Repository services - service description

The National Library of Finland offer systems and support for online publication of digital resources. The basic service includes tools for entering, managing and online publication of resources, as well as user support, tape backups and user interfaces for using the digital repositories from other systems. As an added service, we convert data from customers' other systems and refine it into an integral, well-structured repository. The service includes technology and tools for online publication; the customer is responsible for the content, such as entering and managing the materials. 

The easiest way to join the service is to become part of Doria, a centralised repository used by numerous organisations. Should the customer have a great number of special requirements, a separate, more tailored repository can be created to support them. Key parts of the technology have been implemented using the open source DSpace software, which has been adapted to suit our purposes. In addition, we also use our own software to complement the package. In addition to Doria, we maintain i Fenno-Ugrica, Fragmenta Membranea, Julkari, Jukuri, Kaisu, Lauda, LutPub, Osuva, OuluREPO, Taju, Theseus, Trepo, UTUPub and Valto..

  • Entering resources is done using forms tailored to customers' needs or directly from customers' information systems through interfaces. It is possible to determine user rights and entry stages in the system, which allows management of the materials' passage through the entry stage towards a finished online publication. For example, it is possible for researchers and students to enter and describe their materials on their own, after which the staff of the organisation will check and revise it further before the final online publication.
  • Customers are provided support in resource management in the form of tools for editing, mass-editing, limiting user rights, and statistics functions, as well as reusing materials and transferring them to other systems. Customers have complete control over their materials throughout their lifecycle. For example, customers always have the opportunity to copy and transfer their materials to another system, if they want.
  • Online resources are retrievable with tailored browsing and search functions. For text publications, such as PDF files, the search will also cover the full text in addition to metadata. The Solr search engine's syntax enables both easy-to-use and more specific searches within the publication archive or from other systems through user interfaces. This means that searches can for example be integrated into an online store or a search portal. Our repository platform supports OAI interfaces, such as OAI-PMH and OAI-ORE, through which materials can be harvested into search portals, such as Finna, Base, OpenAIRE and Core. The resources are available to be indexed by search engines, for example Google indexes full texts in addition to metadata. The user interface makes it easy to share the materials on social media. It is always possible to get a permalink for the published materials, which will ensure that the URL of the resource will remain the same even if the record's platform or service provider changes in the future.
  • Conversion services are needed when resources are added retroactively to the repository from and old system or from a system to be integrated. Conversion is an individual process, which is always planned in cooperation with the customer. Almost without exception, conversions also entail a need to correct deficiencies or inconsistencies originating from the old systems. Consequently, conversion often also entails harmonisation and enrichment, as a result of which resources can be found online more easily. Our repositories use a Dublin Core (DC) metadata format. We will help the customer to select DC metadata fields suitable for the resources, in order to make them as uniform as possible with the repositories so that the desired search and browsing needs can be met.

The aim of the Repository services is to support open access to publications produced by the public sector in a persistent and uniform manner. Organisations can focus on their core functions, and information seekers will benefit from the fact that publications are easy to find and harmoniously described. The service is a fee-based business; the costs of the service are covered by the fees. However, the costs incurred are low compared to an organisation managing its own repository. Read more about the phasing of the service rollout, agreements and prices here (in Finnish), or contact us by e-mail: kk-julkaisuarkistot(at)

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