What is Finna?

Finna brings together the materials from Finnish archives, libraries and museums in one user-friendly search service. The service currently includes over four hundred organisations and new ones are able to enter it flexibly.

Organisations may include their materials in the national Finna.fi service, or create a view of their own. The National Library of Finland maintains the Finna service and is responsible for its development and building a cooperation network around it. We are building the customer interface on the basis of the open source code application VuFind, and are implementing Finna in cooperation with archives, libraries and museums.

With the help of Finna, organisations can make their operations and materials visible easily and for free as well as demonstrate their impact with statistics and qualitative data. Technical maintenance offered by the National Library of Finland and CSC is included in the service.

Finna is part of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s National Digital Library (NDL) project, launched in 2008. The Finna service was rolled out in 2013. The project develops services and operating models to create, manage, preserve and utilise cultural heritage. In addition, the aim is to consolidate various systems preserving cultural heritage and to ensure that the information contained by them are commensurate.

The Finna service is steered by the Finna consortium group, which is comprised of representatives of organisations.

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