Fenno-Ugrica is a digital collection of publications in Uralic languages. The Fenno-Ugrica collection includes more than 1500 monographs and over 110 newspaper and journal titles in 20 languages. The collection also features word lists, which are generated from the digitized and edited books by language. Zip-files with full-text and images are included with some of the titles.

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 OpenSearch, e.g. search анатомия  on the books collectionIndividual documents may be downloaded from Fenno-Ugrica.

Public domain based on due diligence agreement, Certificate is available in http://s1.doria.fi/ohje/img-603112949-0001.pdf

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19 different Uralic languages (Erzya, Livonian, Moksha, Shoksha, Khanty, Mansi, Komi-Zyryan, Komi-Permyak , Nenets, Selkup, Meadow Mari, Hill Mari, Ingrian, Vep, Karelian, Skolt Sami and Udmurt)

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Is part of Finna.fi (Helka database)
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