Since the information on online resources with ISSN identifiers is entered into the international ISSN Portal database in addition to the national bibliography with a link to the resource proper, it is recommended that the online address of the resource is as permanent as possible and links to all parts of the resource.

The different publication formats of the online resource (PDF, HTML) use the same ISSN assigned to the online resource.


ISSN identifiers are assigned both to online magazines and series in a traditional format as well as ongoing integrating resources. An ISSN may be assigned to an article database or a news service which features original editorial content.

The following lists the international inclusion criteria for ongoing integrating resources:

  • The resource features editorial content
  • The resource identifies editorial responsibility (e.g. the name of the publisher)
  • The resource has a consistent title
  • The resource has a valid URL
  • The resource has subject-related content


The following are the international exclusion criteria:

  • The resource is a personal website or similar
  • The resource focuses on a company, organisation or product
  • The resource is ephemeral
  • The resource has very limited, local significance

These criteria can also be found on the website of the International ISSN Agency:

The ISSN for electronic media

Online resources will only be assigned an ISSN once they have been published online. If access to the online publication is limited, please send the first issue/version in PDF to the Finnish ISSN Agency so the publication data can be entered into the database.

The URL of online magazines must be indicated in the ISSN application. To ensure that the online publication can be accessed, announce any changes to its URL to the ISSN Agency without delay, e.g., with the Form of a change in URL.

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