related to various punctuation characters (28316)
                     KOHA-112 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. Security issue with API keys: 
            - Users with pretty basic staff interface permissions can see/add/remove API keys of any other user
            - Any user that can work with reports can see API keys of any other user
            (28759, 28772)
                     KOHA-11 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. Make OPACHoldsIfAvailableAtPickup work in Finna
                     KOHA-56 - Getting issue details... STATUS
                     KOHA-90 - Getting issue details... STATUS
                     KOHA-102 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  7. Code alignment with current Koha build for DI plugin:
            Since Koha v21.06.00.031 (our KK-Koha v16.329) dt_from_string needs to be loaded explicitly from Koha::DateUtils
                     KOHA-109 - Getting issue details... STATUS
            Since Koha v21.06.00.046 (our KK-Koha v16.426) syspref 'RequestOnOpac' becomes 'OPACHoldRequests'
                     KOHA-177 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  8. Fix to Significantly reduce DB action_log table size (28700, 28692)
                     KOHA-159 - Getting issue details... STATUS
                     KOHA-161 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  9. More stable SIP: Fix for SIP caches now flushed to get proper data (26871)
                     KOHA-138 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  10. Fix for Z39.50/SRU service not starting (29207)
                     KOHA-140 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  11. Fix for Search patrons in Finnish interface is not working (29261)
                     KOHA-158 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  12. Fix for charges for expired holds have not been generated
                     KOHA-146 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  13. Fix for not to crash with 500 error when adding new customer without leading zeroes in birthdate
                     KOHA-149 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  14. Fix for "Duplicate" and "Add & Duplicate" doesn't prefills previous item data (27526)
                     KOHA-156 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  15. Fix for broken autorenewals cron script
                     KOHA-174 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  16. Fix for background jobs finished wrongly when the number of biblios > ~800 or items > ~5000 (29386)
                     KOHA-175 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  17. Patron Emailer plugin improvements
                     KOHA-36 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Master branch (community) codebase changes


  1. Indexing: Elasticsearch - include 245p to default title index mappings and include 245b subtitle subfield in the default title index mappings. (27848)
  2. Indexing: Added 264$c, 024aa, 710, 711 to the default mapping for the copydate index and to the author-name-corporate index mappings when using Elasticsearch. (28378, 28379, 28380, 28381)
  3. Indexing: Added 050$a (Library of Congress classification number) to the lc-call-number index mapping when using Elasticsearch. It means that when searching using lc-call-number both 050$a and 050$b (Library of Congress item number) are now searchable. (28393)
  4. Language support: Added Estonian, Inuktitut, Inupiaq, Latvian, and Lithuanian (along with their translations) to the list of languages in the advanced search for the OPAC and staff interface. (15067)
  5. Language support: Add default language value to KohaNews template plugin. (22544)
  6. Authorizations: Allows administrators to control, at a more fine-grained level, which users may delete patron records. (15788)
  7. Batch editing of patrons: The batch patron modification tool can now accept a file or list of borrowernumbers in addition to accepting cardnumbers or a patron list. (24019)
  8. Batch editing of patrons: Added ability to preserve patron field from being overwritten by import. (27883)
  9. Check-in: Accesskey elements are added to the hold modals during check-in (=select option with the keyboard. C = confirm, etc.). (20688)
  10. Holds: Added a way for staff to choose multiple holds using checkboxes, to cancel them in bulk on holds waiting over tab. (23678)
  11. SIP: Added ability to specify client IP and SIP account used in SIP2 logging. (25464)
  12. SQL: Added an optional '--where' parameter to the '' task. This allows for arbitrarily complex SQL where statements to be passed to the script to filter affected patrons. (28456)
  13. SQL: Added a link for the previously-hidden option of using a runtime parameter for selecting "Source of classification or shelving scheme." Now when composing an SQL report you can click the "Insert runtime parameter" button to see a menu that includes this option. (29351)
  14. (Course reserves: Allow patron to add bibliographic records to course reserves. They can be added individually or in a batch.) (14237)
  15. Patron data: Added new field for patron record: main contact method. (11879)
  16. OAI-PMH: Added a new option to the OAI configuration file, to tell it to expand authorised values. (26195)
  17. Result lists: OPACResultsMaxItems and OPACResultsMaxItemsUnavailable system preferences were added. (26302)
  18. Added a plugin hooks to transform item barcodes scanned and to transform patron cardnumbers scanned in to Koha. (26351, 26352)
  19. GUI: Use aria-disabled attribute in OPAC cart for disabled links. (26761)
  20. Result lists: Added search limit for records without items. (26860)
  21. (Added support for the new 'links' property that will allow an availability plugin to return an array of links for a result.) (27170)
  22. Acquisitions: Added a link for the Hold Ratios to Acquisitions home page. (27498)
  23. Added new item types images for carredart: controller, boardgame, zoom-in, and zoom-out, info, lock. (27505, 27520, 27522, 27523)
  24. Search link for 260 a and c in MARC21 XSLT OPAC and intranet display. (27850)
  25. Added support for circulation status 9 ( waiting to be re-shelved ), 2 ( on order ). (27906, 27907)
  26. Add visual feedback on overridden pickup locations on patron's page (28261)
  27. Added the ability to set a new lost status when a claim is resolved. (28271)
  28. When processing records for display we loop through each field in the record and translate authorized values into descriptions. Item fields in the record contain many authorised values, and the lookups can cause a delay in displaying the record. If using the default XSLT these fields are not displayed as they exist in the record, so parsing them is not necessary and can save time. Added a system preference that disables sending these fields for processing and thus saving time. Enabling the system preference will allow users to pass the items to custom style sheets if needed. (28373)
  29. Added a minor change to the MARC modifications template (Staff interface > Administration > MARC modification templates) so that the "mmtas" variable isn't defined if there is no JSON to be assigned as its value. (28423)
  30. Changed adds the AllowHoldItemTypeSelection system preference to the list of system preferences usage data that will be shared with Hea. (28563)
  31. Added a new field, 'Public', to the definable library information. When enabled, the library details will be displayed in the libraries page on the OPAC. (27360)
  32. Allow plugin authors to implement an 'after_authority_action' method in order to act upon authority create, modify and delete. (27173)
  33. This enhancement passes the parameters received by through to the before_send_messages plugin calls. This allows plugins to respect calls that should only affect certain letter codes etc. (28474)


  1. Now you can send a single record to 'batch' modification in order to process a MARC modification template against the record. (27985)
  2. Changed the way error form validation error messages are displayed when using the basic MARC editor in cataloging. Instead of a JavaScript alert, errors are now shown on the page itself, with links in the message to take you to the corresponding field. A new "Errors" button in the toolbar allows the user to jump back to the list of errors for easy reference. (28694)
  3. Replaced the 'Holding library' field in the check-in table with a new 'Transfer to' field. The 'Holding library' would always match the current branch, as holding branch is updated by the check-in process. We now highlight transfers by populating the new 'Transfer to' field with the destination library. (25883)
  4. For item search in the staff interface the shelving location and item type values are now sorted by the description, rather than the authorized value code. (28545)
  5. Patrons from the currently-logged-in library are highlighted in a way that differentiates them from other patrons. (10902)
  6. Replace the special case patron results page from circulation searches and instead redirect to the standard patron search results page. (15812)
  7. The "News" tool is renamed to the more generic "Additional contents" as it serves a larger purpose than just adding news. (24387)
  8. Improved reliability of sip_shutdown script. (12169)
  9. Enhancement that significantly improves the performance when merging records with many items (for an installation using Elasticsearch). (22690)
  10. When clicking on "Save and pay" button it creates payment now without a need to click the "Pay" button again. (26760)
  11. Clarified the parts of the cash management module by updating the names or pages and embellishing the breadcrumb navigation for these pages. (27583)
  12. Moved external search results links out of page heading. (27882)
  13. Article requests feature significantly improved:
    1. New `ArticleRequestsHostRedirection` system preference is added. When enabled, if a user attempts to place an article request from an analytic record the system will automatically populate some details in the request from using data from the host record. (20310). Also new `ArticleRequestsSupportedFormats` syspref is added. This preference controls which formats are actually offered to patrons of the library via the Article Request feature. (20472)
    2. When article requests come in they may require additional processing, for example: determining the type of request or other workflows. Now it adds a requested stage before the pending and processing stages for the article request process. (27944)
    3. Now you can limit of the number of active article requests a patron can make each day. Edit the patron category and enter the 'Maximum active article requests'. (27945)
    4. Added a way to define a list of possible cancellation reasons for article requests. That way, they can be chosen upon cancellation. (27947)
    5. Now you can include text that patrons need to accept before they can place an article request (similar to the ILLModuleCopyrightClearance system preference). (27948)
  14. Renamed System preference RequestOnOpac to OPACHoldRequests. It could be confused with the 'Article Request' feature and does not follow Koha terminology - OPAC related system preferences normally start with OPAC. (29180)
  15. Changed the layout for creating new authorities consistent with creating new records - there is now a separate button 'New from Z39.50/SRU' (rather than being part of the drop-down list). (28543)
  16. Some general improvements have been made to the "Upload" page in the Tools section: An "Upload" toolbar button is now present on upload results and search results pages; Search forms now appear in the sidebar if you're not on the main page; Upload categories are shown in search results as full descriptions linked to a search for that category. (28175)
  17. As part of improving OPAC accessibility this change ensures that all tables have relevant captions and all forms have relevant legends - this makes navigation easier for people using a screen reader. (28242)
  18. Simplified the way new system preferences are added to Hea for statistical reporting. Before this enhancement the tests (t/db_dependent/UsageStats.t) required adjusting every time a new system preference was added. Now when a new system preference is added to Hea they are automatically picked up for the tests. (28565)
  19. Hide the previously shown patron category type "()" after the patron category. The patron category type code (A, C, O, ...)  was displayed in the patron module search, patron card creator, and acquisition patron searches. This information was not useful for most users, as these were internal codes that cannot be easily "decoded". And while you might be able to guess A as Adult in English, it doesn't translate to other languages. (24406)
  20. Improve styling of check-in message. (26838)
  21. Improved message consistency: checkout and patron detail pages. (27873)


  1. Fixed the advanced search form in the OPAC and staff interface so that the publication date (and range) uses the value(s) in 008 instead of 260$c when using Elasticsearch. (22801)
  2. Fixed an error that occurs in cataloging search when entering a search term with ten characters (like "7th Heaven" or "2nd edition") - Koha thinks you are entering an ISBN10 number, gets confused and delivers an error page. Searching now works as expected for ISBN13/ISBN10 (without the '-'s), title and author searches. (29319)
  3. Now the 'lastseen' date for a patron is updated when items are checked out (when TrackLastPatronActivity is enabled). (The last seen date is displayed on the patron details page.) (28455)
  4. Improved the wording for the TrackLastPatronActivity system preference to reflect that the 'last seen' date updates when a patron logs into the OPAC or connects using SIP. (28467)
  5. Fixed the patron search result page so that the results can be sorted using the 'Circ note' column. Before this fix you could not sort the results by this column.. (28350)
  6. "Select all" and "Clear all" now correctly selects and clears selection of all patrons in the patron list. (18747)
  7. Issue with specified due date incorrectly retained when using fast add resolved. (21093)
  8. Searching using the 'Corporate name' index now works correctly when the QueryAutoTruncate system preference is not enabled. (21286)
  9. Fixed: if the city field was not filled out on the main or alternate address, the content of state, country and zipcode wouldn't display on the Details tab in the patron account in staff. (21794)
  10. Fixed: In Unimarc installations when adding/editing an authority record there is no Tag Editor for the leader field ( 000 ). (24698)
  11. Fixed: The ISBD view in the OPAC interface does not display item information. (26223)
  12. Allow to transfer a hold only from the transfers page. (27064)
  13. Fixed issuer display on "Checkout history". (27279)
  14. Fixed field 008 length below 40 positions in cataloguing plugin. (27461)
  15. Only show subfield "9" if subfield "a" is visible (28022)
  16. Update wording on batch patron deletion (28191)
  17. Fixed the display of 'Default replacement cost' and a 'Processing fee (when lost)' when adding item types so that amounts use two decimals instead of six. (28280)
  18. Fixed an issue where items that should be hidden from display in the OPAC (using the rules in OpacHiddenItems, for example: damaged) were displayed under availability in OPAC lists. (28299)
  19. Fixed the problem with search for when trying to access the item search form in the staff interface (/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/ when not logged in, an internal server error (error code 500) is received after entering your login details. (28383)
  20. Fixed problem with the MARC detail view, as previously in the normal and ISBD detail views for a record in the OPAC the 'Place hold' link only appears if a hold can actually be placed. This fixes the MARC detail view so that it is consistent with the normal and ISBD detail views. (Before this, a 'Place hold' link would appear for the MARC detail, even if a hold couldn't be placed, for example if an item was recorded as not for loan.) (28422)
  21. Previously overdue notices exclusively used the default language, but bug 26420 changed this to the opposite - to exclusively use the language chosen by the patron. However, if there is no translation for the overdue notice for the language chosen by the patron then no message is sent. This is now fixed so that if there is no translation of the overdue notice for the language chosen by the patron, then the default language notice is used. (28487)
  22. Fixed an issue when adding a new library - the pick-up location was always saving as "Yes", even when no was selected. (28567)
  23. Fixed an issue with the 'Returned claims' feature (enabled by setting a value for ClaimReturnedLostValue)- resolving returned claims now works as expected. Before this fix, an attempt to resolve a claim resulted in the page hanging and the claim not being able to be resolved. (28586)
  24. Correct the text in the AUTO_RENEWALS and AUTO_RENEWALS_DGST notices. These are sent when an item is setup for automatic renewal and can no longer be automatically renewed as the maximum number of renewals reached. For new installations the sample notices are updated. For existing installations the notices will be updated if they exist and haven't been changed. (28263)
    1. Current wording: "You have reached the maximum number of checkouts possible."
    2. Updated wording: "You have reached the maximum number of renewals possible."
  25. Don't obscure page when check-in modal is non-blocking. (27847)


  1. Improved (cleaned up) server logs from ".. uninitialized value .." warnings (28545, more)
  2. Deprecated non-XSLT views for staff and OPAC are removed. (12561)
  3. Removed password check from SIP2 `renew_all`, `cancel_hold` and `add_hold`. (27600)
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  1. I removed duplicate bugs. There were two identical lines for same bugs (maybe about 10 altogether). The list is cleaned.