The ISBN identifier and the associated metadata (information on the book in question) identifies books intended for public use. Finland’s national ISBN Agency is responsible for the ISBNs in Finland. The agency maintains the national publisher register and provides information about Finnish publishers for national and international use.

The ISBN is an unambiguous identifier for a book. The identifier is used in:

  • The acquisition of publications    
  • Publisher inventories    
  • Invoicing    
  • Book store ordering systems    
  • International and national joint catalogues    
  • Bibliographies    
  • Library lending systems    
  • Information retrieval


A separate ISBN is assigned to each book intended for public use, to each of its product forms and to each revised edition. The book may be in printed, audiovisual or electronic product form.

The ISBN is not a statutory identifier, but is in wide use by publishers as the ISBN identifies the book and its publisher.

The ISBN is free of charge.



The ISMN is an identifier for publications of notated music. It is intended as a tool for publishing and selling notated music as well as for the use of music libraries. The identifier facilitates finding and processing the publication. The ISMN is the sheet music equivalent of the ISBN for books. The Finnish ISBN Agency is responsible for both ISBN and ISMN activities in the country.

An ISMN is issued to each publication of notated music intended for public use as well as any separate appendices to such publications.

The ISMN is not a statutory identifier, but is in wide use by publishers as the ISMN identifies the notated music publication and its publisher.

The ISMN is free of charge.



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