Books have been numbered in Europe and the US since the end of the 1960s. Finland joined the ISBN system in 1972. The latest international standard ISO 2108 as well as SFS-ISO 2108 were completed in 2005. The ISBN system has been maintained, developed and coordinated at the International ISBN Agency in London since 2006.

The Finnish ISBN Agency promotes the use of ISBNs, monitors their correctness, maintains contacts with international and national partners, provides information to institutions in the field as well as maintains a national publisher registry of the publishers in its region. Information in the registry of publishers is regularly transmitted to the International ISBN Agency, which maintains the Global Register of Publishers Database. The Finnish ISBN Agency operates at the National Library of Finland.

ISBN Users' Manual  


The latest international ISMN standard ISO 10957 was completed in 2008, and Finland's national standard SFS 5793 was completed in 2009. Finland adopted standard identifiers for publications of notated music in 1995. The International ISMN Agency in Berlin is responsible for the international administration of the ISMN system and for the maintenance of the Music Publishers' International ISMN Database.


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