(Also available in Finnish and in Swedish.)

These instructions have been created by the National Library for the clients of the Nelli service for distribution to end-users. The National Library hopes that the Nelli clients can use this material to inform their own end-users about the termination of the service as easily as possible.

As the Nelli services have many different kinds of clients with different kinds of users, it is impossible to provide a template end-user message that could be used by all. Examples:

  • Replace “YOUR LIBRARY” with the name of your library
  • Public libraries can probably disregard the sections on the external search index.

The National Library will provide more information and help with communications. Please contact finna-posti@helsinki.fi.

The Nelli service, maintained by the National Library, is being phased out, and all Nelli portals used by Finnish libraries and other organisations will be terminated with it. If you have never used Nelli portals, you do not have to react to this message. These instructions are for you, if

  • You have used the Nelli portals and want to transfer the data you have recorded in the service onto your own computer.
  • You have used the Nelli portals and want to know which solutions will replace them.

How can I extract my information from a Nelli portal?

Bear in mind that the Nelli portals are separate entities. This means that if you want to extract your information from more than one Nelli portal, you will have to do this separately for each portal.

  • e-Shelf contents
    1. Go to your e-Shelf (or Kirjahylly)
    2. Check all records in the e-Shelf
    3. Select Save or send checked records (or Tallenna tai lähetä valitut tietueet) 

    4. Choose the encoding format
    5. Select Save and save the file on your computer.
  • My e-Journals
    1. Go to My e-Journals
    2. Use the Save function in your browser (often found from the top menu File -> Save) to save an HTML file of your journals to your computer.
  • My Databases (please note: you can save the titles of your databases, but the links to the databases will no longer work once the Nelli portals have been shut down)
    1. Go to My Databases (or Omat aineistot)
    2. Select the group of databases
    3. Move your cursor to the group of selected databases, choose “Select All” from the right-click menu and copy them.
    4. Paste the group of databases into a document and save it on your computer.
    5. Repeat stages 2–4 for all database groups you want to save.

Where can I find the articles and other resources I need in the future?

In the future, you can turn to the family of Finna services. YOUR LIBRARY’s Finna is a gateway to the resources offered by your library. The search function is simpler than in Nelli and other previous search interfaces, as restrictions and definitions are not required before the search. Just type in your search term and limit your search results afterwards.

Finna has separate tabs for the library’s own collections and for an extensive search function specifically for licensed international academic articles, the central external index. The external index includes many of the resources previously available through Nelli. However, the search function is easier to use. If the external index search does not return the results you need, you can leave Finna and go to the services offered by the providers of the resources.

In addition to YOUR LIBRARY’s Finna, the Finna services include Finna.fi, which compiles the collections of your library as well as other Finna libraries, archives and museums. Other organisations in your area may also have their own Finna interfaces.

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